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This page includes spoiler details from the latest game in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Please proceed at your own risk.

You always told me, Bruce… focus on what I want to achieve and it'll happen. Well you want to know what I want now? Huh? I want you dead.
— Jason Todd

Jason Todd was a street orphan until he met Batman after he had saved him from The Joker. Jason was trained by Batman and later became the second Robin, but he was beaten and tortured by the Joker, who sent Batman a video of the event and lied by telling him that Jason was dead. Batman fell into a deep depression over Jason's "death". Years later, Jason returned, sought revenge against Batman, and utilized advanced technology and resources that he had acquired by pooled resources from his enemies. He was able to develop high-tech equipment & trained a battalion of soldiers. He even designed a high-tech "Batsuit" with capabilities as well as utilize lethal gadgetry and weapons during combat situations. Jason created the identity of the Arkham Knight, until his redemption and forgiveness at the hands of Batman. After he finally aided Batman against Scarecrow, Jason took up the title of the Red Hood, a name that was used by the Joker prior to his transformation.

Incident Reports


Jason was born on a rooftop to Willis and Cathy Todd, a pair of methamphetamine addicts who were in debt to Carmine Falcone. Willis tried to sell his newborn son to Falcone to settle his debt, but was instead beaten by Sal Maroni. As Jason grew up, Willis frequently told him that he was so worthless that he couldn't even give him away and frequently assaulted him.

Willis and Cathy were both executed by Maroni when Jason was thirteen. It was Jason who told Maroni where to find where they were hiding, but in exchange, the Maroni Family gave Jason his own patch in Gotham City where he could commit crime without interfering with any of their business.

The Second Robin

Jason had his first encounter with Batman when he was a witness to a fight between him and Joker at age fifteen shortly after a successful robbery. Jason saved Batman's life by pushing him, unconscious, out of the way of Joker's machine gun fire. Incredibly, Jason stole Batman's Grapnel Gun and used it to defeat Joker. Batman came to and knocked Jason's Pistol out of his hand with a Batarang before he could shoot the Joker point-blank in the head. The Joker warned Jason that he would never forget his face before Batman knocked him out.

Batman had Jason arrested for his crime, but he was charged as a minor because he had managed to avoid leaving anything probative behind in all of his other crimes. A Wayne Industries project that placed troubled teens into schools ensured that Jason did not serve his full sentence. Jason was an A student, an excellent athlete, and he attracted the personal interest of Bruce Wayne. A few months after being released, Batman appeared in Jason's dorm, handed him his own Grapnel Gun and a Robin costume, and told him that he had one night to impress him. He did.

Months later, Gotham County allowed Bruce to take Jason in as his ward. Bruce had another entrance to the Batcave built into Jason's bedroom.

The Joker's Abuse

Like Dick Grayson before him, Jason assumed the role of Batman's sidekick, Robin. While Jason enjoyed being a hero and had an aptitude for it, he also had difficulty with his temper, recklessness, and self-control, and he frequently disobeyed Batman's direct orders. Reprimands for that behavior rankled the new, headstrong Robin - he expected to be treated as a partner to Batman and a son to Bruce, but instead felt like a mere assistant.

At one point in his tenure as Robin, Joker blew up a school, filled with children. It was at that moment that Jason decided that he needed to die. Going on his own, Jason turned off his comm link and tracer, and tracked the Joker to Arkham Asylum. There, the Joker trapped him and beat him to the point of unconsciousness with a crowbar.

The Joker kept Jason in a sealed-off and abandoned wing of the asylum, tied to a chair. There, with Frank Boles covering for him, Joker tortured and brainwashed the young man. As part of a psychological plan, Joker forced Jason into believing that Batman had abandoned him, and that Batman was the true villain. That would lead to a future confrontation between mentor and ward that would break Batman. Jason was strong, held onto the belief that Batman was out there looking for him, and, would soon find him. However, Joker started to break down Jason's will when he showed him a photo of Batman with the new Robin, Tim Drake.

The abuse continued for six months, and Joker even let other Arkham inmates beat Jason. Joker also branded the letter "J" on Jason's left cheek. Finally broken, Joker forced Jason into revealing Batman's identity, but before he did, Joker shot him, and gave the footage of that to Batman, who believed Jason to be dead, finally gave up the search, and did not know that Joker had Jason wear body armor during the filming. After Jason had recovered, the torture continued still, this time under Harley Quinn, who was jealous of Jason for being chosen to replace her as Joker's sidekick, but nonetheless, used her training as a psychologist to manipulate Jason not only into believing that Batman gave him the 'J' brand, but also to shoot the villain Catman, who wore a Batman costume while Jason was under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. It was Harley who called Jason "Arkham's Knight in Shining Armor" because she believed that if Jason killed the real Batman, she and Joker could be together forever.

Arkham Asylum Incident

Jason broke free during Joker's prison break at the asylum, but Joker had paid well to retain the services of Deathstroke to make sure that Jason didn't leave the island alive. However, Jason managed to persuade Deathstroke that Joker wouldn't fulfill his contract with the mercenary, but that he could triple his pay if they escaped together. Deathstroke accepted after he force-fed Jason a tracking device. They stole a helicopter to escape, then went to Wayne Tower, where Jason broke into one of Bruce's bank accounts that was earmarked for Batman, by using information that he'd gleaned as Bruce's ward, and transferred all of the money he promised to Deathstroke. Incidentally, Jason had his first encounter with Tim Drake during the break-in, who assumed that Jason (because he was wearing Deathstroke's mask) was Slade's sidekick.

After Arkham Asylum Incident

Jason put Deathstroke on retainer. He went on to steal millions of dollars from Bruce, which paid for the earliest steps of his plans for revenge.

Arkham City Incident

Jason watched Batman and Joker (though it was actually who Clayface posed as a healthy Joker.) He was then approached by the real (and sickly) Joker himself.

After he struck a conversation with his old victim, Joker revealed his continued partnership with Deathstroke, instructed the assassin to aid Jason's quest for revenge, reinforced the young man's distorted perception of Batman abandoning him, and encouraged him to ensure that he became a more well-known figure in Gotham as the Arkham Knight. While Jason brutally beat Joker and made an attempt on his life in retribution for what he did to him years ago, he decided not to, the Joker informed him that he had high hopes for the young man's plans against Batman and Gotham.

Before Arkham Knight Incident

After a year of training and planning, Jason formed a militia in Valle de las Guerras in Venezuela. Around this time, he also snuck into Arkham City and had a run in with the Joker. Mockingly adopting Harley Quinn's moniker for him, Jason picked the alias "Arkham Knight", and knew that, based on the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incidents, it would haunt Batman once he revealed himself. As the Arkham Knight, Jason returned to Gotham City where he forged an alliance with Hush and went on an intense fact finding mission to determine the abilities of Batman's allies and steal the schematics of Batman's weapon and vehicle arsenal, so that he could reverse-engineer them, for both him and his militia's use.

Jason had Deathstroke train the militia as well as fight Robin and Nightwing to test their weaknesses, shadowed Batman to keep up with his activities following the Joker's death, and frequently downloaded schemata from Batman's computers. Jason also went on a campaign of intimidation to 'persuade' some of Gotham's super villains to work for him, including Harley Quinn, Firefly, and Bane (whom he'd abducted after Bane was knocked out in a fight that he orchestrated).

Nine months after the Joker's death, Jason somewhat reluctantly partnered with Scarecrow to end Batman once and for all. Together, they managed to get all of Gotham's most powerful villains to work towards a singular goal - the defeat of Batman.

Arkham Knight Incident

On Halloween Night, Jason's militia invaded Gotham, which forced a mandatory evacuation of the city. Batman battled all of his old foes as well as a few new ones in a single night, and unearthed the Arkham Knight's role after being attacked by a helicopter at Ace Chemicals. When Commissioner Gordon was captured, Bruce learned that his former ward was not dead when the Arkham Knight revealed his true identity. Batman did manage to get through to Jason though, who betrayed Scarecrow, became the Red Hood, assisted Batman in taking down Scarecrow, and vowed to do what Batman could not and protect Gotham in his place.

After Arkham Knight Incident

BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT 20160301025942.jpg

Jason decided to bring down Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask's organization. He tracked down some of Black Mask's Henchmen, killed all but one of them, and interrogated the last one for the location of Black Mask's weapons. The henchman told him they were stored at the docks before Jason executed him. Red Hood went to the docks and killed all of the thugs, again, except for one who revealed to him that Black Mask was at his office in Downtown Gotham before he killed him. Red Hood went to Black Mask's hideout where he took out all of his men and defeated Black Mask. Sionis begged for his life, told Red Hood that he would leave Gotham and never come back, and even told Red Hood where to go. Red Hood replied sarcastically with: "How about you go to Hell!" before he kicked Sionis out of a window, allowing him to fall to his death. Red Hood then said: "Say hi to Joker for me."


Jason Todd was the second incarnation of Robin. He cared for his mentor, Batman, and wanted to live up to his potential, to stop crime and protect Gotham City. However, Jason possessed an explosive temper with numerous incidents of him going too far in his actions as Robin despite his natural talents and aptitude under Batman's guidance, with hints in his behavior that he might one day kill instead of using restraint. After being tortured by Joker, his mental state started deteriorating, and he hoped that his partner would come in to rescue him. In time, (due to Joker showing him a photo of Batman with a new Robin); Jason lost hope and started to hate his mentor for leaving him to die. After he escaped, he became vengeful and wanted to kill Batman. As shown in the Arkham Knight's persona, he was ruthless, calculating, and appeared to be somewhat apathetic to the "weak" that Batman protected. Jason also was blinded by rage for Batman leaving him to die, as shown when he caused Scarecrow's toxin machine to be dismantled by Batman's Batmobile. Despite his hatred for Batman, he still showed genuine care for both Oracle and Alfred Pennyworth, and at one point asked the former how the latter was doing. He also deliberately avoided revealing Batman's true identity to Scarecrow. Once he snapped out of it, Jason showed some emotion and helped his former mentor stop Scarecrow. In the Red Hood Story Pack DLC, Jason was still murderous and cold-blooded, as shown when he killed Black Mask who begged for mercy, but was ultimately driven by justice.


For more detailed information, see the Red Hood page.

  • Unlike the rest of the Bat Family, Jason used lethal weapons (such as his dual pistols)
  • Jason had a few similarities with Tim Drake's Robin, as they both used the Zip-Kick.
  • Jason broke criminals' necks instead of choking them out.


  • Zip-Kick - Was similar to Robin's Zip Kick where Jason propelled himself toward the targeted foe.
  • Handguns - Jason was equipped with two dual action guns that he could use in predator combat.
  • Flashbang - Jason used Flashbang Grenades to stun enemies and escape from armed thugs. They could also be used to initiate a ranged beatdown.
  • Grapnel Gun - Jason also had a grapnel gun that similar to Batman, Azrael, the Bat family & Deathstroke. He uses this gadget as Arkham Knight, too.


  • Maximum Human Conditioning: Due to his training with Batman and further training after his supposed death, Jason achieved a physical and mental condition that was nigh-superhuman. Through special dieting plans, rigorous training, meditation techniques & exercise regimes, he had developed that strength, speed, metabolism, stamina, longevity, reflexes & agility that are at the near the limits of a super-soldier’s inhuman capabilities. By matching his former mentor in combat, he has proven that he is physically far superior to most Olympic athletes, just as Batman is.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Strength: Jason was extremely strong and was at peak human range, having been rigorously trained by Batman then further training from himself and Deathstroke to his very limit of strength. He could easily pin Batman down with one leg, punch him hard enough to send him rolling a few meters across an entire room, and even broke free of his stranglehold when Batman ambushed him near the militia's long-range missile launcher; feats that cannot be accomplished by an ordinary man. With one kick, he could break a locked high-strength steel door open and carried Barbara Gordon across his shoulder with absolutely no strain. Jason at the peak of his strength and using muscle control can easily tear metal structures, lift a full-grown man over his head with one hand and throw him several meters just like Batman and Nightwing.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Speed: Jason is immensely fast, with his speed he could catch-up or outrun moving vehicles, likely to always be first in running-races and have great reactions. His speed was at the highest limit of human potential. He was known to be slightly faster than Batman himself, likely due to Batman's immensely bulked up physique. Jason was shown to be fast enough to dodge the Batmobile’s riot suppressor rounds which move as fast as a bullet, and easily keep up with Batman in combat speed. His running speed is superior to Batman, but not quite enough to match Dick Grayson.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Durability: Jason’s muscles and bones are much harder/denser than normal humans due to his training as the second Robin, extended beatings from the Joker for a year, and his immense training after his “death”. His rigorously trained body is at the very peak of human durability, meaning he could take getting beaten by a thick metal baseball bat and it would break, regularly falling a couple of stories, getting shot in non-fatal areas of the physical body. Jason can possibly survive an entire building collapse and withstand beatings from untrained super-humans. He has shown feats of bodily resistance to the point that he took Batman’s full unrestrained attacks, and showed minor discomfort when the Joker beat him in the face with a metal crowbar.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Endurance: Jason's body possessed extraordinary metabolism, and, combined with his intense training as the second Robin, this further enhanced his tenacity, and gained physical endurance which could be considered near superhuman. Having survived a year of continuous and brutal torture at the hands of the Joker and ultimately surviving a gunshot in an extremely weakened state, Jason possessed a strong will, body, and mind. During his brutal ordeal with Joker, he learned to withstand relentless torture, and in turn, attained a massive amount of tolerance towards pain, physical or otherwise. Years later, Jason's rigorously retrained physique was immensely stronger than before.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Agility: Jason's agility was at peak human potential superior to even gold-medal-winning athletes and other highly trained professionals in the field of athletics. In his training as Robin, he had been taught acrobatics and gymnastics routines. He has shown an extremely high level of physical capabilities in Parkour and military obstacle training as shown when he could maintain balance on a high tree, climb and freely move about the complex environment of Gotham City. He retrained himself to be an even better gymnast and acrobat than Batman, but not quite good enough to match Nightwing.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Stamina: Jason’s highly trained and developed body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in his muscles, granting him near-superhuman levels of stamina and lung capacity. He could exert himself at peak capacity in all physical activities for hours without tiring or slowing down.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Reflexes: Jason’s advanced reactions were honed to the highest human limit, far better than normal humans, even though this ability was not classified as 'superhuman'. He could easily match Batman's own reflexes during their short fight, and even dodge bullets fired at him from Black Mask at point-blank range, while still reacting to simultaneous attacks.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Senses: Jason's natural five senses were at the highest caliber of human potential; making his sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste extremely precise and accurate by human standard. He can concentrate his senses to see accurately from moderately far distances, acutely touching ink on a page, hear and distinguish small sounds, have smell capabilities like a primate, and tasting more accurately than normal humans. This makes him highly alert to danger and aware of the surroundings around him; this ability was not classified as 'superhuman'.
    • Nigh-Superhuman Healing/Metabolism: Jason could heal much more rapidly than a normal human athlete, which enables him to heal broken bones, torn muscles, several gunshot & knife wounds and other severe injuries within several days and most lesser injuries like cuts, scrapes and burns within hours. This is likely due to his greatly accelerated metabolism was further enhanced through his intense training and nutritionally-strict diet. He also ages slower than normal humans, though not to a 'superhuman' degree.
    • Master Strategist & Tactician: Having trained under Deathstroke, Jason possesses immense skills in military grade tactics, strategies and protocols. He has the disciplined mind of a true military commander with the strategic mind of Deathstroke. His tactical skills are equal to that of Batman, and has outsmarted him on multiple occasions.
    • Leadership: Jason has learnt how to lead an entire army with extreme charisma, intimidating techniques and the power of suggestion. He is also skilled enough to help his army adapt to the Batman's tactics and fighting styles.
    • Master Martial Artist: He has been rigorously trained by Batman in almost every form of hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship and other Ninjutsu-based abilities. His primary form of combat is a mixture of Aikido, Silat, Boxing, Savate, Ninjutsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Krav Maga; though he has mastered other styles as well. After his "death" Jason was trained by Deathstroke, he later gave himself an even more rigorous training than Batman himself to become Batman's equal and possibly surpass the Dark Knight. Batman calls him a master of Martial Arts. Jason Todd is a highly skilled combatant trained by Batman. Although he was always more of a brawler as Robin, following his resurrection, he gained more training and demonstrated himself to be far more skilled than before.
    • Genius-Level Intelligence: After being adopted by Bruce, Jason received excellent education and rigorous mental training from both private tutors and Bruce, thus has deep knowledge in many subjects including Science, Math, Medicine, Geography, Criminology, World History and English. Due to being heavily tutored by Bruce and further training after his ‘death’ his mind has been greatly enhanced through years of mental training. Like Batman he has perfect recall, accelerated learning aptitude, eidetic memory, and photographic memory. He was also able maintain straight A's during his time in the Wayne Industries school for troubled teens.
    • Master Marksman: He has shown a remarkable proficiency with firearms as well as other military-grade technologies and weaponry. He also has a unique pair of pistols which turn into a powerful sniper rifle. He is also a deadly in the art of marksmanship which enhanced his ability not only with firearms, but throwable weapons too; such as knives and shuriken. His accuracy was at the peak of human perfection and potential his precision mastery was high enough to allow him to shoot a target as small as handcuffs without harming Bruce, and shoot Scarecrow’s pistol out of his hand without harming him also. Jason’s marksmanship is slightly superior to Batman’s and may be on par with Deadshot’s.
    • Master of Stealth, Infiltration, Sabotage, Espionage, and Escape Arts: Since his presumed death, Jason lived in complete anonymity that most of the people who knew him thought he was dead. As the Arkham Knight, he could freely move about Gotham City while remaining undetected by the highly vigilant Batman, and even managed to spy on the latter without Batman noticing. He was able to infiltrate the high security facility of Gotham city Central Holding and secretly assassinated Tweedle cousins, he was able to personally laid a successful ambush on Batman a feat that not even the most intelligent of Gotham City's criminals could accomplish. Jason was originally skilled in stealth when he was trained by Batman. He has further increased his Ninjutsu skills exponentially.


Batman: Arkham Knight

As Jason Todd:

  • "Hello? Is someone there?"
  • "Please. Please help me."
  • "Wh-What are you waiting for?"
  • "Not again. Please don't do it again."
  • "Batman will come. I know it. He'll come for me."
  • "Batman? Where are you?"
  • "Batman? Is that you?"
  • "He'll come."
  • (To Joker): "Screw you."
  • (To Joker): "Why won't you just kill me?"
  • (To Joker) "No he wouldn't."

As the Arkham Knight:

  • "Turn around."
  • "You really have no idea, do you, Bruce?"
  • "What's the matter? Lost for words? I expected more... I'm hurt."
  • "Don't you dare lie to me! How long did you wait before replacing me, huh? A month? A week? I trusted you! And you just left me to die!"
  • "You always told me, Bruce... Focus on what I want to achieve... and it'll happen. Well you wanna know what I want now? Huh? I want you DEAD."
  • "You can't hide from me! I will hunt you down!"
  • "I was just a kid, You turned me into a soldier, Sent me to war!"
  • "You're no hero, no savior. You failed me, and now you're going to fail Gotham the same way!"
  • "How long before you stopped searching for me? Hmm? HOW LONG before you GAVE UP!"
  • "Did you even LOOK for me? Or did you just look for a replacement?"
  • "You wanna know where Joker KEPT me? It was SO close!"
  • "You won't win! NOT THIS TIME!"
  • "It won't be quick Batman. You will SUFFER!"
  • "I can still hear him LAUGHING! HE'S STILL IN MY HEAD!"
  • "You had SO many chances to kill him. It's YOUR FAULT Joker got to me!"
  • "It was all about YOU! What Joker did. He RUINED me to SPITE YOU!"
  • "It ENDS for you Dark Knight! RIGHT HERE!"
  • "You're gonna BEG, with my BOOT on your NECK!"
  • "I FINALLY get to see you DIE!"
  • "Do you even KNOW what Joker did to me? The GAMES he used to play? This is MERCY compared to what he put me through!"
  • "Forget Scarecrow boys. I say he dies RIGHT HERE!"
  • "There's no helping me!"
  • "You're not the only one with sidekicks!"
  • "Don't pretend to understand!"
  • "Joker made me hate you. But you let him do it."
  • "Don't call me that! That's not who I am!"
  • "Look me in the eye and say that."
  • "You did this to me!" (Batman: "I'm sorry.")
  • "You left me to rot in that abandoned wing of Arkham…for over a year…with HIM!"

As Red Hood

  • "Say Goodnight, Sleezeball"
  • "Surprise"
  • "Do I look like Batman to you? Rethink your answer before I fill you up with lead."
  • "Worthless ape."
  • "Oof. Gonna feel that in the morning."
  • "Not worth a bullet."
  • "It's all personal. Very personal."
  • "Wrong answer."
  • "Appreciate that."
  • "Black Mask. You should'a left when you had the chance."
  • (Black Mask: "You don't need to do this. I'll give you money. Drugs! Guns! Weapons! Whatever you want. Please. I'll take a plane. Leave Gotham. Never show my face again. Anywhere you want! I'll go anywhere!") "How about you go to Hell!"
  • "Say hi to Joker for me."



  • In Arkham Asylum there is a cell that has a drawing of a red man looks resembling the Red Hood.
  • Jason is mentioned in Batman: Arkham City when the Joker says "Didn't I kill you already? no? Well there's always next time, right? Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for... Robin!"
  • Most of the promotional material for the Red Hood obscured his face. It was presumably so that people wouldn't be able to guess that the Red Hood and the Arkham Knight were one and the same, due to their mask similarities and probabilities. Ultimately this didn't matter as a large number of people correctly deduced Jason and Arkham Knight are the same person.
  • Jason is the only Robin who the players cannot play in his Robin form.
  • Jason had a "J" branded on his left cheek from being tortured by the Joker. Whether it stood for "Joker" or "Jason" is not elaborated upon.
  • Jason's dual action pistols could be converted into a sniper rifle.
  • Troy Baker reprised his role as the Red Hood from Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. However, the Lego RH only speaks with grunts, meaning that Troy has provided the grunts for every Robin.
  • According to the game files, Jason was the man who was smoking on the corner booth at the beginning of the game. This was also hinted in the game, as the man was wearing a red hood.
  • As Batman finds Jason during his hallucinations, he will talk to himself and ask where Batman is. His voice will crack which indicates how much torture Joker has put him through.
  • In the Arkham Knight Genesis Comic, Jason's body armor was what protected him from the bullet shot by Joker. Jason was incapacitated and the bleeding came from flesh wounds from the buckshot. The Joker did fake his death when he sent that video to Batman.
    • Also in the same comic, Harley Quinn was the one who gave Jason the inspiration for the name "Arkham Knight".
  • After capturing Scarecrow and returning to Panessa Studios, the main floor between the cells was painted with a large, red logo of Red Hood. It was Jason's way of showing Batman that he was back and that he had forgiven him.
    • A much smaller version of this symbol could also be seen on the wall (near the door) on the outside of the storage depot where Batman surrendered to Scarecrow.
  • This version of Jason (and his backstory) differs greatly from his comic counterpart.
    • One of the biggest differences from the comics was the amount of time that Jason was replaced. In the comics, it took a year and the urging of both Alfred and Nightwing to convince Bruce that Jason had to be replaced. In the Arkhamverse, Batman replaced Jason in six months. This time difference had confused fans as it depicted Batman as being slightly callous. There are several fan theories that provide some possible explanations, such as Batman hiring Tim (who deduced Batman's identity) to help him find Jason, only for him to become the new Robin after seeing Joker's tape.
    • As Arkham Knight, he is notably darker than the Red Hood. The Arkham Knight showed no empathy to anyone either good or evil (with the exception of Barbara and Alfred) and was willing to kill or sacrifice anyone that got in the way of his vengeance. Jason as the Red Hood is more heroic and will only kill criminals that hurt other innocent people. The comic version is typically hostile towards the entire Batfamily, instead of only Batman and his replacement. However, currently in the comics, Jason has regained the trust and forgiveness of the Batfamily once more.
    • In the comics, Jason is at least two to three years older than Tim. However, if the Arkham tie-in comics are taken into consideration, it seems likely that Tim is, in fact, older than Jason in the Arkhamverse. Evidence to support the theory includes Tim's job as a teacher between Arkham City and Arkham Knight and Jason's age being approximately 16/17 when he went missing, a year or two before Arkham Asylum. At the time of Arkham Knight, this would make Tim around 23/24 and Jason around 20/21. However, this cannot necessarily be considered canon due to the amount of contradictory information in the tie-in comics.
    • This version of Jason shows signs of several mental disorders, unlike his (mostly) sane comic counterpart. The Arkham Jason also never died, instead going through severe torture.
  • As the final Jason hallucination was surrounded by TV screens instead of the usual darkness, it's likely that this was the tape that Joker sent to Batman.
    • This is confirmed in Batman: Arkham VR, as the player is able to watch a video in the Batcave showing Jason's death. The video uses the same animation and lines from the final Jason hallucination, only this time Joker and Jason are shown in a part of Arkham Asylum instead of just darkness. 
    • Jason is the only Robin that Oracle has not dated in the Arkhamverse.