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This page includes spoiler details from the latest game in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Please proceed at your own risk.

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In From The Cold is a Gotham's Most Wanted mission found in Batman: Arkham Knight. The Season of Infamy DLC and 60% of City of Fear are required to unlock it. Mr. Freeze serves as the central character.


Batman is sent coordinates from Alfred. He notes that a large amount of Militia are near the harbor, suggesting that Batman investigates. This leads to a giant ship, covered in ice, called "The Nora". The Militia, now led by Deathstroke, (Or the Militia Commander if you've beaten Deathstroke) or alternatively still under the command of The Arkham Knight ambush the ship, guarding it to make sure no one gains access. Batman easily dispatches the henchmen, and enters the bottom of the ship, only to find a desperate Mr. Freeze, working to maintain the ship's cryo generator. He explains that his generator is the only thing that can stabilize his dying wife Nora's cryostasis.

He then explains to the Caped Crusader that the Militia kidnapped his wife while she was in her cryochamber. He was then given a proposition. They told him that if he brings in Batman, he gets Nora back. So Freeze is left with a choice to either shoot Batman, and take his reward, or to work with Batman to save Nora. The Dark Knight realizes that they are lying and tells Freeze that if he truly trusts the soldiers that he should take his shot. Freeze chooses to work with Batman, and gives him a tracker in order to locate Nora's cryopod.

After getting to the location, Batman combats the Militia, and easily beats them. He is led to a large chest that doesn't hold Nora, but another tracker. Batman then interrogates the only conscious Militia Soldier, who tells Batman that Nora is located in the Otisburg district of Founders' Island. Batman then glides to the scene, and takes out the militia. Batman then finds Nora's cryochamber. He attempts to secure it, but it automatically deactivates after having been disconnected from the cryo generator for too long. This frees Nora from the machine after having been put on ice for ten years.

Batman talks to Nora asking if she is all right. She jokes that she has been frozen for what feels like a lifetime, revealing that she was conscious the entire decade. Freeze contacts the Bat asking if Nora is still contained. Batman tells Victor that she is awake. Freeze tries to convince Batman to put her back into the cryochamber, but then Nora requests to talk to him. They talk about whether Nora will be frozen again, or not. She pleads that she only wants to live out her days enjoying life instead of locked in a tube. Victor tells her it is the only way to find enough time to cure her Huntington's Chorea. In the background of the video, the generator begins to malfunction. Before Batman can warn him, it explodes. After being disconnected, both Batman and Nora see the massive explosion, coming from the ship, and race to the scene, only to encounter an army of drones.

During the fight, Victor detonates the generator, and gets rid of both the ice, and the drones. Freeze and Nora are together again, but with the generator and all of his research destroyed, Nora's fate is sealed. The two decide to leave Gotham on the ship, to enjoy their last days together.




  • The story's ending is foreshadowed in A Flip of a Coin, as Nora Fries' empty cryotank can be found at the trash disposal area.
  • After completing the mission after all the other Gotham's Most Wanted missions, the rain becomes snow.
  • Of the four Season of Infamy missions, In From the Cold is the only one where the subject of the mission is not actually a villain in the story.
  • Depending on when you start the mission it determines who leads the Militia, if before the cloudburst fight it will be The Arkham Knight. If after, it will be Deathstroke (if you beat him it will be led by the Militia Commander.)
  • During the Nora rescue scene, one Militia soldier says "Where's our damn evac. I don't like waiting around on this roof." This implies that after Deathstroke's defeat, the remaining Militia patrolling Gotham either on foot or in cars were evacuated on transport helicopters.
  • The icon of this mission is a heart with icicles. This is possibly a reference to the Daytime Emmy™-winning "Heart of Ice" episode from Batman: the Animated Series, which revamped Mr. Freeze into the tragic villain he is today.