Killer Moth
Biographical information
Full Name Drury Walker
Occupation Professional Criminal
Base of Operations Gotham City
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5ft 9in
Weight 155lb
Game Information
Voice Actor N/A
First Appearance Batman #63 (March 1951)

Drury Walker was a minor criminal who adopted the identity of Cameron Van Cleer, a master criminal who in turn masqueraded as the costumed super-villain Killer Moth. He was a hired gun for Gotham's gangsters, but his ingenious weaponry, including his cocoon gun, does little to protect him from regular defeat at the hands of the Batman.

Incident Reports

Batgirl Begins Incident

Sometime following the defeat of Black Mask during the events on Christmas Eve, Drury Walker checked out books about moths from Barbara Gordon and staked out her and her father, the newly promoted Commissioner Gordon, which Barbara noticed.

Later a GCPD panel was held that proved Batman was simply a man with gadgets not some 'paranormal entity'. Killer Moth crashed it to advertise his services with a free trial of killing Commissioner Gordon while his henchmen kept Batman preoccupied on the other side of Gotham. Barbara quickly put on the sample Batman costume, managed to defeat Killer Moth's Henchmen, and disarmed the villain.

After he realized that his plans were falling apart, Killer Moth threw Gordon off the rafters to kill him and used that as a diversion for his escape. As Barbara saved her father, Drury made his escape, and tried to calm himself down by saying that Batgirl was just a girl in a suit, like Batman, who happened to arrive just in time and subdued him.

Assault on Arkham Incident

Drury was sent to Arkham Asylum when it was reopened, where his weaponry and other attributes were taken from him and put in the storage room, next to Firefly's (where it was seen by King Shark when the Suicide Squad invaded the madhouse).

Road to Arkham Incident

Before Joker was brought back to Arkham Asylum, Killer Moth was under treatment at the asylum and was one of the many inmates who escaped Arkham Island in the ensuing chaos.

Arkham Asylum Incident

During his time at Arkham Asylum, Killer Moth had killed two inmates and Batman later discovered one of their remains sealed in a cocoon.

After Arkham Knight Incident

After Halloween and Batman's presumed death, Killer Moth felt that it was safe to resume his crimes again. However, while committing his crimes, Killer Moth crossed paths with the new vigilante, the Red Hood, who killed him.

Psychological Profile

Killer Moth

Real Name: Drury Walker

Batman's Database Profile


Dr. Penelope Young


  • Obsessed with fame and identity change
  • Skilled inventor
  • Amoral, and motivated by feelings of insecurity and inadequacy into criminal activities in an attempt at notoriety



  • The cocoon hanging in the Aviary appeared to have been there for a long time. However, it was safe to assume that the Arkham staff would have it removed once it was discovered since the skeleton needed to be investigated and identified. Taking that into account, it was very likely that Killer Moth was inside the Aviary, had committed the murder before Joker took over Arkham Island, and that he later escaped in the chaos. That wouldn't explain the state of the corpse inside the cocoon, though.
  • In the Museum in Arkham City, there were cases that contained moths. That could be a small reference to Killer Moth. Some fans even speculated that Penguin had held Killer Moth in one of the cases. That was highly unlikely, though, as the cases seemed to be too small to hold a grown man. It was very likely, however, that he was present in Arkham City, as it was said that all of Gotham's citizens with a criminal record were incarcerated.
  • Killer Moth was rumored to be one of Black Mask's assassins in Batman: Arkham Origins. That turned out to be false, though Firefly (his protege in the comics) was one of the assassins instead.
  • Killer Moth was mentioned twice during the whole of Batman: Arkham Knight:
    • During Harley Quinn's raid on the Bludhaven Police Department, during a Predator sequence, a B.P.D. Officer said: "Now that Joker's gone... GCPD thinks Penguin is the one to look out for. If you ask me, they should keep an eye on that Killer Moth. It's always the ones that keep a low profile that you have to worry about." That statement confirmed that Killer Moth survived Protocol 10 and why he was nowhere to be seen after the event.
    • During Red Hood's Storyline, when fighting Black Mask's Henchmen during the Predator sequence, one of the thugs may say: "Is this Red Hood guy the same guy who took out Killer Moth last month?" That not only confirmed that Killer Moth was dead, but also implied that Jason Todd was the one who did the deed.
  • Killer Moth was the first of Batman's Rogues killed by Jason as the Red Hood, rather than as the Arkham Knight.
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