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Batman arrives at the crime scene

The Jezebel Plaza Fall is an event that occurred during the Christmas Eve incident, where the bank accountant Bryan Murphy fell off a ledge at Jezebel Plaza.


Before Arkham Origins Incident[]

At some point prior to the events of the Christmas Eve incident, a Gotham Merchant's Bank accountant manager named Bryan Murphy was recruited by Robert Hanes, an infamous con-artist, to ensure a scam at the Gotham Merchant's Bank went off without a hitch, being tasked with getting fake account numbers and passcodes to ensure the scam went off without a hitch, especially when many of his crew not only weren't from Gotham City, but they hadn't ever set foot inside of a bank before in order to ensure they can't be recognized.

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Batman scans the victim, Bryan Murphy

Arkham Origins Incident[]

By Christmas Eve, however, Murphy began having second thoughts, and proceeded to threaten Hanes with reporting either the GCPD or the Gotham Merchant's Bank head with the scam, with Hanes being forced to shove him off a roof to ensure the scam went underway, as he could not afford to back out. At least one GCPD officer witnessed the fall, and made a request for a homicide unit to investigate, with Batman himself overhearing the comms requesting the dispatch. He then set up his crime scene and managed to deduce what happened, with his manservant Alfred Pennyworth managing to track down Robert Hanes before Batman could send the available material shortly after Batman uncovered who was responsible, tracking the con-artist down to the Diamond District, where Hanes was at that time briefing his crew on how they were to go through the scam, with the only thing left is to print fake IDs to fool the bank tellers, with his fellow members warning them that the failure will be on his feet if the operation goes "pear-shaped." However, Batman managed to interfere with the meeting and take them out, saving Hanes for last for interrogation. Hanes then explained why he committed the murder, with Batman then knocking him out, although not before asking how that worked out for him. He then called Alfred to anonymously notify the GCPD that Bryan Murphy's killer had been apprehended, as well as forwarding the evidence.


Batman finds Bryan's briefcase

Casefile details[]

GCPD Dispatcher: Any available homicide unit, please respond to 187 in the Bowery. Officers on scene report victim appears to have fallen from a nearby building.

Batman: The police know the victim fell from a nearby building, but there's not much else in the file. His identity might shed some light on things.

Scan of victim

"Victim ID
Fingerprint analysis
Name: Bryan Murphy
Occupation: Account Manager
Employer: Gotham Merchants Bank
Cause of death: Internal injuries"
—Fingerprint analysis results on the victim

Batman: Bryan Murphy. An account manager at the Gotham Merchants Bank. Cause of death: Internal injuries sustained on impact. Now I know what happened. Time to find out how and why.

Scan of impact zone

"DNA Evidence
Impact pattern
Analysis: Falling Impact
Impact Speed: 15 mps
Impact Energy: 8820 joules
Note: Victim died on impact"
—DNA evidence results of the fall

Batman: This blood spatter indicates a high-velocity impact. I should check the roof.

Batman: The railing here is broken. Was it an accident or was he pushed?

Scan of railing

"Physical Evidence
Debris analysis
Type: Broken railing
Note: Two sets of footprints
Note: Scattered paperwork
Analysis: Struggle over a briefcase"
—Debris analysis results on broken railing

Batman: Hmmm. Two sets of footprints means the victim wasn't alone. And the scattered paperwork means he had a briefcase. I need to find that.

Scan of briefcase

Batman: Interesting. There are two sets of fingerprints here. One belongs to the victim. The other to Robert Hanes, a well-known con artist. Alfred? I need to know the last known location of Robert Hanes. I'll send over everything I've got in case it helps.

Alfred: No need, sir. I already have a search area. Check your display.

Finding Robert Hanes[]

Robert Hanes: So what do you think?

Criminal: I can make the IDs - but you sure it's gonna work?

Robert Hanes: I've got the account numbers and passwords. If we've got driver's licenses that say we're the guys, then as far as the bank's concerned, we're the guys.

Criminal: What if they, uh, recognize one of us?

Robert Hanes: I specifically chose clients from out of town. Most of them have never even set foot inside the bank.

Criminal: Alright. But if this goes pear-shaped, it's on you.

Robert Hanes: Relax, guy. I've been doing this for a *long* time. And I never make mistakes.

Batman arrives at the scene

Criminal: That's really him!

Criminals beaten

Batman puts Robert Hanes into an interrogation lock

Robert Hanes: What do you want?!

Batman: What happened to Bryan Murphy?

Robert Hanes: We had a deal! He gave me the account numbers, I faked being the client, and cleared out the account. In exchange, he gets a cut. It's a con I've run a hundred times. But then he starts to get nervous. Tries to back out.

Batman: So you threw him off a roof?

Robert Hanes: I couldn't risk him warning the bank. Or going to the cops. I had to protect my interests!

Batman: And how'd that work out for you?

Batman knocks Robert Hanes out cold

Batman: Alfred, contact the GCPD and let them know Bryan Murphy's killer has been apprehended. Send over the evidence as well.

Alfred: Consider it done, sir!

Jezebel Plaza Fall Casefile Closed

GCPD Dispatcher: All units, if you are 10-10 please report in for a potential assignment.

Cop: Area's been secured and prepped. Requesting a detective on site ASAP.

GCPD Dispatcher: Copy, 3-7. Delta 4-1 has been assigned.