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GCPD Officer Jon Forrester was an undercover Officer within Arkham City who first appeared in Rocksteady Game's Batman: Arkham City in October 2011.


Jon Forrester is an officer in the Gotham City Police Department and a member of the volunteer strike team operation undercover in Arkham City.

Incident Reports[]

Before Arkham City Incident[]

Arkham City Incident[]

Jon Forrester volunteered to join the strike team operating undercover in Arkham City from Precinct 13. He and nine other members of the team infiltrated Penguin's gang. Unfortunately, the team was uncovered by Hugo Strange and taken hostage, where they were subjected to random beatings and torture inside the Museum, specifically the Iceberg Lounge.

Upon entering the Torture Chamber, Batman witnesses Officer Forrester sprinting across the ice while being shot at by The Penguin. Eventually, The Penguin hits Forrester in the foot with the Freeze Gun, encasing his entire body, save his head, in ice. Batman then drops down and breaks the ice off of the freezing officer, and brings him to safety. Forrester then directs Batman to two nearby officers, Strickland and Whitman, also encased in ice, before leaving to join Officer Elvis Jones.

After Batman killed Grundy and brought Penguin over to Mr. Freeze to lock him up, Forrester, along with the rest of the undercover officers, stayed in the Iceburg Lounge until Arkham City was shut down.


  • "Did you find out how Penguin got his hands on that crap Joker used to make monsters back in the Asylum?"
  • "Two-Face came in shooting. We were lucky to get back here in one piece."