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Bruce Wayne in Initiation.

"Initiation" is a DLC Challenge Map pack for Arkham Origins. The narrative follows Bruce Wayne as he learned the martial arts from Kirigi, a martial arts master. It was released on December 3rd, 2013, however it was delisted in 2022.

Arkham Origins[]

"Initiation" DLC was first announced as part of the Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass. It was a series of story-driven Challenge Maps, much like the Robin/Black Mask and Nightwing bundles for Arkham City. The story took place before the events of Arkham Origins and followed Kirigi as he tested Bruce Wayne's skill in his dojo.

The DLC added Bruce Wayne as a playable character and two new skins: "Initiation Bruce Wayne" and "Vigilante Bruce Wayne". The map pack also featured both Combat and Predator Challenge Maps. The dojo had several locations, both indoor and outdoor.


Before he would become the famous Batman, Bruce Wayne went on a multi-year journey to learn the many forms of Asian martial arts. He went to China, Japan, Thailand and eventually Korea. In North Korea, Wayne found a secret Korean castle where he met the Martial Arts Master: Kirigi. Kirigi took Bruce in as his servant and let him train with his students in Tokagure Ryu, and other Shinobi.

Kirigi knew an art that was similar to the Japanese Ninjutsu. For one year, Wayne trained under Kirigi "in the ways of the shadow warrior how to use the shadows, devote himself to an ideal, learn patience, agility, deception, theatrics and the power to fight 600 men and finally how to use fear". Finally, Kirigi himself wanted to test Wayne in several deadly trials in hand-to-hand combat and stealth until eventually Wayne fought Kirigi's best student: Shiva, to see if he was worthy of his final instruction.

Depending on how the player operated as Bruce Wayne during this performance, there were three different endings:

  • If the player completed the Challenge Maps with less than 9 medals, Kirigi stated that Bruce was the best foreigner that he had trained, yet, it didn't say much. Kirigi then sent Bruce to get a bucket and broom in order to attend to the latrines.
  • If the player completed the Challenge Maps with 9 to 14 medals, Kirigi was impressed with Bruce's progress, yet, he still had a lot to learn. For the time being, Kirigi sent Bruce to find a rag and clean the floors.
  • If the player completed the Challenge Maps with all 15 medals, Kirigi stated to Bruce that he was impressed with him and that he was rarely impressed. Upon telling Bruce that he had gained his dojo's respect and had proven himself worthy, Kirigi stated that he would be given the information that he sought. Bruce was sent to the kitchen by Kirigi to prepare tea for him and all his students where there was much to discuss.




  • "Initiation" was first announced as part of the Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass.
  • Kirigi was said to be associated with the League of Assassins as he had trained some of its members.
  • The ninjas seen in the trailer on the DC All Access Episode 7 were seen to be both male and female, and wore armor like the Martial Artists in Arkham Origins.
  • Shiva's first meeting with Bruce Wayne was shown when she served as Kirigi's most accomplished pupil.