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Iron Heights Penitentiary is a mobile prison located inside an airship. It is reputed to be among the worst prisons in the world.

Incident Reports[]

After Arkham City Incident[]

The cannibalistic serial killer, Killer Croc, was captured at his den at the Lighthouse on Bleake Island by Warden Ranken, the corrupt Warden of Iron Heights Penitentiary, to be experimented upon for his regenerative abilities in October. The airship later crashed on Halloween, due to sabotage by the then-recently escaped Croc as revenge for being experimented upon.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

The airship then crashed into Bleake Island bay, not far from Panessa Studios, half submerged in the water. Nightwing witnessed the fall of the prison ship, notified Batman, and knew that this would most likely result in the prisoners escaping. Batman gradually learned about the reasons behind the crash, as well as Croc being on the vessel and why, and proceed to arrest the warden after he and Nightwing subdued Croc. The Batwing was called to the scene in order to transport the humongous criminal to GCPD Building, but not without blowing up a hole on the hull first.







  • Iron Heights Penitentiary is the main prison area for Central City, Star City and Keystone City for the DC Comics sister series, The Flash, where most of that series' rogues gallery are locked up. Like in the game, Iron Heights was considered one of the most brutal prison systems in the world. Unlike in the comics, however, it was mobile and was not located at Keystone.
    • In the area where Ranken was captured by Killer Croc, there was a cell door with the words "Gorilla Grodd" on it, which alluded to the super villain from The Flash, who is also a regular prisoner at Iron Heights.
    • In the Research Laboratory there is a cage containing a white chimpanzee with a strange device installed in it's head. This too is an allusion to Gorilla Grodd who in the comics was connected to a head device which gave him telekinesis. This means it is possible that similarly to how Warden Ranken experimented on Croc to recreate his powers, he could have also experimented on apes to recreate those of Grodd's although this is speculation.
  • In the comics, Iron Heights was the central prison in which the character of Captain Boomerang would be regularly incarcerated. Whether this is the same for the Arkhamverse version of the character is possible but unknown.
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