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The Arkham Knight with kidnap victim Oracle.

The Kidnap Victim Crash Site was an event that occurred during the Halloween incident, where one of the hummers belonging to the Arkham Knight's Militia crashed after abducting Oracle.


Arkham Knight Incident[]

The Arkham Knight, true identity Jason Todd, the second Robin, had joined Scarecrow as part of his vendetta against Batman due to his perceived abandonment of him to the Joker. As part of this, he also divulged the location and identity of Oracle to Scarecrow. He then proceeded to lead his forces to her hideout, the clock tower, and proceeded to abduct her just as Batman arrived to stop Scarecrow. The Arkham Knight also personally commandeered the vehicle that Oracle was in.

Before they could reach the subway that acted as one of their main bases, however, Oracle, who was sitting in the passenger seat, proceeded to pepper-spray the driver's face's right side, forcing him to swerve over and crash, with the driver being killed upon impact due to being launched out of the driver's seat a considerable distance from neglect of wearing a seat belt earlier. The passenger door was also torn off during the crash, a consequence of Oracle using the opportunity to bail just beforehand. Oracle, a cripple thanks to the Joker's earlier actions to her, could not get very far before the Arkham Knight managed to stop her by firing a warning shot, although not before she hid a data scrambler device detailing their intended destination underneath a box for Batman to find, anticipating that she could not escape and left the device for Batman to find. However, the Arkham Knight had fully anticipated this possibility and lay in wait for Batman to track down the base.

Batman, while tailing the Arkham Knight's vehicle, discovered the crash, and decided to investigate. He was initially baffled as to how the car swerved off the road despite it being empty, and decided to find the body of the driver after deducing that he was not wearing his seat belt. He then found the body, as well as traces of pepper spray on the right side of his face, causing Batman to realize that Oracle must have caused the crash. Complimenting her for her cleverness, he then investigated the crash again, this time, for the passenger seat. Upon close examination, he noticed the passenger door had been torn off, and decided to locate the discarded door to find out how it got removed. Upon finding it, he deduced from it being cleanly torn off that it had been opened before the crash, meaning Oracle took the opportunity to bail from the vehicle before the crash happened. He then went back to find Oracle's point of impact, and confirmed from the broken pallet that she did indeed bail before the crash. However, she ended up stopped a distance upward due to a gunshot nearby. He then scanned the ballistics evidence and deduced that not only did the caliber and firing distance and velocity act as a match from the Arkham Knight, but that the Arkham Knight deliberately missed Oracle as a warning shot before taking her away from the premises. However, Batman realized that there was something he missed, as Oracle knew that she couldn't escape, meaning that she caused the crash for reasons other than a means to escape, to leave behind a clue. After reviewing the evidence, he then discovered the scrambler and then requested for Lucius Fox to analyze it, with Lucius complying, although pointing out that it will take time since he's not as skilled at decryption as Oracle. Batman then stated he will meet him at Wayne Tower to discuss the results.

Casefile details[]

Batman: The Arkham Knight's vehicle swerved and crashed up ahead.

(disembarking and getting close to the crash site)

Batman: Car's empty. The Arkham Knight must have taken Oracle and moved on. I should investigate the vehicle more closely.

Scan of crash

Batman: The driver swerved off an empty road. Why? Looks like the driver wasn't wearing his seatbelt. I should find the body.

Scan of driver's corpse

Batman: Traces of pepper spray on the right side of the driver's face. Oracle must have been in the passenger seat and deliberately caused the crash. Clever. I should check the area where she was sitting.

Scan of passenger seat area

Batman: The door was torn off during the crash. If I can find where it came to rest, I can determine exactly what happened.

Scan of passenger door

Batman: Torn cleanly off the hinges. The door must have been opened before the crash. Oracle got out. I need to examine the reconstruction, pinpoint where she landed.

Reviewing the evidence collected so far

Scan of broken pallet

Batman: Oracle got free of the vehicle before the crash.

Oracle crawls before suddenly stopping.

Batman: Oracle stopped here. Someone took a shot at her. I should analyze the point of impact for ballistic evidence.

Scan of bullet impact

Batman: The caliber of the weapon is a match for the Arkham Knight's sidearm. The trajectory and impact velocity points to a shooter that matches his height. At this range, he couldn't have missed. A warning shot.

Arkham Knight exits the vehicle, walks to Oracle, fires a shot toward her direction, then lifts her up and carries her away.

Batman: I've missed something. Oracle knew she couldn't escape, but she caused this crash for a reason. She must have left a clue while crawling.

Scan of place where Oracle left behind a clue



  • The overall casefile is a call back to the casefiles from Batman: Arkham Origins.
    • It was also the first time Batman used the Reconstruct feature of his Detective Mode outside of Origins.