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"Today, an outsider takes our test of honor to see if he is worthy of our training. Out of pity, we let him eat with us, drink with us, train with us and now we shall see if he is truly one of us. Begin!"

Kirigi is a Martial Grandmaster who took Bruce Wayne as a servant and trained him in many fighting styles.

Incident Reports[]

Initiation Incident[]

Kirigi is a central character in "Initiation." Before he becomes Batman, Bruce Wayne approaches his dojo and asks Kirigi to train him. Kirigi lets him train with him and his students for a while out of pity and later tests him to see if he is worthy.

After earning Kirigi's respect, he gives Bruce the instructions he seeks. Kirigi was curious as to why Bruce refuses to kill and why he is willing to do almost anything for it. So, Kirigi favors Bruce and teaches him things that he has never taught anyone else and thus Bruce becomes one of the best fighters in the dojo.

When his training is complete, Bruce heads home to Gotham and Kirigi, still puzzled as to why he refuses to kill, continues training his students. Most of Kirigi's students later become members of the League of Assassins.

Depending on how the player operates Bruce Wayne during this performance, there are three different endings:

  • If the player completes the challenge maps with less than 9 medals, Kirigi states that Bruce is the best foreigner that he has trained yet it doesn't say much. Kirigi then sends Bruce to get a bucket and broom in order to attend to the latrines.
  • If the player completes the challenge map with 9 or more medals, Kirigi is impressed with Bruce's progress yet he still has a lot to learn. For the time being, Kirigi sends Bruce to find a rag and clean the floors.
  • If the player completes the challenge map with all 15 medals, Kirigi states to Bruce that he is impressed and he is rarely impressed. Upon telling Bruce that he has gained his dojo's respect and proven himself worthy, Kirigi states that he will be given the information that he seeks. Bruce is sent to the kitchen by Kirigi to prepare tea for him and all of Kirigi's students where there is much to discuss.



  • Martial Arts Grandmaster
  • Leadership
  • Master of Shadow Warrior (Stealth)
  • Lethal Vibrating Palm Technique


  • "Today an outsider takes our test of honor to see if he is worthy of our training. Out of pity we let him eat with us, drink with us, train with us and now we shall see if he is truly one of us. Begin!"
  • "The foreigner is full of surprises. But fighting alone does not make him worthy. To train with us you must be able to use the environment and strike without being seen. If you see him, shoot him, and if you shoot him, shoot to kill." (Predator)
  • "Defeat your peers before your time is up. I will grace you with a few seconds for every student you incapacitate or kill, doesn't matter." (Predator)
  • "Prove to me you are worthy of my instruction." (Predator)
  • "Hmm. He moves with the shadows. Good." (Predator)
  • "Use your instincts." (Predator)
  • "Ox" (Predator)
  • "Monkey" (Predator)
  • "Stupid" (Predator)
  • "Idiot" (Predator)
  • "Pao-Kun" (Predator)
  • "He is merciful. But this will only get in his way." (Predator)
  • "The foreigner still breathes... I am impressed." (Predator)
  • "It may be too early to say, but the Wheel of Fortune, may be turning your way, foreigner." (Predator)
  • "Will you accept this Westerner as your brother? There is no choice if you do not stop him." (Predator)
  • "Fast. Deliberate. Merciful...Interesting..." (Predator)
  • "Why don't you quit...go long and prosper...there is only misery and suffering on the path you are walking..." (Predator)
  • "You underestimate his strength, speed and skill. This will be your undoing." (Predator)
  • "You have been very lucky, foreigner. But there are still two left." (Predator)
  • "Three left. It should only take one." (Predator)
  • "Never underestimate the power of the human will. The foreigner is determined and it will take greater determination to stop him." (Predator)
  • "This is taking longer than it should have." (Predator)
  • "You will die in Korea, foreigner." (Predator)
  • "Unexpected." (Predator)
  • "Two left." (Predator)
  • "You survive to fight again, but I would not let beginner's luck cloud your judgment. This test is far from over and we shall truly see if you are one of us. Make him suffer."
  • "Interesting. You spare their lives even though they will not spare yours. There is no room for your self-righteous Western morality here. It will only get in your way. Kill him!" (Predator)
  • "I am hard on you all, but one must embrace hardship. Remember...a gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a person perfected without trials." (Predator)
  • "You have the strength and skill to succeed, but do you have the will and determination...we shall see..." (Predator)
  • "You chose the path, outsider. Now walk it with dignity." (Predator)
  • "Show the American the meaning of true pain." (Predator)
  • "Do not give the foreigner a chance." (Predator)
  • "Another. Hard to believe." (Predator)
  • "Exceptional." (Predator)
  • "...face your fears, outsider... and let your fears be afraid..." (Predator)
  • "His anger drives him, motivates him... you must use it against him..." (Predator)
  • "I applaud you American for having survived this long. You are doing much better than I imagined." (Predator)
  • "...turn your weaknesses to strength and you will not deny your fear or let it use you...instead embrace it and use it against those who would oppose you..." (Predator)
  • "...darkness only triumphs when there is no light..." (Predator)
  • "He chose to spare you. I'm not sure I will." (Predator)
  • "He is using his anger instead of being used by it. Good." (Predator)
  • "Good. Very good." (Predator)
  • "Hmmm... You have learned much since you first arrived. But, I wonder, if you learned to overcome your fear, your anger, your hate? Or do these emotions still cloud your judgment? Let us see."


  • "You may be the best foreigner I've trained yet... but that, I'm afraid, does not say much. Now get your basket and broom and attend to the latrines..." (Less than 9 Medals)
  • "You have done well, novice, but you still have much to learn. For the time being, find a rag and clean the floors." (9 to 14 Medals)
  • "I am impressed, and I am rarely impressed. You have earned our respect and proven yourself worthy. You will be given the instruction you seek. Now get to the kitchen and prepare tea for all of us. There is much to discuss." (15 Medals)

Game Over Lines[]

  • "You should have stayed at home with your baseball and hotdogs, foreigner."
  • "Such a long journey only to be defeated by your own demons."
  • "Let the outsider die meditating on his failures."



  • Batman: Arkham Origins creative director Eric Holmes said that Kirigi has some affiliation to the League of Assassins. Kirigi has trained several members of the League, but apparently is not a part of the organization.
  • Kirigi is one of the Martial Art Masters who trained Bruce Wayne. He is the master of the lethal vibrating Palm Technique and Japanese Ninjutsu.
  • He is the only "Leader" who informs the guards when playing as Bruce Wayne. In other maps, nobody is informing the guards when a henchman is taken out.