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Lex Luthor was the founder and CEO of LexCorp, used to be one of the three richest men in the world, one of the smartest people on Earth, and the archenemy of Superman. During the Metropolis Invasion Luthor was killed by the Brainiac controlled Flash, by having his heart ripped out so fast that Luthor hadn't realized what had happened before falling to the ground dead.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Knight Incident[]

At some point, Luthor attempted to buy Wayne Enterprises' Applied Sciences Division for a billion dollars, only to be repeatedly given implied refusal by the company's head, Bruce Wayne. Luthor also had some ambitions to run for President of the United States, with part of his platform aimed at dealing with the problem with metahumans. At least one member of the Militia agreed enough with Luthor to publicly vow to vote for him. Comments by the Militia also imply that he had been involved in funding them as well as Scarecrow's terror attack due to his having designs for Gotham City.

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

Luthor's company, LexCorp was located in the Central Business District of Metropolis. Following the City of Fear incident, Luthor would find a plant growing from the spot where Poison Ivy had died in the Botanical Garden, Luthor would take the plant back with him to Metropolis and perform experiments on it, and through either the experiments or something connected to Poison Ivy herself, within five years time the plant would grow to become a younger incarnation of Ivy, retaining the intellect of her previous incarnation but not yet regaining her memories. Luthor would keep Ivy contained inside Lexcorp, only giving her an hour of sunlight in case too much exposure would make her too powerful. At some point, someone claiming to be Lex Luthor had contacted and informed Luthor of the upcoming Brainiac invasion that had destroyed his world. Lex had done his best to prepare for the invasion and to stop it but to no avail.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

As his counterpart had predicted, an invasion of Metropolis had occurred and Luthor went into hiding, taking field tests of Brainiac soldiers and testing ways to take down the mind controlled Justice League, already having one prototype device made to counteract the Flash's Speed Force. When the Suicide Squad attempted to desert, and Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S thwarted this, Luthor contacted the lab where this took place and taunted Waller for attempting to steal his files, in response to her strongarming his assistant, Dr. Sydney Happersen, he remotely had Happersen killed and purged LexCorp’s databanks to prevent Waller from stealing his data, much to her fury (although A.R.G.U.S did manage to seize the schematics for LexCorp’s weaponry). Lois Lane conducts a video interview with Luthor, and he assures her that he will put an end to the invasion, although Lois criticizes Lex for not helping with protection and handing out supplies to the remaining Metropolis survivors of the invasion, since Lexcorp was one of the few places to be relatively untouched by the invasion. The Suicide Squad finds Luthor on a rooftop, but as he tries to walk away, saying that he has no time for Waller's plans to stop the invasion and doesn't need her help, the Flash takes him by surprise, alerting the squad and Waller that he was now mind controlled by Brainiac. Not too long after, the Flash tells Luthor that Brainiac knows he has been communicating with someone else from Earth-2, and the Flash was going to torture him to get the information out of Lex. The Flash hides Luthor in a container and uses a Brainiac tech controlled army artillery gun to stop anyone getting to the containers containing Luthor, as well using it to fire shots at the US armed forces on the outskirts of Metropolis, however, the Suicide Squad are able to destroy the guns and secure Luthor. After exiting the container, Luthor finally agrees to help the team after they'd just saved his life, the Flash shows up again and Luthor uses this chance to hit the Flash with his "anti-Flash" device, sending the speedster right into a bus, the Suicide Squad takes the chance to shoot at it and trigger an explosion. Believing the Flash to be dead, Luthor begins to walk away victorious. only to see not just the Flash still alive next to him, but also his still beating heart right in the hands of the former hero. Before Luthor can process what's just happened he falls to the floor, instantly dying from the Flash's quick killing move.

Word of Luthor's death quickly spreads throughout Metropolis, and is eventually reported by Lois Lane to the entire city. These reports are soon contradicted however, as Luthor is interviewed by Lois to dispel the rumors going around about his death, what Lois nor Metropolis are aware of however is that this Lex Luthor is the one from Earth-2, having escaped his world and taken the place of the dead Lex Luthor of Earth-1, in order to make it seem that Luthor's death never actually happened.


From the Files of Lex Luthor[]

Everyone knows the name Lex Luthor – unless they’ve been living under a rock, or in another dimension. A “self-made” billionaire and one of the most powerful minds the world has ever seen, his brilliance is matched only by his obsessive need for recognition and acclaim. Where more cautious men might have focused their genius purely on scientific research and vanguard development, he applied it to business, slapping his name on everything from high-priced coffee and flashy phones to international hotels and smart bidets. For a time, he even considered a run for president, but ultimately decided the office was beneath him: why stop at a country when one can own the world?

As Brainiac ushered cataclysm into his world, Luthor finally sought to save the planet he spent so much time seeking to possess. But in the end, his arrogance proved his downfall, as it had in everything from his failed reality show to a one-sided conflict with one particularly “super” meta-human.

Still, despite a legacy of vanity projects and empty capitalism, his intellect cannot be denied: he believed he was the only man who truly save the world, and, in a way, he was right.  


  • High-level intellect
  • Advanced mechanical and technological knowledge


Batman: Arkham Knight[]

  • "Mr. Wayne, Lex Luthor calling. Apologies for going via your direct line but I grow tired of these games. LexCorp has made a very generous offer for Wayne-Tech's Applied Sciences division, yet your persistent unavailability begins to look less like a busy schedule and more like deliberately antagonistic behavior. Come now, meet with me. I'm sure we can come to an agreement. A man of your refined taste doesn't need an Applied Sciences division, after all. He needs another billion dollars."


  • Lex Luthor's interest in acquiring the Applied Science Division of WayneTech was most likely a reference to the DCAU three-part episode "World's Finest", where Bruce Wayne, the secret identity of Batman, went to Metropolis to discuss a business deal with LexCorp.
  • Luthor was known among the Arkham Knight's Militia for his anti-metahuman views. He was also noted as potentially having interest in running for president with some members of the Militia believing he should.
  • His Earth-2 counterpart had a winning gambit hinging on Lex's ego issues; either Lex helped him cross over, or Lex dies and Lex-2 can assume his identity. Either way, Lex-2 wins.
  • His field of technology is more homage to his classic comic self. Unlike Lex-2, who specializes in nanotechnology.


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