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"Yo. I did NOT sign up for this. Clown hell."

Joker World, later referred to as Joker Earth, is the name given to an undesignated Elseworld in the multiverse that has been invaded, destroyed and partly terraformed by Brainiac. This is the Earth that an alternate version of The Joker originated from, and is named after him by Earth-1 due to Brainiac basing the appearance and theme of what remains of Metropolis on the Joker.

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

When Brainiac launched an invasion in this Earth's Metropolis, both heroes and villains found themselves forced to unite in order to defend the city against Brainiac's forces, among Earth's last defenders was the Joker, who found it both funny and ironic that he was considered one of humanity's last hopes. However, Brainiac would succeed in total domination of this Earth, and had even captured the Joker for experimentation, easily capturing the clown after a failed bombing attempt on Brainiac's forces resulted in the destruction of the Hall of Justice and the loss of the Joker's left leg. After experimenting on him for an unknown period of time, as well as having to contend with Joker's numerous attempts at escaping the Skull Ship, Brainiac would decide to begin terraforming this Earth, however, instead of terraforming it into a new Colu, Brainiac would utilize the data he had gathered on his experiments on Joker and began turning the remains of Metropolis into a Joker themed city based on the clown himself, during this he would recapture an escaping Joker and put him back into status, the Joker himself having been distracted by the terraforming of his Earth to realize he had been spotted.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

After discovering the location of Brainiac's second body and witnessing parts of the Jokerized Elseworld replacing some of the areas in their Metropolis on Earth-1, the Suicide Squad would venture into what their world would dub the "Joker World" to continue undermining Brainiac's invasion, while also being tasked to find and recruit the alternate Joker into the team after killing Brainiac's second body. After defeating and killing Brainiac's second body and retrieving and recruiting the alternate Joker, the Suicide Squad, along with their new team mate, would continue to travel to Joker World in order to keep undermining Brainiac's continuing invasion of Earth-1.


  • The buildings are either replaced by giant dynamite, packaged toys or covered in wrapping paper.
    • One area has a bridge with the split message "Don't forget to smile".
    • According to Ivy missions, the terraforming created fake plastic plants and there's even more varieties of plastics thanks to it.
  • Higher mission levels give the Troopers shielded from a Power Ring, making much harder and time consuming to take them out.
    • Lex-2 phases over booster for ammo and Affliction auras to counter the shielding.
    • Scarecrow and Dr. Poison themed gear is very effective against the shield due to poisoning the Troopers.
  • According to Rocksteady, Brainiac experimenting on Joker to find out what makes the clown tick had an unintentional side effect on his ship; the samples he took corrupted the terraforming process. Joker himself doesn't like the makeover with his theme, finding it boring as "there's no punchline if everything is a joke".
  • Missions tend to place the portal back to Earth-1 on top of buildings. Unless it's the Ivy missions, then it's always on the ground.