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After Poison Ivy gave her life to save Gotham City during the Arkham Knight incident; a plant grew where she died, and within five years' time would become the second incarnation of her known as Ivy.

Incident Reports

Before Kill The Justice League Incident

At some point after the City of Fear incident, Lex Luthor retrieved the plant that grew from Poison Ivy's shirt at the Botanical Gardens and took it back with him to LexCorp in Metropolis. Through unknown experimentation over the next five years, the plant grew into a second incarnation of Ivy. She had all the same brilliance as her original self, though lacked all memory of her previous life. Lex gave her one hour of sunlight a day, to ensure she couldn't get too powerful. When Brainiac invaded, Lex left in his War suit to fight the Justice League. Ivy escaped soon after, with her plant friend Daphne.

Kill The Justice League Incident

The Suicide Squad are notified of Ivy's presence in Metropolis and track her down using Batman's pheromone detector. Harley Quinn is taken aback to see Ivy in the form of a child and saddened to see that this new incarnation of Ivy doesn't remember her from memory, however her pheromones remember Harley, confusing the young Ivy.

Vowing to get back at Brainiac for what his invasion was doing to the plant life in Metropolis, the Suicide Squad aid Ivy in protecting Daphne from Brainiac's forces, allowing her to create an affliction through her plant that would freeze her enemies solid.

When Amanda Waller orders the team to inject Ivy with the same nano bombs they had, both Deadshot and especially Harley are shown to be very reluctant to do so, considering this Ivy was just a child, while King Shark reasoned that she should be able to live freely and not be under Waller's control like they are, as such all three members decide not to inject Ivy with the bombs. Ivy, however, only overhears the team talking about injecting her with nano bombs and decides to kill the four of them before that can happen. Just as they're about to get eaten by Daphne, Captain Boomerang reveals that, at some point during the chaos, he had already injected her with the nano bomb ages ago, thinking the rest of the team would thank him for it later, much to their anger.

Harley promises to make it up to the distraught Ivy, saying that the two of them have been through a lot together, including knowing Harley's ex-boyfriend. Feeling defeated, and knowing she has no choice but to comply, Ivy releases the team from her plant's grip and can only cry as Rick Flag arrives to pick her up, showing a considerable amount of kindness to Ivy as he leads her to the transport vehicle. Meanwhile Boomerang, rather than getting thanked like he thought he would, instead gets punched in the arms by Harley and Deadshot before being punched hard in the chest and knocked onto the floor by King Shark, his three team members angered by him implanting the nano-bombs into a child.

After calming down and slowly getting relaxed in the Hall of Justice, Ivy would begin aiding the team by splicing different villain's elemental powers and scientific chemicals in order to create different afflictions each member of the Suicide Squad could apply to their firearms and melee weapons.


From the Files of Lex Luthor

Poison Ivy is as much a testament to the power of botanical science as a case study in the benefits of curated child labor. Reviewing her DNA samples, I am beginning to learn more about the anomalous conditions that created this gleefully vicious hybrid of human and plant – twice.

According to her file, this is Ivy’s second life. In her first, she was a powerful scientist-turned-criminal in Gotham’s gallery of rogues, fighting on nature’s behalf until her apparent death in the Cloudburst Incident. And now, she is seemingly reborn from a single cutting left behind by the disintegration of her previous form. Fascinating.

As a subject of study, Ivy is singularly compelling. Memories of her former life trickle back slowly but surely, which has tremendous ramifications: this child is not a new Ivy, she is the same Ivy. If we can even begin to replicate such a process outside of her genetic makeup, we could begin down a path to undoing and redefining death itself.  



  • This incarnation of Ivy is based on the comic story Heroes in Crisis; in that story, Poison Ivy is killed and is shown coming back to life after growing from a plant. Her body is composed with plant-like matter as opposed to organic, which is referenced with this Ivy's hair shown looking plant like, as well as King Shark confirming through her scent that her body wasn't composed of human flesh.
    • Their main difference is that Ivy retained her adulthood in the comic, while this Ivy is a child. With Ivy mentioning Lex had kept her away from sunlight for five years, it's possible that, much like a plant in real life, more exposure to the sun would rapidly age Ivy back into an adult.
    • Though more plant now than her previous self, Ivy implies that she still has a human digestive system; mentioning that she likes eating corndogs.
  • Lex's research suggests that, as Ivy retains the intelligence of her previous adult incarnation, over time her memories of her past life would slowly start to return in full.
    • Because of the lack of her past memories, Ivy is initially unfamiliar with Harley Quinn, however it's revealed that Poison Ivy's pheromones are able to recall anyone she was previously familiar with, including Harley. Because of this, Ivy and Harley become more friendly as the game goes on and they slowly rebuild their friendship, and because of her pheromones remembering Harley, this leads Ivy to be the most co-optative and friendly with her out of the entirety of Task Force X.
  • Despite never calling herself Poison Ivy, Ivy is referred to as such when first noticed in Metropolis, as well as in her character bio and the game's subtitles.
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