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Henry Cobblepot was a magnate that lived during the construction of Gotham City and was an ancestor to Oswald Cobblepot also known as the Penguin.


Henry Cobblepot was a magnate who tried to negotiate with Cyrus Pinkney and Judge Solomon Wayne, but after a few years, they discovered that his original intentions were to build over the original Gotham that they managed to build before, and wished to secure Gotham's financials. However, a few years later, Cyrus had to negotiate with Cobblepot to finish their work, and Cobblepot seemingly forgave him and said that he owed him nothing.

A short time later, Cobblepot tried to open a munitions factory in the city in repayment of the money, despairing Cyrus and forcing him to beg the Mayor to stop Cobblepot, which he did. Enraged with Cyrus, Cobblepot tried to poison him with tainted wine, but Cyrus managed to fake his own death with a substance that was created by Amadeus Arkham. A short time later, Cobblepot was murdered by Cyrus who made it look like it was like a car accident.

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Henry Cobblepot[]

Real Name: Henry Cobblepot

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  • Henry Cobblepot had a son named Theodore who ran for Mayor.