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"How does it feel, Wayne, to stand on the very stones that ran with your parents' blood? Do you feel sad? Full of rage? Or does that outfit help bury your feelings, hiding your true self? Oh, you are a truly extraordinary specimen. I look forward to breaking you..."
—Hugo Strange[src]

Professor Hugo Strange first gained fame as a psychiatrist who declared that he had fully analyzed the Dark Knight from afar, and later lent credence to his own claims by deducing Batman’s true identity as Bruce Wayne. However, his interest in the Batman turned into a deranged obsession, and he used his medical expertise to hatch a series of bizarre plots based around genetics and mind control in order to defeat the hero and possibly take his place as Gotham's savior.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Hugo Strange studied to become a psychiatrist who specialized in analyzing the criminal mind, and it was possible that Batman already caught his attention.

Arkham Origins Incident

At the beginning of his career, Strange worked as psychiatrist at Blackgate Prison, where he treated its inmates (such as Alberto Falcone). Harleen Quinzel interned under him before she transferred to Arkham Asylum. It was unknown whether or not Strange began his Arkham City plan around this time, although Shiva's involvement in the incident suggests Ra's al Ghul had.

Between Arkham Origins and Road to Asylum Incident

Strange was still a new and relatively unknown player to Gotham City. Although he was a licensed psychiatrist, little else was known of Strange's origins since he had been shrouded in mystery for years. Early in his career, Strange became obsessed with Batman and dedicated his life to finding out more about Gotham City's greatest protector.

After spending years intensifying his studies on the topic, Strange became intrigued with Batman's code of justice - no one dying by his hand - and began to grow obsessed with taking on the mantle of the Dark Knight himself, seeking to inherit the title as his successor. With such a cunning mind being put to work, it wasn't long before Strange used his skills to discover his subject's secrets, developing a psychological profile on Batman which revealed he was none other than billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Strange would later use this knowledge to slowly set the stage for Gotham's ultimate challenge: to destroy Batman in a one-on-one chess game with his city as the board, along with his friends and foes as pawns, then take over as the Caped Crusader himself and use the identity for his own purposes.

One of Strange's psychiatric patients was Warden Quincy Sharp, administrator of Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, where most of Batman's Rogues' Gallery were kept. Strange soon found Sharp to be the best kind of puppet: established, old-fashioned, affluent, and completely hollow. He was a blank canvas, fit for someone else to manipulate. Seeking to influence Sharp to fall under his influence and control, Strange manipulated Jervis Tetch into utilizing his mind-control drugs and technology on the warden, ordering Tetch to "pay him a visit" in order for Sharp to "come around" to Strange's way of thinking. Aware of Tetch's obsession with Alice in Wonderland and his murder of several women he deemed to be his "Alice", Strange supplied Tetch with a new female victim in exchange for his compliance, and soon deemed Tetch's experiment to be a success. Over the next three years, Strange began treating Sharp with a combination of Tetch's hallucinogenic drugs and mental coercion to program him into becoming his "face". While Sharp would appear to be in charge to the public, Strange would puppeteer him from the shadows. One of Strange's first moves was to make Sharp run for Mayor of Gotham City, knowing that if he won the position, it would give him almost unlimited influence over the city.

Arkham Asylum Incident

Strange's files could be found in the Arkham Records Room at the Arkham Mansion during the Joker's takeover, which suggested that he still worked there or he forgot to take them away. Those plans were almost set back by a massive riot at Arkham Asylum that was carried out by the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime, who freed most of its deranged inmates and took over the institution for one night before his scheme was thwarted by Batman himself. With his security systems disabled, his private security force completely routed by the rampaging patients, and chaos spreading across the locked-down Asylum, Sharp's public image was nearly derailed for allowing such an incident to happen. However, quick-witted Strange was soon to exploit such an opportunity, and who declared that once the riot had been suppressed, that the warden was the one who was solely responsible for stopping the Joker, which gave Sharp enough public support to make his successful bid for Mayor.

Now, with such a madman finally in control of the "board", the pieces of an ingenious and insidious plan to destroy the Dark Knight began to fall into place.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incident

Strange retreated further into the shadows once the then-Mayor Sharp was introduced to the public spotlight as his "public face". Strange stayed in contact with his pawn mainly through the occasional phone counseling session, and directed his every word in public through a radio receiver that was implanted in Sharp's ear.

HugoStrange AC

Hugo Strange watching Batman in his control room

Sharp was able to keep a strong resolve with Strange's manipulation guiding him into declaring Gotham City a war zone. He instituted a new prison system for all criminals after several rogue members of Two-Face's Gang destroyed Gotham City Hall with a bomb, and killed more than three hundred citizens in the process. It was implied that Strange had planned that incident all along from his position behind the scenes, and thereby came up with a pretext to put Gotham City under martial law and began to run it like his own police state.

With Arkham Asylum and Blackgate both declared as unfit to house criminals, a drastic new project was introduced with the broad mayoral powers at Strange's disposal: Arkham City. Arkham City, in fact, was nothing other than a hellish anarchic nightmare with dozens of the worst criminals, simply thrown into a walled-off lawless district where everyone could forget about them.

Strange, of course, finally came into the limelight when Mayor Sharp placed him at the helm of the new project, and delegated to him full authority over both the project and its staff. In addition to the repeat-offenders and criminally insane mental patients, hundreds of innocent people were also rounded up and locked into the prison city, even those that had only minor records. To prevent the Arkham City denizens from escaping, a new security force was formed out of professional mercenaries and former military. The team, made up of well-paid former military and police operatives, was codenamed "TYGER" and was subsequently turned into Strange's personal squad of trained assassins and enforcers.

Mayor Sharp's dictator-like stance soon compelled the public to loathe and fear him. None except Batman, however, suspected that Sharp was merely the front man for a much more insidious plot that was orchestrated by an outside power.

Arkham City Incident


Hugo Strange, accompanied by 2 TYGER Guards

Because of the secrecy involved in Arkham City and the frequent challenges with Mayor Sharp, Bruce Wayne entered into the political arena to challenge the necessity of Arkham City and questioned its existence. During a live press conference attended by both Vicki Vale and Jack Ryder, Strange ordered a squad of Arkham City's TYGER Guards to storm the press conference and take Wayne prisoner. They accomplished their mission, and delivered Wayne to Strange where he proceeded to experiment and torture the man with electric shocks. During that, Strange revealed to Bruce that he knew the truth about his secret identity as Batman and that he would reveal it to the world if he tried to stop him or his personnel in Arkham City. With Protocol 10 soon to be enacted, Strange had Wayne thrown into the prison where he became a target and would, theoretically, be killed by the various gangs.

Wayne was sent in with Ryder and another, unidentified, prisoner, and Strange watched and announced their new arrival to the citizens of Arkham City. His attention was soon diverted, and intercepted by Bruce, with the news that Catwoman was about to be executed by Two-Face. While Strange saw it as inconsequential, Bruce set off to stop the assassination as Batman. When he was caught by a TYGER helicopter, Strange quickly ordered that Batman was harmless and that he was to be ignored as he was not important at the moment.

In his preparations to enact Protocol 10 and destroy Batman, Strange devised a series of mind games in order to break the Caped Crusader. Seeing as Crime Alley was firmly entrenched within the walls of Arkham City, Strange prepared a cruel surprise for Batman at the scene of the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, in anticipation for the Dark Knight's arrival.

When Batman arrived in Crime Alley after being trapped within the superprison, he would find the chalk outlines of his fallen parents redrawn, a single red rose, an audio tape, and a bouquet of flowers with a card promising that "IT WILL END WHERE IT BEGAN". As Bruce knelt in mourning at the scene, he played the tape left for him by Strange, in which the Professor openly mocked Wayne and his inner turmoil, concluding by gloating that anticpated seeing him broken. Even with this confidence in his victory, Strange never addressed Wayne as Batman, still jealously guarding the secret for himself.

Soon after he realized that he'd outlived his usefulness, Strange ordered Sharp arrested by his security forces to get him out of the way. Strange had Sharp dumped into Arkham City where he quickly became a target of the various gangs because of his previous affiliation with Arkham Asylum and the rumors that he had abused the inmates. To ensure that Sharp became a victim of the lawlessness, Strange publicly announced his location over the announcement system, but thanks to Batman's continued bravery, Sharp's life was spared.

Two hours later, Strange intentionally called an emergency meeting of the Gotham City Council where he informed them of a dangerous arms race within Arkham City and that Protocol 10 was the only option available. That "arms race" was essentially planned and orchestrated by Strange (as proven by a phone call from Joker) through him secretly delivering weapons to Joker, Penguin, and to some extent, other inmates. Strange then enacted Protocol 10: the systematic destruction of Arkham City and the slaughter of all of the prison's inmates. TYGER Assault Helicopters broke off of their patrols and started tracking down any and all of the prisoners that they could find. Missiles were launched deep into the heart of Arkham City, and hit the Museum, the Steel Mill, and the Solomon Wayne Courthouse directly. While Batman was set to pursue Talia al Ghul in order to rescue her from Joker, at the pleading of both Alfred and Oracle, Batman went to stop Protocol 10 and Strange instead.

Strange also ordered his TYGER Guards to invade both Wayne Manor and the Batcave, while Batman was heading to Wonder Tower to stop him. Nightwing, Robin, and Alfred protected the Manor from them. After Batman arrived at the base of Wonder Tower in the Arkham City Processing Center, Strange communicated with him via viewscreen, while he held a syringe to a hostage. Strange then began to psychologically toy with Batman, while dozens of TYGER Guards surrounded the Dark Knight. The Professor proceeded to tell the vigilante that his very existence was what cause of all the madness and crime in Gotham, and pointed out even the creation of The Joker was Batman's fault. Strange concluded that this was why he had risen to power, and that soon he and his "Master" would rule the entire world. Thanking Batman for his help, the Professor ordered his TYGER Guards to kill the Dark Knight, and despite overwhelming numbers and continuous reinforcements, Batman eventually bested them all. As Batman ascended to Wonder Tower, Strange broadcasted to all of TYGER, and stated that once the population of Arkham City had been eradicated, they would move onto Phase Two, being the creaton of further facilties in both Keystone and Metropolis, likely with similar goals to Arkham City - the total eradication of crime.

Evntually, Batman confronted Professor Strange in the Command Centre of Wonder Tower and, after he knocking him down, connected Oracle to the computers to shut down Protocol 10. Batman then shoved Strange's face against a window to gaze upon the destruction that he had wrought, but Strange expressed sadistic satisfaction at his handiwork. Batman then declared that he had him beaten as Protocol 10 was deactivated. Strange then defiantly gloated that he would soon "command forces beyond [his] comprehension". His gloating was short lived, as he was stabbed through the back by none other than Ra's al Ghul with his sword, who was revealed to be the secret benefactor of Arkham City. Mortally wounded, Strange told Ra's he had done everything he wanted him to do, and begged him for more time to achieve their goals. Ra's denied Strange this, telling him that Batman had proven himself superior to the Professor, so proving he was unworthy as his sucessor as Head of the Demon.

As Batman held the dying Professor, he insisted he get him medical attention. Ra's refused this, instead looking out over Arkham City as it burned. Realising his betrayal, Strange ordered his computer to enact Protocol 11, the systematic destruction of Wonder Tower. In his final moments, Strange breathed the passcode: "Wayne". Batman threw himself and the enraged Ra's al Ghul from the Tower moments before it exploded, with the Head of the Demon being killed himself shortly afterwards.

With the deactivation of Protocol 10 and the death of their leader, the TYGER forces ceased their attacks on Arkham City and its inmates, marking Professor Strange's final defeat, and failure.

Between Arkham City and Arkham Knight Incident

In a Gotham Story, Strange manifested himself as a hallucinatory ghost who appeared before former Mayor Quincey Sharp in prison. In Sharp's hallucination, Strange told him that he had one more task for him and instructed him to remove his bed sheet and hang himself with it. Sharp complied, and as such eradicated all available evidence of Strange's background and past.

Arkham Knight Incident

Various rioters can be heard saying that Strange used to lecture them like Scarecrow and state that Strange at least sent food packages.


Hugo Strange was dedicated to understanding the workings of the human mind, no matter what it took. Strange had very little remorse for his actions, given that he let the Mad Hatter experiment on the forgotten patients to perfect the drug he used to mind-control the TYGER Guards and Quincy Sharp. After he came in contact with Ra's al Ghul, Strange became dedicated to wiping out the criminal element in Gotham, and planned on repeating the process in both Keystone and Metropolis, and probably more cities besides. That also gave Strange an inflated ego, since he had figured out Bruce Wayne's secret identity, and was a candidate to replace Ra's as the head of the League of Assassins.

Hugo Strange's icy glare over Arkham City

Hugo Strange's icy stare over Arkham City

Strange possessed a malignant and sadistic mind, though he was dedicated to his work as a psychiatrist he seemed to perform his experiments with a smile on his face and taunted Batman as he made his descent on Wonder Tower, making threats to attack his allies after the success of Protocol 10. His egomaniacal traits were showcased by how he once referred to himself in the third person and made speeches in his own honour, all regarding his superiority over Batman. Strange is thoroughly unethical in his dedication to understanding the aspects of criminology and the criminal mind in general so he could use this information to advance Protocol 10. He sent innocent doctors to treat the Joker, fully knowing it would result in their deaths so he could satisfy his thirst for knowledge regarding the Joker's backstory and threatened the life of Catwoman's friend, Holly to force her to comply during the Interview Tapes. He also didn't know what it is like to love another person, as shown when he replied a simple no to Mr. Freeze's question about the subject.

Beneath his arrogant demenour, Strange was also somewhat insecure. His obsessive and maniacal mind caused his deteriorating psyche and his fixation on Batman which went far as to create his own Batsuit that he wears while weeping in his hands. Strange's obsession with Batman projected a desire to not only be Batman but outshine him in any way, joining forces with Ra's al Ghul he masterminded Protocol 10 to eliminate all criminal element in the world, a more extreme version of Batman's goals to bring peace to Gotham. Strange does not see any fault in his actions or himself as in his mind he is the hero of the story. He does, however doubt himself especially regarding how worthy he might be to the mantle of Batman which Riddler informs of him.


I will enjoy dissecting your brain, Miss Kyle

Whilst he was a psychiatrist, Strange was furthermost known for his outright callous and sadistic disregard for his own patients. In his goal of obtaining knowledge of the human mind he was quite immoral, ruthlessly blackmailing, dominating and controlling his patients to gain information, even forcefully getting them to relive painful past experiences simply to sataify his own needs. After he became in charge of Arkham City, Strange began showing even less concern for the inmates, occasionally leaving them without food or allowing others to experiment on the Arkham Asylum Lunatics.

His greatest ability was his powerful intelligence and ability to manipulate others. He bribed the mentally unbalanced Jervis Tetch with his hats at the Asylum and feeding his illusions of Alice, forcing him to perfect his mind control serum. After which he repeatedly drugged the Mayor Quincy Sharp, manipulating him into making Strange in charge of Arkham City. He made several failsafes in the chance of a mass breakout, especially Protocol 10 which would eradicate the entire criminal population of Arkham City and then proceeds to exacerbate the gang war by providing them with military-grade weaponry and makes it appear as if Arkham City was lost when in reality he purposefully gave it to the criminals so he could complete Ra's al Ghul's purpose of destroying all criminal life.

It is entirely possible that Strange has accepted the League of Assassins beliefs since encountering Ra's and his twisted philosophy. He shows genuine hatred towards criminals, sadistically watching the carnage of Protocol 10 whilst claiming it was "glorious". He does not seem to match Ra's to a degree of zealotry but moreover believes their deaths are for the greater good of Gotham and other cities. On the other hand, Strange's goals are extremely self-centred as he was using the League of Assassins code to prove his superiority over Batman.

Physical Appearance

In Arkham City, Hugo Strange was shown as a tall and somewhat muscular man with a thick grey beard and a completely bald head. Strange wore a pair of tinted round glasses and a white knee-length medical coat bearing the Arkham City logo, as well as his Warden's badge. In addition, Strange also wore black pants, black gloves, and black shoes.

Psychological Profile

Professor Strange

Real Name: Hugo Strange


  • "I need details, Captain. Tell me everything about him." (Trailer)
  • "This will help you...REMEMBER!" (Trailer)
  • "Extraordinary, isn't he?" (Trailer)
  • "Yes, but soon we will be." (Trailer)
  • "This is merely one more twist of the knife to test him." (Trailer)
  • "So, you know my name. Good, because I know everything about you. Your darkest secret. Your ultimate weakness. I know you are... Bruce Wayne!" (Trailer)
  • "Wake up, Mr. Wayne. We have much to discuss."
  • "I already have."
  • "I assume you thought yourself untouchable. Well, as you can see, no one is untouchable."
  • "Shut it down? By the end of tonight, I will be a hero, just like you... BATMAN!"
  • "I feel I should thank you. Capturing Bruce Wayne is so much easier than Batman. And now that we have you, Protocol Ten is ready to begin. It will be my legacy, a monument to your failure and if you try to stop me, I guarantee everyone will know your secret."
  • "Lower your weapons. He will not be any trouble. Will you, Mr. Wayne? The cuffs can stay on. We don't want to make things too easy, do we?"
  • "Good-bye, Mr. Wayne. I doubt very much we will see each other again."
  • "Is she in danger?" (Catwoman)
  • "Stand down. Let Two-Face have his fun." (Catwoman's Trial and Execution at the Courthouse)
  • "He's harmless. Continue to monitor his progress but do not engage. We have special plans for Batman." (Air TYGER 3 Helicopter)
  • "Protocol Ten will commence in 10 hours."
  • "Ignore it. Most likely Mr. Wayne is attempting to contact his people. It won't do him any good. He will die in Arkham City." (Fragile Alliance Side Mission)
  • "Protocol Ten will commence in 9 hours."
  • "It appears that Mr. Cobblepot has made his move. Leave them to it. It will be interesting to witness how things progress as we approach Protocol Ten."
  • "Are there signs of life?" (Church Medical Center)
  • "Good. Leave Cash and his pathetic team to die. They were never part of our mission." (Enigma Conundrum Side Mission)
  • "Protocol Ten will commence in 8 hours."
  • "Most unusual. Continue with your patrol, Captain. None of the inmates match this MO. I presume it to be a territorial dispute. A message perhaps." (Identity Theft Side Mission)
  • "Protocol Ten will commence in 7 hours."
  • "Protocol Ten will commence in 5 hours."
  • "Protocol Ten will commence in 4 hours."
  • "Protocol Ten will commence in 2 hours."
  • "Protocol Ten will commence in 1 hour."
  • "Good evening. Protocol Ten will commence in 30 minutes. You all have specific orders for this situation: follow them."
  • "Protocol Ten will commence in 20 minutes."
  • "Protocol Ten will commence in 10 minutes."
  • "Check your numbers."
  • "Looks like it's four against one. I advise keeping it that way!"
  • "You are one man down. Worker harder."
  • "Three down. This is clearly unacceptable."
  • "Three against one."
  • "It's just you left. Stay alert."
  • "Good. Make it our first target. Protocol Ten will wipe both the Batman and the Joker from this earth."
  • "Then let Protocol Ten commence."
  • "It appears we have caught our intruder. Teach her a lesson. (Catwoman)
  • "Oh, tonight just keeps getting better. Batman will soon be dead and now I have you too, Ms. Kyle."
  • "Good. Wait until Protocol Ten has completed and send out a squad to retrieve the Batman's body."
  • "Excellent work. Hold them in processing. We will let you know when we are ready to move them down to the execution chamber." (3 Political Prisoners)
  • "Stop right there, Batman. We need to talk and I know you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if your actions caused this poor man to die. I have a question for you: before my arrival, this city was drowning under a tide of filth. Have you ever considered that this is all your fault? Your presence creates these animals. Like germs, they spread. You created the environment that allowed the germ to mutate, to become stronger. Look at the Joker. Would he even exist if not for you? It must be depressing. All your sacrifices and yet, you are the one to blame. Oh, this is beautiful... We have at long last defeated the great Batman! Soon, I will take my rightful place at my Master's side. We will rule over this world... So thank you, Batman, for all your help. Now... KILL HIM!"
  • "Teach him not to resist!" (Batman)
  • "Do not let him escape!" (Batman)
  • "Fight back! Stop him!" (Batman)
  • "Break his spirit!" (Batman)
  • "Hurt him!" (Batman)
  • "A pointless effort, Dark Knight. You cannot stop the inevitable. I will rain down fire and brimstone on these animals." (Arkham City Prisoners)
  • "Well done. Protocol Ten is progressing beautifully."
  • "As we move into the final stage of Protocol Ten, I would like to congratulate all TYGER forces on this wonderful achievement. As I look at the screens in front of me I can see that we are rapidly approaching fatalities of twenty-two percent. My projections show that within three hours, every single inmate of Arkham City will be dead and Protocol Ten will move into stage two. By the end of the month, new camps in Keystone and Metropolis will open; each modeled after Arkham City. You should all be proud of your part in this. We are the solution this world needs. We are the future."
  • "Don't let me down. You are better than he is. Remember that."
  • "This is no time for nerves. Stay focused and kill him."
  • "He is making fools of you. Stop him."
  • "He's making you look like children."
  • "I want that interfering Bat dead."
  • "He has taken one of you imbeciles out."
  • "He has taken out two of you. Find him."
  • "He's taken out five of you. Pathetic."
  • "This is unacceptable. I taught you better than this. Oh, Batman, this is not over."
  • "Months of training and still you fail to beat the Batman. This is unacceptable."
  • "What do you think you are doing, Wayne? You cannot stop me. I have won."
  • "Within the hour, every single piece of criminal scum will burn, and then I will turn my attention to your allies. I will march to Wayne Manor, I will drag your faithful butler through the streets of Gotham and I will make him tell the world how you have failed. My Arkham City experiment is a success and you... you will kneel before me, begging for your life..."
  • "Talk to me." (Command Center)
  • "Good. Refocus your attacks on the Museum. I want Cobblepot's fortress leveled." (Command Center)
  • "How very disappointing. Prepare to fire again. I want that museum gone, Captain."
  • "Continue your search." (Batman)
  • "Good. Perhaps he has fallen. Move your search to the lower sections." (Batman)
  • "This is a glorious day. Protocol Ten is in effect, and soon the Batman will be dead."
  • "This is our finest moment. A chance to destroy everything that plagues this city."
  • "You should be proud. A new day has arrived. A new Gotham will be born."
  • "The Batman is a worthy foe. He is dangerous, but not unbeatable."
  • "Protocol Ten will wipe the scum from this city."
  • "Do not underestimate the Batman. He will try to get in here. He will try to defeat you. Do not let him."
  • "Do not let down your guard. You have all read my reports. Use that data to defeat him. (Batman)
  • "Batman is here. Do not underestimate him."
  • "I have studied you. I have learned every last technique at your disposal, and now I, Hugo Strange, have beaten you."
  • "You are nothing to me, Batman. You hide behind that mask but I shall rip it from your broken face and show the world what truly lies beneath it."
  • "This is it. He is here. Take him out. Or I will make you all suffer."
  • "We are not alone, guards. The Batman has entered the room."
  • "The Batman must not be allowed to leave. Understand?"
  • "He will ruin everything. Find and stop the Batman."
  • "Protocol Ten has rewritten this cesspit of a city's future. And soon, I will ruin you too."
  • "I am the future of Gotham. I am its new leader."
  • "I know you are here, Batman. It's too late."
  • "Where are you? Batman's here! He's trying to get in!"
  • "Help! I need help here! It's Batman!"
  • "He's here! Help me!"
  • "He is in that room with you. Somewhere."
  • "Do not fail me. Batman is in there with you. Stop him!"
  • "He's in the room. Batman is in there with you."
  • "Are you blind!? Batman's over there!"
  • "He's there! Batman's there!"
  • "Batman's in the room!"
  • "Batman's over there!"
  • "Can you hear me, Mr. Wayne? Of course you can. Understand this: You cannot defeat me. I am untouchable."
  • "The broken bodies that you have left in this room are of no concern to me."
  • "Perhaps you wish to die here, Mr. Wayne. That can be arranged."
  • "I know you are there. You cannot escape from here."
  • "I am better than you, Mr. Wayne."
  • "You have not won. You cannot win. I, Hugo Strange, am your successor. I have saved Gotham."
  • "You've ruined everything."
  • "Get your hands off me!"
  • "It's glorious, isn't it?"
  • "I have powerful friends, Batman. This is just the beginning. You cannot stop me, soon I will command forces beyond your comprehension. I have achieved what the great Batman could never do. Gotham will forever thank Hugo... Strange?" (Stabbed in the back by Ra's al Ghul)
  • "Why? I did everything you wanted." (Ra's al Ghul)
  • "You said I could replace you... This was... our vision." (Ra's al Ghul)
  • "But..." (Ra's al Ghul)
  • "I'm so close... just give me more time." (Ra's al Ghul)
  • "Computer: Activate... Protocol... 11..."
  • "Pass...code:... Wayne."

Game Over Lines


  • "I knew I was better than you, Wayne. Now you have proven it."
  • "So you failed to live up to his expectations. How predictable."
  • "Arkham City has become your tomb, Wayne."
  • "So, the great Batman has fallen. Good."


  • "Escape from Arkham City is impossible, Catwoman."
  • "I will enjoy dissecting your brain, Ms. Kyle."
  • "Your thieving ends now."

Arkham City Speeches/Announcements

  • "You are mine, new inmates. Let me introduce myself: I am Professor Hugo Strange and I am in charge of the Arkham City Facility. Up until this point, you have shown total disregard for the law, for society, and yourself. From this moment on, you are no longer part of the society that you have shown no respect for. You have been separated from the good people of Gotham. By committing the actions that resulted in you being sent here, you have given up the right to a so-called normal life."
  • "While in my custody, you will follow the rules of Arkham City to the letter. These rules ensure your continued well being. Rule 1: Do not approach the security wall surrounding the facility. Any attempt to approach the wall will be considered an act of escape and will be met with extreme force. Rule 2: All prisoners must surrender themselves for full psychiatric examination when requested. Failure to surrender will be met with extreme force followed by a level nine and ten psychiatric profiling. Rule 3: TYGER operatives have full jurisdiction in Arkham City. If for any reason a TYGER operative approaches or issues an order to you, you must immediately adopt a kneeling position and place both hands on the back of your head. Failure to adopt this position will be considered an aggressive response and will be met with extreme force. These rules are mandatory and by the power vested in me, by the people of Gotham City, lawful."
  • "Arkham City provides regular food drops at designated points throughout the day. Food drops will only occur at these times and in these locations. Prisoners are responsible for ensuring that food is distributed fairly."
  • "Prisoners of Arkham City. You have given up your basic human rights because of your crimes against society. Gotham is a safer place without you. You are responsible for your own survival within this facility."
  • "All Arkham prisoners are responsible for their own care. Limited medical resources are available to all prisoners in the Arkham Medical Center."
  • "The perimeter wall of Arkham City is patrolled by TYGER operatives. Do not approach the wall. Failure to comply will be met with extreme force."
  • "The containment wall surrounding Arkham City is designated out of bounds to all prisoners. Do not approach the containment wall."
  • "The perimeter wall separates you from the good people of Gotham. It is there to protect them from all residents of Arkham City."
  • "Do not attempt to escape from this facility. TYGER operatives will pacify any attempted escape with extreme prejudice."
  • "Arkham City is an equal opportunities penal facility. So called super-criminals will not be afforded any special treatment."
  • "All prisoners must surrender themselves for psychological profiling at regular stages. Refusal will not be tolerated."
  • "The perimeter wall is out of bounds to all prisoners of Arkham City."
  • "Do not attempt to access the perimeter wall."
  • "Citizens of Arkham. As I speak, there is a new inmate entering my facility. The more nostalgic among you will recognize him as Quincy Sharp, Mayor of Gotham, and failed Warden of Old Arkham Asylum. Please provide him with the welcome he deserves."


Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham City


  • The corpse of the TYGER Guard that was tortured to death by Strange in the cinematic trailer could later be found as a riddle in the actual game. Next to the body, there was a jar of blood with the label, "Drink Me", on it. That was the same label from a jar of the Joker's poisoned blood that Joker showed to Batman earlier in the game. The connection between the two items in terms of plot relevance was unknown.
  • Origins revealed that Strange was a Blackgate psychiatrist in Arkham Origins and that his intern was Harleen Quinzel. This was never mentioned in the previous two games, and could count as a continuity error, as one would assume that Harley was familiar with Strange and his deceptive nature (working as an extortionist), but never informed Joker despite potentially fatal consequences.
  • Strange's appearance changed between Asylum and City. In Arkham Asylum, Batman's files of Strange depicted him as a muscular man in a more militaristic outfit, but in Arkham City, Strange was shown to be skinnier and fragile, and wore a white lab coat instead of the green Asylum uniform.
  • Even after the player finished the Main Story, Strange still spoke when you looked at the Hush Side Mission on the map (his voice was most likely a recording).
  • Strange foreshadowed numerous events by saying: "It will end where it all began...". He could have meant that Batman will die in Gotham City, the Joker would die where Bruce's parents were killed, Batman killing the Joker in a dream at Crime Alley, or the supposed death of Batman at the end of Arkham Knight.
    • Some people believed that it was a message from the developers: since the Arkham games began at Arkham Asylum, and Scarecrow revealed Batman's Identity in Batman: Arkham Knight at Arkham Asylum fulfilling the foreshadow.
  • The Riddler's Interview Tapes that were unlocked in Arkham City, revealed that Strange kept an imitation Batsuit in a secret compartment that was hidden in his office. When alone, Strange opened the panel behind his closet, donned the costume, and lamented whether or not he was truly worthy of seizing the mantle of Batman. This is a reference to Strange's obsession with Batman in the comics, where he sought to replace the Dark Knight as Batman, even having his own Batsuit for such an occasion.
  • Strange's affiliation with Ra's al Ghul was actually foreshadowed by his Game Over message, where he stated: "So, you failed to live up to his expectations. How predictable." The "he" here was Ra's, and served as an early indication that at the least, Strange was in collaboration with someone who thought highly of the Dark Knight. This is foreshadowed further with Ra's' own Game Over message of "You disappoint me, detective."
  • The plot of Arkham City was actually a subversion on Strange's general M.O. In the comics, Strange had, on numerous occasions, been depicted as a man so absolutely obsessed with Batman that he wished to replace him. In Arkham City, that was changed so that Strange sought to replace Batman as Ra's successor, and also to replace him as "Gotham's Savior" by succeeding where Batman had failed: by completely eliminating all of Gotham's criminal population. "Gotham's Savior" was, fittingly, also the password to Strange's control room, where Protocol 10 was operated from.
    • The above would also explain why unlike in Arkham Asylum and many interpretations, Strange wasn't seen as a physical threat the way Batman was. Instead, Strange was a purely psychological and cerebral threat, because his motive in replacing Batman was not to literally become Batman, but instead to accomplish what Batman sought to accomplish with a more "off-hands" approach.
  • Despite not being regarded as official canon, it was worth noting that a major continuity error was featured in the novelization of Arkham Knight on page 59. Oracle implied that both Victor Zsasz and Hugo Strange were apprehended for attempting to blow up Gotham Central Station, and did not acknowledge that Strange died during the events of Arkham City.
  • Strange's line "Your presence creates these animals" actually holds some value. Batman is indirectly responsible for Joker and thus Harley Quinn, Black Mask's downfall which allowed Penguin to take over, Two-Face's scars, and The Arkham Knight.
  • Strange is the only villain who can be heard in another villain's Game Over scene, repeating his "The great Batman has fallen" line when Deathstroke defeats Batman in Arkham City Lockdown.
  • Despite knowing that Batman was responsible for their creation, the security systems in Arkham City consist mainly of Waynetech systems. Given that he was funded by a criminal, it's unclear why he would use systems that Wayne could easily bypass.
  • If Batman or Catwoman is defeated to an Arkham Thug that is not part of any gang then Hugo Strange will appear in the Game Over screen. However, if they die after Strange's demise, no one will appear and the screen will just be black for a few seconds before the prompt to try again or quit appears.
  • Despite his seemingly calm and confident demeanour during and after the predator encounter in Wonder Tower, scanning Strange with Detective Mode before opening the door keeping him in the control room will reveal Strange's condition as actually being nervous.
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