Laurence Graham
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Laurence Graham after being shot by Deadshot.

Biographical information
Occupation Wireless communications engineer
Base of Operations Gotham
Physical description
Game Information
First Appearance Batman: Arkham City

Laurence Graham was a political prisoner who was imprisoned within Arkham City and later assassinated by Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot under contract by Professor Hugo Strange.


During the set up for the mega-prison Arkham City, Lawrence Graham was ordered by Hugo Strange to work on Wonder Tower by implementing various wireless communication relay points. Six months later, Strange repaid his work by throwing him into Arkham City as a political prisoner. Eventually, he became privy to an attempt on his life, eventually calling for help from the old FM tower. Batman eventually picked up the SOS signal and found him nearby, with his explaining what happened that got him locked up and hunted down. However, just as he was about to give Batman the specifications of the signal relay points at Wonder Tower, he was killed via a sniper round, with Batman deducing Deadshot's involvement shortly thereafter.


  • He is not actually named when Batman speaks with him. He is instead named in the contract list schedule included on Deadshot's PDA.
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