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"This is how it happened. This is how the Batman died."
—James Gordon [src]

Police Commissioner James Gordon dedicated his career to cleaning up the corruption in the Gotham City Police Department, a goal he came a long way toward accomplishing. Gordon was equally tough on crime, and in the pursuit of making Gotham City safe for all its citizens, he forged an uneasy alliance with Gotham's other top crime fighter, the mysterious vigilante known as Batman.

With Batman's help, Gordon had a successful war on crime for over a decade, turning Gotham from a city where getting mugged was a part of daily life to a city where everyone felt safe.

As The Knightfall Protocol began, Gordon retired from his job and became Mayor of Gotham.


Jim Gordon grew up in a bad neighborhood, leading him to have a rough childhood. He had to learn to fight in order to protect himself. Prior to the the events of Batman: Arkham Origins, he was a police officer with the Gotham City Police Department who had to take a statement from an eight year old boy whose parents were just murdered in front of him. His insincere partner was claiming that a rich kid like him would be fine right after his butler picks him up. Gordon lashed out at his partner for his inability to see the pain the boy is going through. He then interrogated the child about what happened, but the boy only asked why someone would do such a thing. Gordon replied, "It's this damn city" and he told the boy to call him Jim. After several years on the police force, he was promoted to Captain. Captain Gordon refused to take bribes from Black Mask like the the rest of the GCPD. This caused him to be beaten up by Detective Arnold Flass, who was loyal to Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb, Black Mask's pet politician. Gordon attempted to bring down Flass only for the vigilante known as Batman to intervene and stop the SWAT team that Gordon had sent to arrest Flass as well as other corrupt law officials.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

On June 17 of an unspecified year, Gordon graduated with a Masteral Degree in Criminology at the Chicago Green University.

Later, Captain James Gordon was part of the Gotham City Police Department, who served as one of the few honest officers in the entire department. Trapped in a thoroughly corrupt police force, Gordon struggled to accept the reality of his occupation and actually made a difference in Gotham City for the better. Up until the night at Blackgate Prison, he didn't believe that Batman existed, and thought that he was just an urban legend who was made up by criminals.

At some point, his wife Barbara Kean Gordon was known to have left him, leaving him to fend for both his daughter Barbara and his son James Jr. As a result of the separation, his son James Jr. gradually fell onto a dark path that turned him into a psychopath.

One night, Gordon received a call from Anarky. Because of how Anarky spoke to him, Gordon had a trace started on the call. The rebel spoke of how impressed he was with Gordon's integrity - "in a city full of dirt, you're the only one with a clean shirt." Learning that Anarky thought poorly of the GCPD, Gordon wondered what it was Anarky wanted. Upon being given a warning to leave Gotham while he still had a chance, as he could still be "rehibillitated", Gordon learned that the call couldn't be traced as it was encrypted.

Barbara later visited him, finding Gordon covered with bruises and lacerations; she wondered if it was the thugs on the streets or his coworkers again, before stating that there wasn't a difference between them. Gordon wondered why she was at the station at night as the neighborhood is dangerous; it turns out that police officers were staking out their house. Annoyed, Gordon gave Barbara a radio and a list of radio frequnecies that the corrupt part of the force were using, despite the fact it could cost him his job.

Unknown to Gordon, Edward Nashton had recorded their conversion and was planning to blackmail him.

Arkham Origins Incident

"There is no such thing as a "bat man""
—Gordon, on TV, expressing his belief that the rumors are nonsense.

During the Christmas' Eve Incident, Gordon was still only Captain. At that point in his career, he still thought of Batman as a vigilante and not a hero.

After Killer Croc was defeated on the roof of Blackgate, Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and the rest of the anti-vigilante task squad interrupted Batman's interrogation of Croc, and attempted to arrest him. Batman managed to escape, however, and left Croc to be arrested by the cops.

After the murder of Commissioner Loeb by "Black Mask", Gordon was put in charge of the GCPD. Gordon informed the honest cops that there were seven assassins out to kill Batman as they had their chance to capture him before the assassins did. Gordon's daughter, Barbara, believed that Batman was a hero, who was only trying to help Gotham. That lead to a heated argument between Gordon and Barbara.

"I'm on your side.
My side!? My side works within the law. My side doesn't leave suspects with broken bones and missing teeth! We've earned Gotham's respect!
If that was true, I wouldn't be here."
—Batman points out that Gordon cannot see how broken the system is

Captain Gordon encountered by Batman on Rooftop Maintenance at the GCPD in Burnley

When Batman was at the GCPD, he encountered Gordon on the Rooftop Maintenance Floor, which lead to a quick scuffle between the two when Gordon attempted to draw his gun. However, Batman restrained him, explaining to Gordon that they were on the same side. This infuriated Gordon, whose view on law was black and white; vigilantes like Batman were the worst kind of criminal in his eyes. Unfortunately, before Batman could convince Gordon that he was wrong, SWAT Lt. Howard Branden and the other SWAT officers ran up the stairs, entered the room, and told Gordon to clear the line of fire, so that they could shoot Batman. Gordon, however, ordered Branden to hold his fire, but Batman dropped a Smoke Bomb, and pushed Gordon out of the way once Branden and SWAT officers opened fire, and proceeded to knock them unconscious.

Later, while Batman was fighting Bane on the balcony of the East Tower at the Royal Hotel, Alfred contacted Gordon because he was afraid that Batman was going to die during the battle. The GCPD arrived right after Bane escaped in his helicopter. After Batman saved the Joker from falling to his death into the Hotel Lobby, and once again eluded capture from the GCPD, Gordon and Bullock arrested the Joker for acts of terrorism, murder, attempted murder, aiding and abetting known felons, racketeering, etc.

Firefly held the Gotham Pioneer's Bridge hostage with four different bombs, and hoped to draw out Batman and collect the bounty for his head. Batman broke into the GCPD command post on the bridge, where he informed Gordon of Firefly's bombs and his plan to detonate them if the police attempted to breach the bridge. Gordon, who still did not trust Batman, told him to stand down and ordered the SWAT team to go. Firefly subdued the SWAT team, and captured Branden and his men. Batman eventually disarmed 3 of the 4 bombs, and Gordon, who still refused to cooperate with Batman, didn't open the fire door to the north end of the bridge, which was the only obstacle that blocked Batman's path to the last bomb. Alfred managed to remotely open the gate just as Gordon ordered his team to disarm the last bomb. As Batman engaged in a fight with Firefly, he dropped the detonator for the bombs. After a struggle, Firefly attempted to detonate the bombs but the detonator didn't work, as Gordon's team was able to disarm the final bomb.

After he defeated Firefly and left him for the police, Batman confronted Gordon. Gordon admitted that he should have given Batman access to the final bomb earlier, but between the two of them, they covered it pretty well. As he was turning to say something else, Batman disappeared before Gordon turned around.

Later, Gordon announced over the radio that he needed help at Blackgate, because the Joker caused a full scale riot. Batman entered and secured the main gate before he entered the prison to stop the riot. After he fought his way to Joker, Batman was confronted by Bane. During the fight, Gordon arrived and found Joker strapped to an electric chair. Joker then sprang out of the chair, knocked out Warden Martin Joseph and took Gordon's gun. He then made Gordon sit with him on the chair, and placed the chair's head gear on Gordon. After Batman appeared to kill Bane, Joker let Gordon go and attempted to shoot Warden Joseph. Gordon jumped in front of the bullet, but was unharmed due to his bulletproof vest. Batman asked for Gordon's and Joseph's help, but Gordon refused as he believed Batman had killed Bane. Batman told Gordon that Bane wasn't dead, and that he only stopped his heart. Gordon was surprised to hear that Batman didn't kill Bane, he realized that Batman didn't kill people, finally agreed to help him, and went after the Joker with Warden Joseph.

Joseph and Gordon were ambushed by a sniper and Joseph was shot. Gordon was able to escape and sneak up behind the shooter. Batman encountered a wounded Warden Joseph and was ambushed by Killer Croc. While Croc had Batman by the throat, the sniper appeared and was about to kill Batman, when Gordon showed up behind him and knocked him out with a wooden Baseball Bat. The shot hit Croc in his right shoulder which caused him to drop Batman. Croc left, saying it wasn't worth fighting Batman if there was no money involved. Batman and Gordon then fought off a mob of inmates to protect Warden Joseph. After they stopped the mob, Gordon stayed with Joseph, while Batman went after Joker who was in the Prison Chapel.

"Maybe... maybe he can give them something to believe in."
—Gordon sees the beacon of hope that Batman can be for Gotham

After Batman stopped Joker, Gordon came in and told him that he still had to bring him in. Batman, however, disappeared while Gordon was informing Bullock that he had the Joker in custody. After the Blackgate Riot was over, Gordon was seen telling Barbara that he didn't bring Batman in because she believed in him, and said that he might be the person to bring hope back to Gotham City.

Shortly after the riots, Gordon reached to Batman by the communication line that Barbara had hacked earlier. Gordon told Batman that twenty Blackgate Prisoners had escaped, and due to the night's events, he was short on man power, and needed his help to bring them all back into custody. After he brought all of the prisoners back in, Batman told Gordon to stay out of his way, and let him do his job. Gordon then replied in a friendly voice that he would think about it and thanked him for his help.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident

During New Year's Eve, Gordon helped contain the riot activities in North Gotham. In the wake of Mayor Hill's resignation, many pundits were naming Gordon as a favored candidate for the position of Commissioner.

Arkham Origins Blackgate Incident

Fourteen weeks after the Christmas Eve Incident, Gordon informed Batman of a fire at Blackgate, and that the prisoners had taken over the facility. Gordon warned Batman of the threats in there, and that almost every one of the prisoners held a grudge against him.

Between Arkham Origins and A Matter of Family Incident

Some time between the New Year's Eve Incident and the Joker's takeover of Arkham Asylum, Gordon was promoted to Commissioner.

In the years following his promotion, Gordon eventually formed an alliance with Batman. However, unbeknownst to Gordon, his daughter, Barbara, had also joined the Dark Knight as Batgirl (a direct result of Gordon preventing her from joining the GCPD).

Arkham Underworld Incident

A Matter of Family Incident

BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT 20160316225541

At some point shortly before Valentine's Day, Gordon was kidnapped along with several GCPD officers by Joker and Harley Quinn as part of a plot to draw out Batman's sidekicks, Batgirl and Robin. Joker threatened to kill Gordon if Batman showed up, which forced Barbara to call upon Tim to help save her father. Batgirl and Robin found that Joker had taken him to an abandoned amusement park which a rich mogul had built for his dying daughter. Together, Batgirl and Robin managed to save Gordon and captured Harley, though Joker managed to escape. As Batgirl and Robin left while Gordon was distracted, Gordon jokingly commented that it must run in the "family".

Between A Matter of Family Incident and Assault on Arkham Incident

However, that would not be the last time that Joker would plague Gordon and his daughter's lives. Joker plotted to drive Gordon insane and prove that "one bad day" could turn even an upstanding citizen like him insane like Joker. Joker attacked Barbara at her apartment, and shot her in the spine, which paralyzed her and, unknown to either Gordon or Joker, ended her career as Batgirl. Joker took pictures of Barbara after he shot her to use to torment Gordon as part of his plan to drive him insane. However, Gordon managed to retain his sanity and moral code, and foiled Joker's plan. Though it ended his daughter's career as Batgirl, unknown to Gordon, the wheelchair bound Barbara continued to fight crime as Oracle.

Assault on Arkham Incident

Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD turned up at Arkham Asylum in response to the prisoner escape that was orchestrated by the Joker. During the battle for the island, Bane attempted to rush the GCPD, but was defeated by the intervention of Batman. The rest of the inmates were then forced to retreat along with Poison Ivy as the GCPD and the Arkham security staff continued to regain control of the island as Batman continued to pursue the Joker, Deadshot and Harley Quinn in order to deactivate Joker's dirty bomb.

Road to Arkham Incident

Years later, Commissioner Gordon received an anonymous tip in the form of a vial of Fear Toxin at the GCPD. Gordon forwarded the tip to Batman, which led him to stopping Scarecrow and his latest schemes. A few weeks later, Gordon made his way to Arkham Asylum after Batman captured the Joker at Gotham City Hall after he attempted to blow it up with a bomb that was strapped to the Mayor.

Gordon witnessed Warden Quincy Sharp deliver a speech to his guards, to which he sarcastically replied to one of the guards that Sharp was running for Mayor, and not reminding them about their duties to the Joker.

Arkham Asylum Incident

""Rough night, Jim?"
"You don't know the half of it. Joker invades City Hall. Takes the Mayor hostage. Leaving it to me to juggle, the media, SWAT, and you. Yeah, it's been one hell of a night."
"Hopefully the last one we'll have with him.""
—Batman and Gordon exchange banter

Commissioner Gordon and Batman at Arkham Asylum

Gordon, along with Batman, watched as security guards escorted the Joker through Arkham Asylum. Batman arrived at the Intensive Treatment Center unit as Gordon was signing in. Gordon expressed fatigue because of having to deal with the police, the media, and Batman after the Joker's kidnapping of the Mayor, but was relieved that he was finally back behind bars. Gordon then witnessed the Joker's escape and Batman's unsuccessful attempt to capture him. With the Joker in control of security, Gordon was trapped in the intensive care unit along with Arkham guard, Frank Boles. Unbeknownst to Gordon, Boles was secretly working with the Joker, and knocked Gordon unconscious. Boles then brought him to Harley Quinn in order to keep Batman from following them. Harley took Gordon to the Batmobile, in which a struggle took place. Gordon purposely dropped his pipe by the Batmobile, and left a trail of tobacco to where he was taken, the Medical Facility.

Batman infiltrated the Medical Facility to locate Gordon, where he saw him getting dragged away by Scarecrow. Batman found Gordon's body, and became distraught that he was too late to save him. Batman contacted Oracle and told her that he was too late to rescue her father, but was unable to contact her. After he escaped Scarecrow's Nightmare, Batman returned to Gordon's body only to learn that it was not Gordon whom he saw dead, but it was actually the body of a security guard that Scarecrow had killed, and that seeing Gordon was simply a hallucination that was caused by Scarecrow's Fear Toxin. Batman saw Quinn take Gordon captive, and rescued him from her captivity. Gordon overheard that they were holding someone nearby, and upon investigating the room in question, Bane was revealed to be inside. Batman ordered Gordon to escape as Bane attacked him. Gordon made his way out of the facility, and regrouped with Batman after the battle. Suddenly, Bane smashed his way to the surface, attacked Batman once again, and was incapacitated after the Batmobile smashed him into the harbor. Batman then instructed Gordon to go back to Gotham via boat, because the people of Gotham would need him more, and that he'd be much safer. Gordon reluctantly agreed and left Arkham Island, along with a security guard.


Gordon held captive by Harley Quinn in the Experimental Chamber at the Medical Facility

Somewhere along the journey back to Gotham, Gordon was recaptured by the Joker's Henchmen and taken to the Visitor Center.

There, Gordon was tied up by the Joker and revealed to Batman when he entered the Joker's Throne Room. The Joker planned to turn Gordon into a Henchman, by using his dart gun. However, Batman jumped in the path of the dart, and subjected himself to the Titan Formula. However, Batman was quickly able to cure himself. Gordon was then tied up to an electric chair and tortured during Batman's fight with Titan-Joker. After Batman defeated Titan-Joker, Gordon was set free, and was able to orchestrate the police attack force. They were able to infiltrate Arkham Asylum, as well as update Batman on the current status of the island. As soon as the situation was under control, Gordon apologized for the loss of the Batmobile before he offered to give Batman a ride. The Dark Knight politely declined, and stating that another one was on the way. Gordon then encouraged him to get some rest. Then suddenly, Gordon received a police radio message, that detailed that Two-Face was in the process of robbing the Second National Bank in Gotham, which Batman overheard, and raced off to the scene in the Batwing.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incident

Gordon, alongside Batman, tried to stop Professor Hugo Strange from building Arkham City, only for the Gotham City Council and the newly elected Mayor Sharp to block him out with the Mayor making TYGER the police force of Arkham City. The GCPD was turned into a designated checkpoint for TYGER while the Mayor's officer reassigned Gordon to desk duty.

At around this time, Gordon was known to be living with a wife who often worried about him. It was unknown whether this was his former wife Barbara Kean Gordon who had returned, or someone else he married in a succeeding marriage.

Arkham City Incident

"Batman!? What the hell happened in there?"
—Gordon sees Batman carrying the Joker's body

After Bruce Wayne was captured, Gordon ordered all officers to stop taking prisoners to Arkham City. Shortly before Protocol 10, Gordon was called to a City Council meeting, where Strange said that he was unable to prevent the spread of weapons within Arkham City, that the inmates were planning an escape, and that Protocol 10 had to be initiated. Unbeknownst to the City Council, that was Strange's plan all along. While Batman climbed Wonder Tower, Strange sent the TYGER Guards to Wayne Manor in order uncover more of Batman's secrets, only for them to be subdued by Robin and Nightwing. Gordon realized Strange's true colors, and went to Arkham City to standby for an order that he knew would be given: arrest Strange and shut down Arkham City. After rallying at the front gate, Gordon was shocked to see Batman carrying out the Joker's dead body, and asked him what happened, though Batman left without answering him.

Harley Quinn's Revenge Incident

""She blames you, you know. Don't blame yourself, there's nothing you could have done.""
—Gordon tries getting Batman to move on from Joker's death
Gordon and batman

Gordon and Batman discussing Harley Quinn outside the Industrial District in Arkham City

Robin heard Vicki Vale talk to Commissioner Gordon on the radio. Two days earlier, after Batman arrived in Arkham City again, Gordon told him that Harley Quinn and her thugs had ambushed the GCPD cops who were clearing the prison-city, and dragged them towards the Steel Mill. Batman said that he would rescue the cops, and Gordon asked him if he's sure and knew that Harley blamed him for the Joker's death. Before he searched for evidence outside the Steel Mill, Batman heard Gordon on the GCPD radio.

Gordon eventually made It towards the shipyard only to be knocked down by the explosion, from the bomb that Harley had planted in the Joker's statue. Gordon was horrified that Batman and his men never made it out. However, Gordon saw that Batman and Quinn made out alive. When Gordon saw Harley pull out a knife and attempted to stab Batman to death, Gordon tried to stop her, but Harley got knocked unconscious by Robin throwing a Shuriken at her. After the cops were safe, Gordon asked Robin if Batman was all right who told him that he would be fine. Gordon and his cops then apprehended Harley and her henchmen, and Arkham City was officially shut down for good.

Between Arkham City and Arkham Knight Incident

In the immediate wake of Arkham City's shutdown, Gordon was forced to move Joker's body from location to location, fearing those who might attempt to utilize the body for their own purposes. Gordon also arranged for his wife to stay at her sister's house until Gordon could be sure there was no immediate threat to her life. Later, Gordon personally oversaw the incineration of Joker's body, attempting to minimize any last tricks Joker might have prepared.

Arkham Knight Incident

With Joker's death, Gordon feared that a gang war would emerge as Gotham's criminals fought to fill the vacuum left by the Clown Prince of Crime. To his surprise, the following nine months would see a drop in crime rather than an increase. Around October 24, Gordon was contacted by Batman, who asked him to meet at Panessa Studios. Upon entering the studios, Gordon found cells that kept four of Joker's infected victims before Batman arrived at the cells. Batman revealed the situation to Gordon: due to hospital errors, five people infected with Joker's blood had not been treated in time. As a result, they were transforming into Joker, except for Henry Adams, whom Batman believed to be immune to Joker's blood and the only hope for a cure. With a quick recount, Gordon noticed there were only four people left in their cells, meaning that the fifth infected victim was missing. Batman replied that the fifth victim would be there soon, not revealing that he himself was the final patient.

On October 30th, the war Gordon was expecting finally came. An agent of Scarecrow unleashed his newest strain of Fear Toxin in Pauli's Diner, resulting in the death of everyone inside except for Officer Owens. Within minutes of the incident, Scarecrow made his return known, warning the people of Gotham to abandon the city or face their greatest fears. Gordon and the GCPD quickly organized a mass evacuation, transporting most of Gotham's 6.3 million population out of the city in 24 hours.


Gordon greets Batman

Then Gordon activated the Bat-Signal to summon Batman. The Dark Knight appeared while Gordon was on the phone with Barbara, and he assumed that she left the city. Gordon then told Batman that the only lead that he had on Scarecrow was a Militia vehicle that was speeding through Chinatown. He asked if Scarecrow would really be crazy enough to unleash a chemical weapon on Gotham; however, Batman couldn't provide an answer as Crane appears to have gone further off the deep end since the Asylum takeover. He then received a dispatch that reported a downed patrol car. When he turned around, Batman had once again disappeared.

"Pull back to GCPD! We're not equipped to handle this kind of thing. Thank God there is someone who is."
—Gordon's orders to his men when the Militia drones arrive, as well as his faith in Batman

As Batman pursued the armored Militia vehicle in the new Batmobile, Gordon took advice to pull back the pursuing patrol car, but the patrol was taken out before they could respond. Batman later came into GCPD Lockup with Poison Ivy in tow. After Batman secured Ivy, Gordon got off the phone with the bureaucrats, who refused to send aid, much to his frustration.

Batman later informed Gordon that Scarecrow was making his Fear Toxin at Ace Chemicals, to the Commissioner's confusion, as he had a team stationed there and they hadn't reported anything strange. Batman suggested that they may have been paid off or worse.

Gordon took a team to help Batman investigate Ace Chemicals when the Arkham Knight appeared in an attack chopper and destroyed the access bridge. Batman went in alone to rescue the two surviving Ace Chemicals workers who were left on site, after which Gordon pulled his men back.

Batman later returned to the GCPD Lockup after he escaped the destruction of Ace Chemicals to inform Gordon that the Arkham Knight had kidnapped Barbara, to his shock. Gordon then drove out to her last known location, the Clock Tower, with Batman following him, but the Militia was sent by the Arkham Knight in an attempt to capture him, which forced Gordon to ride in the Batmobile. Upon arriving at the Clock Tower, Gordon remained inside the Batmobile while Batman took out the Militia Soldiers who guarded the building. Once inside, Gordon blamed himself for letting Barbara get taken. Batman then said that she's stronger than he thought, as he revealed the concealed technology in the room, and he revealed that Barbara was working for him. Shocked to discover this, Gordon angrily threw the blame on Batman, threw his communicator on the floor, and left, signifying an end to their alliance.

After he left, Gordon went off the reservation, determined to find Barbara on his own. Unfortunately, Gordon was eventually strong-armed into cooperating with Scarecrow under the threat of Barbara's life. To get Batman's attention, Gordon sent an encrypted message via a SWAT channel, asking for backup in getting Scarecrow. As Gordon planned, Batman raced to the Militia HQ to save Gordon upon decrypting the message. After Batman rescued Gordon, the Arkham Knight arrived and revealed himself as Jason Todd. After Jason's defeat, Batman and Gordon head to the rooftop to apprehend Scarecrow. Gordon told Batman that he never forgot the witness statement, and was reminded that Bruce had watched his parents die when he was young, and apologized for his anger towards him. However, Gordon managed to fake Batman's death by shooting the armored bat symbol on his Batsuit's chest, in order to trick Scarecrow. Scarecrow took Gordon to Panessa Studios, accessed his voice print, and took Robin from his cell. Gordon later encountered Scarecrow again at the Arkham Mansion at the abandoned Arkham Asylum after Batman was captured by him. Gordon was then forced by Scarecrow to unmask Batman in front of a live feed to various news reports by shooting Robin and then threatening to give the killing shot to him if he tried anything.

""You realize if I do this, it's over. Everything we worked for. They'll come after you."
"Gotham doesn't need Batman anymore, Jim; it needs you.""
—Gordon is hesitant to end the war against crime

Gordon unmasking Batman at the Arkham Mansion

Batman then encouraged Gordon to unmask him; he complied, a bit surprised by the mechanical cowl. With the mask in hand, Gordon pulled it off and backed away towards Robin. With his and Robin's lives under threat of a gun, Gordon watched as Scarecrow gave Bruce a dose of toxin and mock him for the chaos that would ensue. However, Bruce laughed madly at Scarecrow's threats, seemingly unaffected by the toxin. Angered, Scarecrow gave him another dose and Bruce went silent.

After Scarecrow ended up being forcibly exposed to his own enhanced Fear Toxin by Batman when Jason Tood as the Red Hood rescued him, Gordon proceeded to knock Scarecrow out while the villain underwent a state of panic. Gordon stayed behind with Robin to wait for a rescue. Batman asked Gordon to look out for everyone, calling him the best friend he could have asked for

Gordon was contacted a final time by Batman once the major threats had been dealt with. Gordon thanked Batman for everything he had done, addressing him as Bruce for the first (and only) time. Batman answered with a farewell as he departed for Wayne Manor, while Gordon sent out the GCPD to take back Gotham City.

After Arkham Knight Incident

After the public reveal of Batman as Bruce Wayne and the execution of The Knightfall Protocol, it was shown that Jim Gordon had retired from his duties as Commissioner and had taken on the roll of Mayor of Gotham City. While riding inside a car, Gordon received a message from Tim Drake that said not to forget the ring for his and Barbara's Wedding.


Unlike many of the GCPD, James Gordon is a sincerely honest cop with a high ethical and moral center with a strong desire for justice. Despite being raised in Gotham City, flooded with crime and corruption from the police to the politicians and enduring a rough childhood, Gordon is able to maintain a strong idealistic mindset regarding his principles, truly believing justice can be achieved within the law without turning dirty. Whilst idealistic, Gordon could turn pessimistic regarding Gotham's justice system, believing a higher power outside of the law could be used to clean the city, since forming a partnership with the vigilante, Batman.

Gordon, however, had a flaw of allowing his ideals to compromise his views on the larger scale of things. He could be short-sighted, naive and, as Barbara stated, "put way too much faith in the system". He failed to realize how broken the GCPD was, despite witnessing firsthand the corruption within law enforcement such as Loeb sending men to kill him and spy on his daughter. He continued to believe that the majority of cops of GCPD possessed the same sense of right and wrong as he does or that having a badge necessarily means they work within the law. Disastrously, he misjudged Branden as, although he proved an excessive amount of times to be a rotten cop, continued to place faith in him solely on the basis that he was a police officer. Gordon held a low view of vigilantes, believing that they were the "worst kind of criminal" as they were the kind who believed that they were justified in their illegal actions. Unbeknownst to him, he would become close friends and partners with a vigilante later on.

Multiple times, Gordon proved that he was stubborn. He refused to return to the coast of Gotham during the Arkham Asylum Incident, ignoring that he could do very little help to Batman or the causing riots. This was demonstrated again on the night of Scarecrow's terrorist threat where he agreed to clean the streets but refused to lock himself away from the ongoing chaos in Gotham, despite being outnumbered and incapable of doing any real help. This is also a demonstration of his bravery and sheer fearlessness in the face of danger.

However, Gordon's stubbornness does not make him incapable of changing his opinions. Though he branded the Batman as being another criminal, when the Joker escaped and caused the Blackgate riots and the vigilante was able to successfully imprison and spared the lives of Bane and Joker, Gordon grew to respect him more even if he initially turned a gun on him and prepared to bring him into the GCPD. Realizing their similar goals, Gordon comes to understand that justice can be achieved outside of the law and that, despite most of the cops being corrupt and the citizens are in fear of criminals, they can stand up if they have something to believe in them, i.e., Batman. Meanwhile, Gordon and the Dark Knight seem to have a degree of camaraderie between them, with Gordon being comfortable enough to lightly humor with him such as claiming that Bane was "throwing him around" during their fight and Batman referring to him by his nickname, showing a familiarity and friendship.

During the Arkham Knight Incident, he undergoes a significant shift in his personality. After learning that Barbara works for Batman and has been kidnapped by Scarecrow, Gordon's personal guilt over Barbara's paraplegia causes him to end his partnership with Batman in anger. He becomes reckless, emotionally blinded, vengeful and dangerous, going after Scarecrow alone with the intent to kill him for his "dead" daughter, which instantly leads to his capture. In the end, he was able to make peace with Batman and sadly watches as he activates the Knightfall Protocol.

Physical Appearance

Arkham Origins

When he is introduced in Arkham Origins, he appears a bit younger than in the other Arkham Games with brown hair and glasses. He has a green suit with a black tie, and a police radio attached to the top left of his suit. He has blue bullet proof vest with "GCPD" on the back and a blue winter jacket with the American flag on the right sleeve. He wears his police badge and a holster on his belt.

Arkham Asylum

Arkham City

Arkham Knight


Arkham Origins

  • "There is no such thing as a 'bat man.'" (Gotham City Press)
  • "This is Captain James Gordon with the GCPD. This is an emergency situation, and I am assuming command. Security personnel and GCPD Officers turn your radios to Channel 13 for further instructions." (Intercom)
  • "All inmates, you are not in any danger. Repeat, you are not in any danger. Please remain calm, and relay information on the whereabouts of Police Commissioner Loeb to security and GCPD personnel." (Intercom)
  • "Attention inmates. Anyone who has seen the criminal, Black Mask or his subordinates, please notify the nearest police or security officer. Black Mask is our target for this operation." (Intercom)
  • "Any inmate with information on the whereabouts of Commissioner Loeb or Black Mask, please come forward immediately. I've received confirmation from Warden Joseph that you will be rewarded for information which leads to an arrest." (Intercom)
  • "Attention, Death Row Inmates. Please remain calm, and stay in your cells. A police operation is in progress, and anyone outside of their cells could be considered a danger to the force." (Intercom)
  • "Anyone within the vicinity of the Execution Chamber, please clear the area. I've just received word that the Gas Chamber has been activated without following proper protocol. A harmful gas may be present. Repeat, the Gas Chamber has been engaged. Stay clear of the Execution Room and surrounding areas." (Intercom)
  • "I'm taking you in!" (Batman)
  • "I know everyone's still in shock over what happened to commissioner Loeb, but we need to stay focused on our primary targets for tonight. So far Waylon Jones has been processed-and we're following an anonymous tip on Deathstroke's location-but we've got a ways to go before sunrise." (GCPD Officers)
  • "There's eight assassins in town tonight. From the info we've been gathering, they're among the most dangerous criminal on record-period. After interrogating Waylon Jones, we've learned that they're all competing for a huge bounty which Black Mask has offered for the head of the Bat." (GCPD Officers)
  • "Alright cut the chatter, people. Our goal is to ensure order in this city. So our number one priority becomes bringing in the bat BEFORE these assassins get to him. Now, the closer it gets to morning, the more desperate the assassins will grow-and if he's still out there-the more damage they'll cause to the city, as they try to find or attract him. All right, dismissed." (GCPD Officers)
  • "He is the worst kind of criminal. The kind who thinks their actions are justified-who acts completely outside the system-" (To Barbara about Batman)
  • "Barbara! Wait."
  • "Never." (Batman)
  • "My side? My side works within the law. My side doesn't leave suspects with broken bones, and missing teeth. We've earned Gotham's respect." (Batman)
  • "Hold your fire! If he moves, take him down!" (To Branden about Batman)
  • "You've got nowhere to run." (Batman)
  • "Let me guess, he got away." (To Branden about Batman)
  • "Take him to Blackgate." (To Harvey Bullock about Joker)
  • "He's a cop, Harvey. He'll do his job." (To Harvey Bullock about Branden)
  • "Sierra-nine, are you in position?"
  • "Keep your distance. Don't provoke him. The bomb squad is nearly here." (To the GCPD about Firefly)
  • "I'm not big on taking orders from wanted men." (Batman)
  • "They put me in charge of a station full of rotten cops. And I can't change them, anymore I can change this...this damn city."

Cold, Cold Heart

Arkham Origins Blackgate

  • "I'm sure we'll think of something. Maybe if you gave us your cell number?"
  • "There was an explosion at Blackgate about six hours ago. They think maybe an escape attempt went bad."
  • "Afraid so. They're in a standoff with my men positioned outside the prison gates." (Blackgate Prisoners)
  • "The entire prison staff."
  • "You don't have to tell me." (Going back to Blackgate)
  • "That side's impregnable. Practically a sheer wall down to the water." (The riverside by the prison)
  • "Batman, they're all in there. From petty thieves to the worst of the worst. And almost every one of them has a grudge against you."

Batgirl: A Matter of Family

Assault on Arkham

  • "Where's our backup?" (GCPD officers)
  • "Now that's what I call backup." (Batman)
  • "We've got it under control, Batman. You can take-."
  • "And I'm talking to myself. Again."

Arkham Asylum

  • "Heh. Joker invades City Hall and holds the Mayor hostage, leaving it to me to juggle SWAT teams, the media and you. Yeah, it's been a helluva night." (Batman)
  • "I thought he broke out of Blackgate." (Batman about Bane)
  • "I'm not a rookie, I can handle myself." (Batman)
  • "I don't like leaving you here." (Batman)
  • "Bane called Dr. Young Bruja. What does it mean?" (Batman)

Arkham City

  • "This is Gordon, To try and stop this situation turning into a damn legal nightmare, I want all GCPD officers to stop taking prisoners to Arkham City, take them to the GCPD. Take them to the zoo for all I care. Just don't let that maniac Strange get his hands on them. Wayne's lawyers are gonna have a field day with this, and I don't want my budgets being cut to pay for some rich guy's expectation. Understand? " (GCPD Dispatch)
  • "All units, coordinate your... What the?" (GCPD officers)
  • "What the hell happened in there?" (Batman)
  • "Batman? What happened?"

Harley Quinn's Revenge

  • "Just keep the damn site covered. I don't want that madwoman getting out of there, understand?" (To the GCPD about Harley Quinn)
  • "Heh. How'd you guess? Her goons ambushed my guys and dragged 'em towards the Steel Mill. We can't get close." (to Batman about Harley Quinn)
  • "You sure? You know she blames you, right? It could be a trap." (To Batman about Harley Quinn)
  • "When this mess is cleared up, we need to talk about that other problem. Remember?" (To Batman about Joker's body)
  • "I know you blame yourself. Don't. It wasn't your fault." (To Batman about Joker's death)
  • "You look terrible." (Batman)
  • "No..." (Shipyard explosion)
  • "I thought he was you." (To Batman about Robin)
  • "Hey kid, is he alright?" (To Robin about Batman)

Arkham Knight

  • "This is how it happened. This is how the Batman died."
  • "Nine months ago Joker was cremated, I pressed the button and burnt the evil bastard myself. And then...We waited. Gotham braced itself for the inevitable power struggle. But it didn't come, Crime actually fell. Deep down, I knew the war was coming, I was just waiting for someone to pull the trigger."
  • "Scarecrow's threat worked, Yesterday there were 6.3 million people in Gotham City. Today...Not so many. The only people left on the street are the sort that enjoy chaos. Scum...Criminals...and worse. Not enough good people left to stop them. It took just 24 hours for us to lose control of the city. Tonight, Gotham's relying on one man to save us all..."
  • "I just glad you made it out okay, Sorry I got to go. Stay safe, Barbara." (To Barbara on the phone)
  • "You still know how to make an entrance" (Batman)
  • "Last bus crossed the city limits an hour ago, I just glad that my little girl got out when she did. Now the real work begins" (Batman)
  • "We were tracking an unknown military vehicle speeding through Chinatown, it's the only lead we've had but they gave us the slip. With the evacuation, I just don't have the manpower left in the city." (Batman)
  • "Do you really think Scarecrow's crazy enough to detonated a chemical weapon in Gotham?" (Batman)
  • "Hey Batman...Every damn time." (Batman always disappearing after he turned his back)
  • "Friend of yours?" (To Batman about the Arkham Knight)
  • "Don't..." (To Batman about Barbara)
  • "Stubborn like her old man." (To Batman about Barbara)
  • "You know, you see a lot in this job, a lot of pain, a lot of suffering. But I'll never forget taking a witness statement from a eight year old boy who'd just seen his parents gunned down." (Batman)
  • "I was thinking, I may never get a chance to tell you say sorry" (Batman)
  • "We're the same, Bruce. We'd do everything for our family." (To Batman about his true identity)
  • "Thank you, Bruce. For everything." (Thanking Batman)

Psychological Profile

Jim Gordon

Real Name: James Worthington Gordon

Batman's Database Profile

Before Arkham Origins: Gordon has been appointed the head of the Vigilante Task Force charged with bringing in the Batman and takes his job very seriously. Batman is no friend to the police and should be treated with extreme caution when engaging officers, particularly since many of them maintain criminal associations in the pay of Black Mask, Penguin, or worse. As of yet Gordon's record remains clean, but it remains to be seen if he can be trusted.


  • Hard-nosed cop
  • One of the few honest and clean cops In Gotham
  • Investigation
  • Trained Criminologist
  • Proficient in hand-to-hand fighting techniques
  • Expert Marksman
  • Indomitable Will
  • Badass moustache

Extortion File


Behind the Scenes

In the Museum, there was an exhibit of a GCPD boat next to the Lighthouse, which was the same as the scene from Arkham Asylum where Gordon left Arkham Island boarding the GCPD boat after Batman defeated Bane.


  • In the full Knightfall protocol ending of Arkham Knight, Gordon can be seen smoking the same pipe Batman used to track him in Arkham Asylum.
  • Viewing the difference between the versions of Gotham between Origins and Knight, it's likely thanks to Gordon's time as Commissoner that the law has become largely un-corrupted. And for his future as the city's mayor, he'll likely continue to improve Gotham with the continued help of his son-in-law.
  • Clayface impersonated Gordon in his cell in Arkham Asylum.
  • Gordon could be heard on the Cryptographic Sequencer saying to stop taking prisoners into Arkham City, but to take them to the GCPD, instead.
  • In Harley Quinn's Revenge, Gordon told Batman that they would talk about "that other problem", when the mess was cleared up. In the End Game Comics, it was revealed that the problem was Joker's body, which was finally cremated at the end.
  • Gordon was the only character featured in all four main games to be voiced by a different actor in each one.
  • If counting Arkham Origins Blackgate, Michael Gough was the only actor so far who had voiced Gordon more than once.
    • Coincidentally, Gordon's Arkham Origins voice actor shared the same name as the actor who played Alfred Pennyworth in the Tim Burton Batman films.
  • After the death of Bruce Wayne's parents, a young James Gordon comforted young Bruce until Alfred came and took him home.
  • James Gordon was one of the few honest cops in Gotham.
  • Gordon's hair changed throughout the series similar to the Penguin's. His hair was orange-brown in Arkham Origins, completely gray in Arkham Asylum/City, and apparently colored brown with hints of white in Arkham Knight, though oddly, his hair became much whiter as the game progressed. (It's possible the rain washed out some dye)
  • Gordon's appearance in Arkham Knight was based off his Arkham Origins appearance, but with an older, more wrinkled appearance in the face. However, Gordon appeared younger than he did in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, despite the game taking place after those events (though cosmetic surgery isn't out of the question). However, upon closer examination, it could be seen that Gordon's mustache was still gray, which meant that he possibly chose to dye his hair, and that his graying roots were showing through.
  • Another oddity concerning Gordon's appearance throughout the series is his physical stature. In Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight, Gordon appears to be about a head shorter than Batman, with an average build in the former game and a more portly appearance in the latter (likely due to his "old man stomach" finally kicking in). On the other hand, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City depicted Gordon and Batman as roughly the same height (if not for the horns on the latter's cowl), with Asylum depicting him as rather buff and City thinning him out a little. Gordon's decrease in height between City and Knight could be understandable, as he could have gotten shorter due to his age worsening his posture over time, but his increase in height between Origins and Asylum is odd, seeing how he was likely too old to gain any more height at the time of those games.
  • It was implied he found out Batman's identity when Jason confronted Batman. Most likely that was due to Jason calling Batman "Bruce" right in front of Gordon when revealing his own identity as the Arkham Knight. Gordon, however, was not shocked or surprised by the revelation, which indicated that he may have suspected that Bruce Wayne was Batman due to his witness statement when he was a child.
  • The idea of Gordon and Batman becoming enemies over Barbara's role in aiding Batman was similar to an episode from The New Batman Adventures, where Barbara hallucinated that Scarecrow killed her and Gordon and Batman went to war against each other.
  • Gordon appeared on the "Play as The Joker" Combat Challenge Maps on the PS3 version of Arkham Asylum. He only appeared in the final (4th) wave.
  • Despite being officially 6ft tall, some cutscenes depict him as tall or slightly taller than 6ft 1in Harvey Bullock.
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