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"Tick Tock! Feed the Croc!"
—Killer Croc's catchphrase[src]
"Croc's just an animal, and animals just need traps and the right bait."
—Batman on Killer Croc
"I look around Batman, and I see food!"
—Killer Croc, about the GCPD officers[src]

Abandoned to his abusive and alcoholic aunt and bullied his entire life due to his appearance -- the result of a genetic disorder he was born with -- Waylon Jones embraced his animal instincts and violently murdered and devoured his aunt after he finally reached his breaking point. Joining a traveling circus and adopting the stage name of "Killer Croc", Jones bonded with his fellow carnival workers and felt like he had a family for the first time.

That came to a tragic end, however, when vicious audience members in Gotham City destroyed the carnival and killed all whom Jones had felt affection for. Seeking revenge on all humanity for their crimes, Croc began to devour countless individuals to survive, and became a monster in both body and spirit. Driven by hatred and a lust for blood, Croc regularly worked with Gotham's various mob organizations as a brutal and cannibalistic hit-man to satisfy his appetite for violence and money. Seeing all humans as selfish and judgmental sacks of flesh, Jones took orders from anyone who could provide him with money and a larger scope of victims.


Born with a rare skin disease that only worsened over time, Waylon Jones was put under the guardianship of his incredibly abusive and alcoholic aunt after his mother died giving birth to him and his father had abandoned him. Brutally abused in his home and relentlessly bullied at school, Waylon accepted his place in society as always being seen as a monster.

As the years went on, Jones's condition made him more and more into a monster. That ultimately eradicated any traces of humanity that might have been left as he became a monster in both body and spirit. Always seeking his next meal, Croc never forgot the scent of Batman and lusted to kill and devour the hero in retribution for his capture at his hands.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

After murdering his aunt upon finally reaching his breaking point, Waylon fled from society and eventually joined a traveling circus where he was made part of the freak-show, and became known as the alligator wrestler, "Killer Croc". Bonding with his fellow performers in the show, Jones finally felt as if he had a family, until a horrendous attack occurred at Gotham City by vicious audience members, who destroyed the circus and killed all whom Jones had felt attachment for.

Regardless, Jones eventually had various warrants, including 7 counts of assault, 8 counts of aggravated assault, 4 counts of murder of the first degree, 16 counts of murder of the second degree, 12 counts of manslaughter, 4 counts of drug dealing, and 5 counts of racketeering. During this time, Jones also tracked down and murdered the individuals who set the fire at the circus.

Seeing humanity as a disgusting waste of flesh, Jones became a cannibalistic murderer, and often employed himself to the mob for money, before he was apprehended by Batman on Christmas Eve at Blackgate Prison.

Arkham Origins Incident


Killer Croc fighting Batman on the Watch Tower at Blackgate Prison in Arkham Origins

"The only boss a' me!"
—Killer Croc

Killer Croc was one of the eight assassins that were hired by Black Mask to kill Batman for fifty million dollars on Christmas Eve. Croc worked alongside Black Mask as they carried Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb to the Execution Chamber at Blackgate.

As Black Mask escaped by helicopter, Croc stayed behind to take on Batman, who was in pursuit of the mobster. Eventually, he was defeated, and Batman demanded Black Mask's location. Croc didn't reveal this, but he revealed to Batman about the seven other assassins that were hired before he was knocked out, and was found by the GCPD.

He was then taken into custody by the GCPD. Croc was seen briefly at Blackgate attacking Batman during the Joker's Riot. While the sniper was aiming Batman was grabbed by Croc. Captain Gordon snuck up behind and knocked out the sniper with a baseball bat to save Batman's life. The bullet then hit Croc in his right shoulder which caused him to drop Batman and retreat back to his cell.

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum Incident

After Quincy Sharp successfully re-opened Arkham Asylum, Killer Croc was presumably transferred to the new facility. It was also possible that Croc had escaped from Blackgate, and was then incarcerated at the Asylum prior to the Joker's takeover.

Arkham Underworld Incident

Road to Arkham Incident

Croc was under treatment by Dr. Gretchen Whistler, who genuinely believed that he still had some humanity left in him. She kept believing this, even after he bit off security guard, Aaron Cash's left hand. Croc was never able to escape Arkham Island, and was still being held in the sewers until the Joker's takeover.

Arkham Asylum Incident


Batman, the Joker, Frank Boles, and another guard bypassing Killer Croc on their way to the Holding Cells in the Intensive Treatment Center.

"I've got your scent, Batman. I will hunt you down."
—Killer Croc

Killer Croc was one of the many inmates of Arkham Asylum at the time of the Joker's takeover. Croc's physical condition worsened considerably since he was hired as an assassin, as had his mind, which became far more bestial in nature, and he developed a personal hatred of Batman, most likely as a result of his imprisonment. Even more deformed and reptilian in appearance (as well as growing even larger), Croc was imprisoned in the sewer system of Arkham Asylum where the staff fed him meat and just tried to "forget about him". When Batman was escorting the Joker through the Intensive Treatment Center, Croc was escorted by some of the staff (including Louie Green), with a shock collar around his neck, and chains on both his hands and feet to keep him under control. Croc spotted Batman and claimed that he would hunt him down very soon. Croc was then taken back to his lair by a number of asylum security personnel when the Joker took control of Arkham Island. He saw Batman pass by a locked door that was adjacent to the sewer. Croc then punched the door's window and claimed that he would get Batman soon.

"My caves will be your tomb!"
—Croc's gloat

Eventually, Batman was forced to enter Croc's Lair in order to retrieve the plant spores that were required to create the antidote to the Titan Formula, which the Joker had used in his schemes. Batman soon learned of the antidote's location after his discussion with Poison Ivy in the Elizabeth Arkham Greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens. He was then followed by another villain, Scarecrow, down into the sewers and who threatened to dump his Fear Toxin into the water supply, which lead straight to the Gotham River. Before Scarecrow could do so, however, Croc jumped out of the water, grabbed him, and thought that he was a lone security guard or an inmate. Batman attempted to subdue Croc by activating his shock collar with a Batarang.

Croc flinched for a moment before he jumped back into the water, dragged Scarecrow down with him, and brutally mauled him. Batman made his way to Croc's Lair, where Croc attacked him several times, only to be foiled by Batman activating his shock collar with multiple Batarangs. Eventually, Croc cornered Batman at the entrance of his lair and charged at him. Unknown to Croc, Batman had laced the floor with Explosive Gel and detonated it as soon as he ran across it. Croc then plummeted into the water below and vowed revenge on Batman.

Before Arkham City Incident

Croc was still in the Asylum sewers even after the events that had happened on the island. Hugo Strange sent the TYGER Guards to lure him out of the sewers by using human meat. They failed, but they still managed to obtain Croc and sent him to Arkham City, where he roamed the sewers/subway. A hidden room could be found that had a dirty, broken down mattress, human skulls, Croc's shock collar, and his chains.

Arkham City Incident

"You are not welcome here.
I'm not here to fight, Croc; let me pass.
Your scent is different. I smell death on you. I don't have to fight you. All I'll have to do is wait, and then I will feast on your corpse."
—Croc decides to leave Batman alone

After he fought Ra's al Ghul and obtained a sample of his blood, if Batman went back the way he came, and he threw a Remote Control Batarang on a switch behind a gate, Croc would burst out of the wall behind it and recognized him. Batman then stated that he didn't want to fight him and had just wanted to move through. Croc said that Batman's scent had changed and he smelled death on him, as he went back into the sewer. Croc remarked that there was no need for a fight, as he would eventually feed on Batman's corpse after he died.

After Arkham City Incident

After the events of Arkham City, Harley Quinn hired Croc to protect the antidote for the Joker's toxic gas. Batman eventually came to retrieve the antidote, but was attacked by Croc. After a brief fight, Batman subdued Croc with his last Freeze Blast.

Before Arkham Knight Incident

"One Arkham Asylum brand shock collar. Formerly belonging to Waylon Jones AKA Killer Croc. We found this in the sewers after under Arkham City when it shut down. And that ain't good. It's supposed to keep that bastard under control."
—Cash's audio file

When GCPD raided Arkham City, they found Croc's collar in the sewers. Cash knew this wasn't a good sign, as there was no way for them to tame Croc without suffering massive casualties in the process.

Since Arkham City's closure, Croc had made his home in the two lighthouses off the shore near Ace Chemicals. It appeared Croc kept his leftovers in the Bleake Island lighthouse, as there was a pile of bones and at least one slab of rotting meat on a hook.

Four months after the closure of Arkham City, Riddler began to plot to become the next crime kingpin, thus creating an elaborate plan for Batman and his allies to follow. They eventually encountered a tooth that they learned had been pulled from Croc's own mouth. When Batman entered the Flood Control facility, he was forced to face off against Croc, who revealed that he had not been complicit with Riddler but had been working with someone else who alerted him to the fact that Batman might enter the facility. Croc then attacked Batman and the two engaged in a fierce melee.

After Batman subdued Croc, he offered to let Croc go in exchange for information on his accomplice. Croc then revealed that he had been approached by the Mad Hatter with a significant amount of money for the tooth. He also elaborated that it had been Harley Quinn who had informed him that Batman might be there that night. Batman then allowed Croc to leave.

Eventually, due to Warden Ranken being hired by Quarom, Croc was tracked down by the guards from Iron Heights Penitentiary and captured on October 26. Though they lost a good deal of men in the process, they managed to knock out Croc and lock him in a strong container. However, Croc's body burned off the sedatives faster than they expected; Croc awoke in a foul mood and wanted out of his latest cage.

However, he was safely taken to the airship Ranken was on and was subsequently experimented on to test his abilities. It was discovered that Croc could heal from minor injuries within moments and that his regeneration abilities could even regrow entire limbs; proven by having Croc's hand sawed off. Ranken decided to try giving Croc's healing powers to others in an attempt to create more durable soldiers. However, all this pain and amputation were having a negative effect on Croc; his body began adapting by accelerating his mutation to compensate for all the regeneration. By October 30, Croc barely looked human anymore; he now looked like a crocodile on its hind legs. The Warden believed they may have to put him down because the sedatives and tranquilizers were becoming less effective as well.

Arkham Knight Incident

""You made it worse! Fix me!"
"I can't! Your mutation is accelerated by trauma; there's nothing I can do."
LIAR! You will fix me!""
—Croc demands Ranken change him back
BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT 20160313002310

Croc fights Nightwing

On the night of Scarecrow's final attack, Croc's tranquilizer wore off and he escaped from his cell before crashing the flying prison into Gotham Bay. After he killed many of the crash's survivors, (even leaving a half-eaten corpse) Croc captured Warden Ranken and carried him into the Experimentation Chamber with a number of other inmates in tow, all of whom were experimented on as well, and intended on inflicting every torture ever performed on him back onto the Warden himself. Because he freed them, the inmates hailed Croc as a hero and followed his orders.

Croc screamed at Ranken to undo the acceleration of his mutation, but the warden told him it was impossible; Croc didn't believe him. When a prisoner suggests he eat Ranken's head, Croc knocked him away, stating that Ranken must suffer as much as they have first. Batman attempted to surprise Croc and knock him out, but Croc already knew he was there and knocked him away; he knew Batman's scent. Croc tossed Ranken into a holding area and ordered the inmates to attack. Joined by Nightwing, Batman knocked out Croc and the inmates. As Croc was too heavy for either of them to carry, Croc was loaded onto a flatbed and airlifted to the GCPD Lockup by the Batwing.

Croc threatened Cash as he was led into the elevator, and spent the rest of the night in the West Wing's Isolation Chamber. However, as a sense of poetic justice, his isolation chamber was placed directly next to Warden Ranken's prison cell, to the latter's horror. Batman told Croc that though he may have suffered unjustly, he still killed people and would answer for that. Croc asked what would become of Warden Ranken, to which the Dark Knight answered that he would face justice for his crimes. Croc couldn't care less and promised that Ranken, Batman, and everyone will die.

Kill Arkham Incident

At some point Killer Croc once more got loose but eventually he was tracked down and knocked down by Batman who proceeded to fly him off to the newly rebuilt and refurbished Arkham Asylum, to the surprise of Amanda Waller, who had not been expecting the criminal's arrival. While in the process of being settled into the Asylum, Croc awoke and surprised both James Gordon and Captain Boomerang, trying to figure out how he ended up in Arkham. He was then attacked by Batman who had sneaked into the facility. In the ensuing fight, Batman disarmed the guards who were attempting to use lethal force against Croc, before then proceeding to knock out Croc singlehandedly.

"One severed hand, formerly belonging to Waylon Jones AKA Killer Croc. Bastard ate my hand back at the Asylum, but I still feel sorry for him. Though, then again my hands don't grow back."
—Cash's audio file

Croc's hand in a container in the GCPD Evidence Room after he is captured.

The only piece of evidence that Batman could find to add to the evidence case of the West Wing in GCPD was the left hand Ranken had sawed off Croc. Cash gave an audio file, that was both sympathetic and snide as it was poetic justice Killer Croc got his hand removed (since Croc ate Cash's hand back during their days at Arkham Asylum.)

Croc briefly appeared in Batman's final hallucination, and took part in Joker's capture before he was knocked down, and possibly even killed by the Jokermobile.


Waylon Jones's psychopathic nature in his adult years, such as misanthropy and cannibalism are all attributed to his violent and tragic past. His skin disorder made him a constant victim of bullying and growing up with an abusive aunt virtually racked any hope Jones had for humanity. This almost certainly vanished when he murdered and devoured his alcoholic aunt and circus freaks whom he treated like family were killed by an enraged audience. As society only saw him as a monster and social leper he embraced himself as such, rejecting any humanity he may have or retain, he renamed himself as a career criminal, "Killer Croc." His opinions of humanity became so bleak by the time of Arkham Asylum that he doesn't even consider them people; in his own words as well as in his eyes, they are just "food" and bags of meat.

Between the events of Arkham Origins and Knight, Croc's personality had several differences. For example, in Origins, he carried some traits of humanity, shown in both behaviors and the fact he still wears clothing whereas in Knight, he is almost naked. As an assassin for hire, Croc's main ambitions were money, fame or the highest body count imaginable. He makes it perfectly clear that he possesses no loyalties or superiors, although he was employed by Black Mask he assures Batman "the only boss a'me is me." Croc's lack of loyalties was also displayed when after ambushing Batman during the Blackgate Riots and was grazed by a sniper he simply threw him away, allowing him to do whatever he wished with the Joker presumably out of the knowledge that when the night was over the Clown Prince would no longer have the means to pay him. He also appears to be needlessly aggressive. For instance after witnessing Loeb be executed he, out of the blue, hurtles one of Black Mask's henchman to a wall, presumably killing the man for no reason whatsoever as he didn't show any irritation or anger before doing such act.

In Asylum, Croc became a genuine animal, though not exactly possessing a sound mind before, given Asylum he reverted to that of an animalistic, savage mental state. He was driven more out of basic animal blood lust than common sense which makes him highly impulsive, normally not analyzing a situation or environment which can at times result in defeat. A specific case is when, thinking he had Batman cornered in his lair ran to him at full momentum but couldn't see he had laid a trap. He does seem to possess a sense of humor despite his barbaric mind but is extremely vicious and dark such as during patient interviews when his psychiatrist says after lacerating Aaron Cash's hand and he lost a lot of blood Croc replies in a tone of complete indifference "I nearly choked on that bony hand of his."

By the time of Knight, Croc still seemed to have a degree of humanity left in him, as when he confronted Warden Ranken with the other inmates, screamed at him to cure him, and when he was confronted by Batman later at the GCPD Lockup, he actually wondered what was going happen to the Warden before his wild animal-like instincts took over and he vowed to kill everyone.

Physical Appearance

Arkham Origins

In Arkham Origins, Killer Croc's mutation was not as severe as his appearance in Arkham Asylum. Killer Croc had green, scaly skin with a pale, white hue to his chest. Croc was barefoot (although he had bandages that were wrapped around his feet), and also had them wrapped around his hands and wrists as well. Croc wore black trousers that had faint, white pinstripes. Croc had a black belt around his waist and had loose, red overalls. Croc was shirtless (a trait that he had possibly carried over from his career as a wrestler), and had faint, yellow eyes with black, slitted pupils. His teeth were all sharp, yellow fangs; curiously, he had a few fangs protruding out through the skin of his upper and lower lips. From his chest upwards, Croc had scaly skin, yet, and his belly appeared to have softer skin and was not scaly like the rest of his body. When he escaped during the prison riot, Croc looked identical to his original version, the only difference being that he was wearing orange prison trousers with a large belt and a very large, padlock-shaped, buckle. Croc had a slightly lean and muscular torso and his navel was visible. At this time, he spoke with a Louisianan accent.

Arkham Asylum

In Arkham Asylum, Killer Croc's mutation became much more severe. Croc's entire body was now scaly (he still had retained the paler hue to his belly and chest), and had a large shock collar to incapacitate him, if he attempted to attack any of Arkham's staff, with a broken chain that hung from the bottom of the collar. Croc had two ankle cuffs with broken chains on his ankles and was still barefoot (the bandages were missing from his feet and hands). He had brighter, yellow eyes with black, slit pupils, was much larger, and had sharper teeth and claws. His voice had morphed into a more warped and bestial form--reverberating and growling. Croc wore dirty, orange, stained prison trousers, and had a brown rope tied into a knot around his waist as a makeshift belt. Croc was still shirtless and his physique was more muscular. Croc's entire body was green, and he had a pale, white hue to the underside of his arms, belly, and chest. Croc's ears also no longer looked human, instead being small stubs on his head.

Arkham City

Killer Croc's appearance in Arkham City was identical to his predecessor appearance, only that Croc was missing the ankle cuffs and his shock collar. Croc was slightly thinner in Arkham City due to lack of fresh food, yet he appeared to be somewhat more muscular than he was in Arkham Asylum.

Arkham Knight


Killer Croc during Batman's hallucination in Arkham Knight.

Croc's evolution expanded greatly and he was double the mass that he was in Asylum with large spiky growths protruding from his left shoulder and his body much larger and bulkier than before, and he towered over the other characters, appearing to be twice the size of Two-Face, Batman and Nightwing. His legs became proportionally shorter in comparison to the rest of his body, giving him a more reptilian shape instead of previous humanoid ones. He also grew a large tail; due to this, his pants were damaged; Croc used a metal chain to tie a Hell's Gate banner around his waist. His stomach looks less muscular, especially around his midsection. It was strongly implied if not outright stated that Croc's "evolution" was the result of an adaptive reaction to the extreme trauma he underwent from the experimentation that he was forced to undergo at Iron Heights. He also cannot run unless on all fours. Due to only his left hand being cut off, his adaptive mutation left his upper body unbalanced, with his right arm the only limb of his body its original size from Asylum and City.


  • Reptilian-Mutated Physiology & Psychology
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Waylon Jones' regenerative healing factor is quite remarkable, as superficial lesions, extreme mutilations, ballistic wounds, stab wounds, severed limbs & organs, massive bruises & cuts completely heal almost instantaneously. However, that ability had severe side effects as well: Namely, having to regenerate extensively for a prolonged period of time alters his physiology, which is likely an adaptive response to the extreme trauma. More specifically, the torturous experiments Croc underwent, caused him to have his physiology end up permanently altered so that he looked even more bestial than before.
    • Armored Skin: His skin hardened to the point where it was invulnerable to most forms of abrasion and even high caliber weapons fired from a distance. He could also stand extreme pressure conditions. On one occasion, in the Arkham War Comic Series, for example, Croc survived the fall from Wayne Tower and healed completely. Croc was also capable of withstanding an extreme amount of blunt trauma. By the time of the Arkham Knight incident, it required Batman and Nightwing landing many multiple strikes to his head in order to render him unconscious.
    • Superhuman Strength & Speed: Originally Batman was capable of overpowering him, although with considerable effort. Over time, he grew so physically powerful and quick over the years that Batman had to resort to planting explosive devices on Croc's chest to knock him unconscious or even stop him. He was also able to rip a large bank vault door right off its hinges with ease and leap great distances vertically and horizontally. By the time of the Arkham Knight incident, Batman and Nightwing had to double-team him in order to take him down. He had also taken to running on all fours, though when he walked, he did so on two legs.
    • Enhanced Lung Capacity: His reptilian nature allows him to hold his breath for extensive periods of time underwater.
    • Claws: Croc's fingers were sharpened and white like bones. He used them to cut open doors or crush skulls and cut people clean in half.
    • Fangs: Croc's teeth possessed enough sharpness and durability to bite through bone, metal, and wood.
    • Hearing: Batman had to be cautious when traversing Killer Croc’s lair, as he had very good hearing and would discover him if he ran too quickly.
  • An intense hatred of humanity
  • Expert wrestler & street fighter
  • Cannibalistic killer
  • Savage, animalistic & barbaric mental state
  • Was an expert swimmer and could hold his breath for hours at a time

Patient Interviews

Killer Croc

Real Name: Waylon Jones

GCPD Profile

Repeat offender. Unusual appearance. Classic criminal pattern. Broken home. Attended a reform school in Florida. Repeat juvenile offender. Killed another juvenile. Served life sentence in Florida system. Relocated to Gotham in recent years.

Waylon Jones is muscle-for-hire. His unusual appearance and casually sociopath disposition means he will periodically resurface. The challenge for law enforcement is to restrain him in a manner that restricts collateral damage. Strong recommendation of tactical engagement only.

While you are unlikely to confuse Jones for another suspect, the individual's photo ID's should be studied. Jones' unusual condition has caused his appearance to change dramatically over the years.

Tactical advisory based on medical condition:

-Dermal condition appears to have granted tolerance to impact. Including resistance to some small arms.

-Suspect is still growing. Initial intake reports had him at 6' 8" tall. Most recent intake recorded him over 8' 6". Do not assume size is a factor in considering a positive ID.

-Medical staff at various institutions have tried to treat injuries dealt to Jones, only to be unable to find evidence of wounding. Suggests possible metahuman healing ability gifted by his overall condition.

Batman's Database Profile

Dr. Penelope Young

Psychological Profile: Jones was born with a rare mutation that created a series of physical disfigurements which have worsened intensely with age. His skin is green and scaly and his body has grown to grotesque proportions. While these disfigurements are unquestionably the sources of Jones' various psychological disorders, his intense misanthropy seems to also derive from an understandably difficult childhood which included alcoholic relatives and social rejection by his peers. He increasingly embraces an animalistic, subhuman conception of self.

Additional notes

"His acute misanthropy makes him difficult to treat, he refuses to respond to socialization, reacting only when he is acknowledged as a dangerous beast, which is clearly how he views himself. It may be that his physical disfigurements are so severe, he will never be able to truly integrate into human society. This challenge is made clear by repeated (and occasionally successful) attempts to maim and kill the asylum's orderlies and doctors."


Dr. Hugo Strange

Waylon Jones A.K.A Killer Croc


Arkham Origins

  • "You wanted it smashed, so I smashed it!"
  • "Thought I caught your scent."
  • "Comin' atcha!"
  • "Oh, ow!"
  • "You ain't strong enough."
  • "Do your fists hurt?"
  • "You're all mine."
  • "They'll be scrappin' you off the floor!"
  • "Lets add some fuel to this fight."
  • "Lemme show you somethin'."
  • "Yeah, that's right. Come a little closer."
  • "Lemme me show you my piledriver!"
  • "Like my tenderizer?"
  • "Yeah. C'mon in close."
  • "I'll flatten you!"
  • "Catch this!"
  • "Time to make some money."
  • "Time to put an end to this!"
  • "Time to take this seriously."
  • "Only boss a'me is me."
  • "Wait 'till Black Mask's assassin's get through with you-"
  • "Whoever wins is gonna be famous AND rich."
  • "Would ya look who's back for more?"
  • "Not yet you haven't."
  • "Screw this. Want the Joker? Take 'im."

Arkham Asylum

  • "I've got your scent, Batman. I will hunt you down."
  • "A toy collar wont stop me from killing you, Batman. I'll rip you apart, eat your bones."
  • "I'll find you, rip your flesh like paper."
  • "I have your scent."
  • "There you are."
  • "You are mine, Batman."
  • "I can taste you already."
  • "I will feast on your bones."
  • "Your flesh will tear!"
  • "I'm hungry, Batman!"
  • "You can't run from me!"
  • "My caves will be your tomb!"
  • "No!"
  • "I will find you!"

Arkham City

  • "You are not welcome here!"
  • "Your scent is...different. I smell death on you. I don't need to fight you, Batman. I just need to wait. And then...I will feed on your corpse."

Arkham Knight

  • "You made it worse! Fix me!"
  • "LIAR!"
  • "He suffers first. Like us!"
  • "You will fix me!"
  • "You won't hurt us anymore!"
  • "I know your scent, Bat!"
  • "I'll kill you all!"
  • "Up!"
  • "Kill him!"
  • "Fight!"
  • "You'll never defeat me!"
  • "You won't stop me!"
  • "I smell blood!"
  • "Your luck won't last!"
  • "I'll kill you first!"
  • "You'll all suffer! Like me!"
  • "Let me have my revenge."
  • "Weak little men!"
  • "You will both die!"
  • "You are nothing."
  • "You are weak"
  • "You can't hurt me, little boy."
  • "I escape once, I escape again!"
  • "When does Warden pay?"
  • "No! He will all will!"
  • "Wayne!"
  • "I bet you taste rich!"

Game Over Lines

Arkham Origins

  • "I'll line my lair with your flesh, Batman!"

    Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Killer Croc

  • *Breathes in* "Ahhh, the sweet scent of defeat."
  • "Looks like dinner is served!" (eats camera)

Arkham Asylum

  • "I will enjoy feasting on your bones!" (eats camera)
  • "Tick tock, Feed the croc!"

Arkham Knight

  • "I hope you suffer, Batman. Like I've suffered."
  • "You will suffer as well. Like me, little man!"


Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Knight



  • Killer Croc was the only assassin hired by the Joker who appeared in all of the Arkham Games.
  • Killer Croc is tied with the Joker for having the most boss battles in the main tetralogy, been fought in Asylum, Origins and Knight's Season of Infamy. Coincidentally, both can't be fought in City, as the Joker is never directly fought in City.
  • According to Croc himself, it takes him roughly 8 hours to digest something.
  • In one of the three alternate endings in Batman: Arkham Asylum after the credits, Killer Croc's hand emerged from the water by Arkham's docks and grabbed onto a floating case of Titan. It was also thought that Scarecrow did the same when he escaped from Arkham Asylum.
  • If the player made Batman move about after Killer Croc came out of the elevator and spotted him, Killer Croc's head would follow him no matter where Batman moved about.
  • In the beginning of the game, Joker could be heard saying, "Tick-tock, tick-tock, is that a crocodile I hear?" This was a nod to Peter Pan, which featured a crocodile that at one point had swallowed a clock, which caused people around it to hear the infamous ticking as it drew near. Aaron Cash's missing hand was also a nod to Captain Hook in Peter Pan. Croc himself makes the same reference in one of his game over lines, saying "Tick Tock, feed the Croc!"
  • In Dr. Young's Notes, Penguin's signature was seen at the top of his page. That could have been a small reference to LEGO Batman: The Videogame, in which Penguin, Killer Croc, Catwoman, Bane and Man-Bat teamed up in an evil plan to terrorize Gotham, although this is unlikely.
  • At the Medical Facility, an old prison cell was used as a Riddler Challenge puzzle to unlock Croc's Biography. That was most likely Croc's previous cell before he was moved to the sewers. The cell, however, seemed to be too small to fit something as big as Killer Croc. However it is likely this was Croc's original cell before his mutation progressed.
  • After the events of Arkham City, Croc could be seen in the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map, being the only invitee to Penguin's birthday party and watching Batman fight many enemies while smoking a cigar and sipping a glass of liquor.
    • This joined together with Penguin's signature on Dr Young's notes points to the fact that they seem to have some sort of friendship in the Arkham games.
  • He was one of the few villains in Arkham City to not have a game over scene (along with Bane and Hush). However, that could have attributed to the fact that none of those characters could physically kill the player within the game.
  • Killer Croc was one of only four villains to appear in all the Arkham games. The other three were: Joker, Riddler, and Harley Quinn. Although the Riddler never physically appeared in Arkham Asylum, he still played a big part of the game. Harley only appeared as Dr. Harleen Quinzel in Arkham Origins.
  • As seen in the "Gallery" of this page, Killer Croc not only killed his victims by hand. Croc also shot them, as he used to own multiple guns. Croc also used to possess a bag of cocaine (and a weed plant according to rumors), which meant that he dealt in or had more likely (given his human side was that of a street thug) used drugs.
  • When Killer Croc emerged from the elevator, the P.A. announced his arrival and granted Killer Croc's guards their "Shoot to Kill" permissions. Although Croc's upper body had no clothing, his bio mentioned that his skin was so tough that it could repel gunfire, so shooting was useless. In Arkham Origins, Captain Gordon hit a Joker Henchman Sniper with a baseball bat, and the bullet grazed Croc's right shoulder after he escaped and attacked Batman. That further showed the progression of Croc's mutation.
  • Killer Croc's Arkham Asylum bio listed his occupation as a "professional criminal" but in Arkham City, his bio listed his occupation as an "alligator wrestler, gangster, and murderer".
  • Even though his name was on the Joker's Party List, Croc appeared to be the only inmate during Joker's takeover not to be released from his cell as he attacked the door that Batman was behind. However, given his tendency to attack and eat guards and inmates alike, it was likely that Joker's men where afraid to free Croc from his cell, or Joker left him there to guard the plant spores that were needed to create a vaccine to the Titan Formula, as he likely realized that Batman would surely seek out an antidote for the formula.
  • When Killer Croc rammed into Batman (which occurred if the player was unable to throw a Batarang in time), it was possibly a very small trait from his wrestling career as wrestling is a full-body contact sport.
  • Croc was 28 years old, 10 ft 5 in and weighed 485 pounds by the time of Batman's second year at crime fighting.
  • In Arkham Knight, it's explained that Croc's mutation was accelerated by trauma. Croc even pointed out to the person who experimented on him, Warden Ranken, that he "made [his condition] worse".
  • One of the torturous experiments performed on Croc to study his healing factor involved sawing off his hand and part of his left arm. Croc's hand and left arm later regenerated and his severed arm was apparently kept for study as it is later recovered from wreckage of Iron Heights Penitentiary, and placed in an Evidence Display case in the West Wing of GCPD Maximum Security (which is a portion of the GCPD Building that is only accessible via the The Season of Infamy DLC).
    • Croc having his left hand and arm severed can be seen as a form of both irony and poetic justice considering Croc was responsible for biting off Aaron Cash's left hand, forcing him to wear a prosthetic hook. Despite the troubled history between the two, Cash is shown to feel some sympathy for the torture Croc suffered, including the brutal severing of Croc left arm in the name of science. However, while feeling some sympathy for what Croc had gone through, Cash is quick to point out that, unlike Croc, his hand didn't grow back.
  • Croc's Knight appearance looked more like a crocodile on its hind legs, rather than a mutated human and is reminiscent of Killer Croc from the animated series The Batman (who also resembles a crocodile and even has a tail).
  • In Knight, Croc's voice has become so animalistic, that the words he speaks are barely audible; all that's picked up is mostly the watery, growl-like sounds he makes appropriate for a crocodile. In previous instalments, his voice was more nasally and easier to understand..
  • In the new remastered Iceberg Lounge Map in Arkham Knight, a certain amount of thugs are to be defeated before you fight Killer Croc himself. This can only be done as Batman and Nightwing himself will jump into the fray to even the odds.
  • Croc growing a tail is somewhat illogical, as a mere skin condition would not result in such changes. Some fans believe that genetic modification (similarly to that of Kirk Langstrom) was also being practiced at Iron Heights, despite the fact that Waylon was born with the condition.
    • In Batman's file on Croc in Origins, he theorized that Croc may suffer from atavism, a rare disorder that causes one to take on the traits of a distant ancestor, a theory that seems unlikely as human beings never descended from any reptiles.
    • In some media, such as The Batman animated series, Killer Croc is depicted as looking more like a reptile, with the addition of a tail, than a man with a severe skin condition as most versions of the character, including the Arkhamverse Killer Croc, are depicted as.
  • Killer Croc's idle stance in Arkham Asylum is modelled after rapper 50 Cent. This shows that despite his animalistic appearance and tendencies, he still retains the "gangster" aspect of his personality.
  • This version of Killer Croc, specifically his Arkham Asylum/Arkham City appearance, is a playable character in Injustice Mobile.
  • Killer Croc is the only known person in Arkham Asylum that Aaron Cash is shown to have a genuine fear of, this is an understandable fear given Cash became an amputee because of Croc biting off and eating his hand.
    • This relationship between Cash and Killer Croc originates from the comic Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, which Cash made his first appearance in. Much like in the Arkham series, Cash lost his hand to Killer Croc during a riot in Arkham Asylum and developed an intense fear of him because it, the main difference however between the comic and the Arkham series is that Cash eventually overcame this fear, while in the Arkham series it's not stated if Cash has managed to do this yet.
  • When Arkham Knight was first released, Killer Croc only appeared near the end of the game during Joker imagining going on a killing spree in Batman's body, before being killed by the Jokermobile crashing into him. His brief appearance was surprising to fans of the series, as his physical appearance was drastically different to how he looked in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City with no explanation for the sudden change. Killer Croc would go on to appear physically in The Season of Infamy DLC for Arkham Knight, where this change in his appearance was explained.

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