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The Joker Gang, later known as Harley Quinn's Gang after Joker's demise, were a major and main antagonistic faction in the Arkham series. Many of the members are former members of Black Mask's Criminal Empire, who converted to Joker after he usurped Black Mask during the Christmas Eve incident.


Arkham Origins[]

The Joker Gang wore black suits with clown masks.

A Matter of Family[]

Joker men had masks and armor.

Arkham Asylum[]

Joker Men were mostly shirtless or had a dirty suit, some had spikes on their head and most of them had clown makeup and had no shoes, with titans looking similar but about 9 feet tall and wider and they had disgusting hands and feet, also Knife users had a red suit.

Arkham City[]

Joker men wore hoods with mask and wore shirts and had shoes with knives, bottles, and more weaponry.

Arkham Knight[]

Joker thugs had red coats, makeup black suits, red pants, and minigunners and brutes had red clothes.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

Joker's gang was originally Black Mask's but they turned to Joker to fight and kill Batman.

A Matter of Family[]

Joker had an army to kidnap Gordon and said he would kill him if Batman showed up but failed due to Batgirl and Robin being there instead defeating his army.

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Joker's boys were let loose in Arkham Asylum to hunt down The Batman and kill him and as they failed Joker infected them with TITAN for them to become stronger but were defeated and when it wore off they were put back in jail.

Arkham City Incident[]

More men signed up but they failed to kill Batman even though they were armed with everything in the end they failed and their boss had died and even with Clayface signed up they lost.

Arkham Knight[]

Harley Quinn took Joker's men after his death and even with minigunners and 4 jokers with plans they still failed and were arrested with Harley Quinn and all their 4 Bosses had died.




Jokers Gang had gameplay mostly similar to other thugs.

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