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An obese, bald man nicknamed "Humpty Dumpty" for his egg-like form, Humphry Dumpler is obsessed with taking things apart and putting them back together. His crimes at first were minor break-ins, leading to small mechanical items no longer functioning due to Dumpler's inability to adequately reassemble them after taking them apart. But soon his obsession grew to the point that major disasters occurred in Gotham, and Dumpler's crimes also extended to a gruesome attempt to "fix" his abusive grandmother by dismembering her and then attempting a Frankenstein-like reassembly. At Arkham he is a model inmate, his quiet nature and imposing physique inuring him to the madness surrounding him.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

According to Humphry Dumpler's lengthy police file prior to the incident, he was usually known to act as hired muscle and was quite formidable in combat, although not quite bright. At some point he was approached by Arnie Flass to carry out a job. Dumpler was hesitant about accepting the job as most of the risk seemed to be carried by him. Flass then offered both the 'gratitude' of the GCPD as well as the free pass to start his own operation within the city. While they were speaking, another accomplice accidentally discovered what appeared to be a bum (in truth, a disguised Batman) eavesdropping on their conversation. Dumpler then urged Flass to kill the man, as he'd seen Dumpler's face. Flass then urged him to relax.

Assuming Batman chose to keep to his cover, Arnie would then calm the situation down, believing the man was just a former Marine who had become homeless. Arnie would then give the disguised Batman some money and let him walk away before continuing the conversation with Dumpler. Batman would then hear about the details of Dumpler's police file from Alfred, concluding that Dumpler didn't know the full scope of the plan. Dumpler would then shoot up one of Sionis' underbosses Red Mahaffey, under Flass' orders. The dying Mahaffey would then tell Batman that Dumpler would be going after Alexandra Dent, Harvey Dent's sister. Batman then determined that even if Dumpler were to be caught, no one would believe him about Flass which made Dumpler the perfect patsy.

Dumpler then made his way to Alexandra Dent's house and managed to subdue her even after getting hit by a baseball bat. Batman then arrived at the scene and engaged him in combat. Batman's decisions in the ensuing melee either resulted in Dent being able to escape but recaptured later or Dumpler carrying her off from the scene. Regardless of which scenario occurred, it resulted in the same sequence of events that ended up with Batman and Dumpler resuming their fight at a gymnasium that was used as a voting precinct.

Although Dumpler had the aid of several men, Batman used his smoke pellets to even the odds and take down Dumpler's accomplices one by one, eventually taking down Dumpler himself. Flass then arrived at the scene holding Alexandra Dent hostage and getting Batman to agree to disappear for 48 hours or else cause Dent's death.

Alternate Timeline[]

In a non-canon timeline where Batman chose to attack when discovered by Dumpler and Flass' accomplice, he managed to escape before donning his costume and learning about Dumpler's file. He would then follow his car to the Aames Hotel where Dumpler managed to set up an ambush. The two then got into a brief fight which led them both to fall to their deaths into the alley below.

Between Arkham Origins and Assault on Arkham Incident[]

Dumpler was planning on murdering his grandmother and later trying to fix her. He murdered his grandmother and was arrested.

Assault on Arkham Incident[]

Dumpler was sent to Arkham Asylum for treatment to bring back his sanity.

Road to Arkham Incident[]

Somewhere between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum, Dumpler was arrested and sent to Arkham Asylum, when he tried to "fix" his abusive grandmother by dissembling her and trying to put her back together as a Frankenstein-like form. At Arkham, he was presumably under the care of Dr. Young.

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Although he doesn't appear in-game, a pile of Humpty's broken wooden toy soldiers can be found in Botanical Gardens. Humpty was possibly in the Botanical Gardens before or during Joker's Takeover, it is unknown. In the chaos Humpty Dumpty escaped the island with other villains Mr. Freeze, Great White Shark, Penguin, Ratcatcher, Maxie Zeus, Riddler, Calendar Man, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Firefly, Killer Moth, Ventriloquist, and Black Mask.

After Arkham Incident[]

Humpty was possibly later captured by Hugo Strange and was taken to Arkham City because Arkham Asylum was closed down by Mayor Quincy Sharp, though this is unconfirmed.

Arkham City Incident[]

After Arkham City Incident[]

Before Arkham Knight Incident[]

Psychological Profile[]

Humpty Dumpty[]

Real Name: Humphry Dumpler

Batman's Database Profile[]


Dr. Penelope Young[]


Psychological Profile: Developmentally disabled, with an IQ of just under 70 and symptoms of emotional retardation and regression, Dumpler is also extremely obese. Dumpler's most intriguing mental disorder is his obsessive-compulsive fixation on fixing broken items. This manifested itself most notably in a fascinating (albeit horrific) attempt to "fix" an abusive relative through dismemberment and reassembly.

Additional Notes:

His imposing physique intimidates many orderlies, guards, and inmates, but his simple mental state makes him easy to manipulate and control, so I find no reason to be afraid of him.


  • Extremely tall, heavy, and strong
  • Possesses an almost unnaturally quiet, deliberate nature
  • Ritualized childhood abuse has led to a severe case of arrested development and an inability to assimilate into modern society
  • Obsessed with the processes of disassembly and reassembly



  • It is likely Dumpler spent most of his free time in the Botanical Gardens, as most of his disassembled toys are located there.
    • When scanning these toys, the player can solve Nygma's riddle, "Looks like all the king's horses trampled all the king's men", and will unlock Humpty Dumpty's biography.