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Joker Parade - 3 Lap Race Loading Screen

Joker Parade - 3 Lap Race Loading Screen

Joker Parade - 3 Lap Race is a DLC Batmobile race challenge map that is included in the 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack in Batman: Arkham Knight. The lap-based track takes place on a film set inspired by the 1992 film Batman Returns and features the iconic music from the era.

The default Batmobile is the 1989 Movie Batmobile; star requirements are the same regardless of the Batmobile being used.


  • Complete 3 Laps in less than 3:55 for 3 stars
  • Complete 3 Laps in less than 4:05 for 2 stars
  • Complete 3 Laps in less than 4:15 for 1 star

Rival Points[]

  • Complete in under 3:35 to obtain all 20 Rival Points(RP); one RP is earned for every second under 3:55, the 3 star time.

Time Bonuses and Penalties[]

  • The track contains neither bonuses nor penalties.

References to the Tim Burton Batman Films[]

  • The music playing in the background of this challenge is the main theme of the 1989 Batman film, which later was used in other Batman media, such as Batman: The Animated Series.
  • The track's name refers to parade scene in the 1989 movie. The balloons in the parade were filled with the Burtonverse equivalent of Smilex.
  • The large ducks players need to avoid are vehicles used by the Penguin in Batman Returns.
  • The final large room filled with water is a recreated version of the Penguin's hideout in Batman Returns. It is much larger than on the original films so it could fit the Batmobile.


  • This is the longest race in the game, with a casual run taking over 3 minutes.


  • Drifting is recommended to ensure an easier 3 star and to help with obtaining Rival Points.