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Lex Luthor is the founder and CEO of LuthorCorp, one of the three richest men in the world, one of the smartest people on Earth, and the archenemy of the Superman of his world. Having spent years as the only living person left on his world following Brainiac's conquest of Metropolis, Luthor would finally be able to escape Earth-2 with the aid of Earth-1's Suicide Squad and remain in their world, and help the team stop Brainiac from destroying their world as he did to Luthor's, while also taking the place of his recently killed counterpart.


Earth-2 Brainiac Invasion[]


Moving to Earth-1[]

Extermination of Brainiac's Copies[]


Unlike his Earth-1 counterpart, Lex shows a sense of fellowship due to his years of isolation as the sole survivor of his world. Even before then, he was well-aquainted with Lady Boomerang and Deadshot; presumably having hired them for his own nefarious dealings. Despite this, he is much less of an egomaniac than Earth-1 Lex as he didn't name his company after himself; showing a sense of humility. Lex does see potential in Toyman as a possible apprentice, but believes he needs to lose the manchild mentality to improve.

He shares the distain of Superman with the other Lex, believing humanity will become invalids from being indolent by relying so much on a superpowered alien. However, he is quite fine with not being the one to kill him; creating an enhanced version of Kryptonite in a golden hue, to overcome the resistence Terminaut corruption gave the Man of Steel.

Lex holds distain for the Justice League in general, though with some respect for Wonder Woman; seeing her pragmatic empathy to be worthy of heroism. Though this may be due more to her Earth-2 counterpart. He sees Batman as a fool wasting money that could help the economy, Flash a fool who could destroy the world by going too fast and Green Lantern as just a tool of the Guardians of Oa. All in all, Lex doesnt hold much trust in heroes; villains being much easier to work with as he can bribe them for cooperation.

When it comes to the Suicide Squad, Lex is more affable with them and the Support Squad, over A.R.G.U.S. soldiers; even making some subtle jokes with them and ensuring they have a fighting chance. (Though that doesnt stop him from veing vocally annoyed with Digger's stupidity) When it comes to his Contracts, Lex generously pays the Squad the the funds and gift cards in LexCorp.

There's some hints Lex finds abrasive and pragmatic women attractive. During his holographic face off with Amanda Waller, both Lex and she traded threatening insults that were double entendre; both Harley Quinn and King Shark picked up the innuendo. Though Lex isnt with doubt in Waller' planning; pointing out his Earth-2 version ruined their chances of victory by being too inflexible.


From the Files of Lex Luthor[]

Imagine for a moment if the genius of Lex Luthor could exist outside of the slobbering mundanity of your Earth’s capitalism. Imagine if instead of middling coffee shops, overpriced phones and assorted vulgarities, the world’s greatest thinker dedicated his energies to the furthering of global science, and the creation of a better, bolder world. Now imagine this boon came as a man who is in every way Lex Luthor, yet free of petty distraction and blinding ego.

Imagine hair.

This is who I am. Lex Luthor, one of the last survivors of my dimension’s defeat to Brainiac’s. For years, I worked with my counterpart to grow our collective knowledge and save our world, but with his untimely death, I now carry this burden alone. Today, people call me “Lex-2”, a lazy shorthand to acknowledge the vacuum Lex-1 left behind. But in the new world we’re building, we won’t remember what we had. We will remember who survived.  


  • High-level intellect
  • Advanced mechanical and technological knowledge


  • There's irony in both Lex's voice actors, as Corey Burton had actually voiced Brainiac for Superman: The Animated Series and the other shows taking place in the DCAU, otherwise known as Earth-12. At one point Brainiac fused together with Luthor to gain purpose beyond his original objective.
    • The fact Brainiac reacts negatively to Luthor of Earth-2 implies that he personally knows this Luthor and holds some type of grudge against him.
  • According to Luthor’s notes on Green Lantern, he has a cynical view on justice, and believes that the Green Lantern Corps are corrupt and selfish, serving their own interests, rather than others.
  • Should Lex survive all 13 Brainiacs, he very likely will rebrand LexCorp as LuthorCorp; to avoid any slipups with the name and to give him a more postive public image as being less egocentric.
  • During a mission complete, Lex sometimes mentions the "efforts bore fruit" metaphor; he then mentions offhandedly about wanting to eat fruit. Showing he has a comical side.
  • Unlike his Earth-1 counterpart, the Earth-2 Luthor noticeably looks older despite two to three years having passed since his Earth was invaded by Brainiac.
    • However, this can be explained by this Luthor looking much thinner and gaunt compared to the much healthier looking Earth-1 Luthor, with it being possible that with his world being as desolate as it is Luthor would be unable to find a lot of food to live off of, as being as underweight or too thin as this Luthor is shown to be can add onto the aging process, thus making Luthor look older than he actually is.