Lisa Mendes was a surfer and Christian charity outreach member, as well as one of six victims to Professor Pyg's unethical experiments to eliminate physical imperfections.


Lisa Mendes had a very rough upbringing, as she had been orphaned at age nine, plus went through various foster homes and eventually ended up undergoing drug abuse. She eventually gained a talent for surfing, with one of her instances in surfing resulting in her being attacked by a species of selachimorpha shark located only in North Gotham, being severe enough to have scar tissue extending from top to bottom, which also resulted in her boyfriend's death. She also was outfitted with a prosthetic eye, and was presumably involved in a trial relating to the acrylic used in the eye, as well as having suffered severe enough trauma to the upper right arm to require titanium screws to be used to repair a fractured humerus. Eventually, she joined a Christian charity outreach group, and was dispatched to Tuscon, Arizona to aid in its efforts there.

Around this time, the Circus of the Strange entered the area, and proceeded to abduct her. After being brought back to Gotham City, she ended up experimented on by the leader of the group, Professor Pyg. As her flaws were too severe for even Pyg to fix, he instead murdered her via an overdose of painkillers, and doused her fingerprints in acid to remove any remaining DNA. He then left her hanging on a building on the Eastern portion of Magiani Island, with the word "Broken" painted below her as well as opera music blaring nearby.

Batman eventually found her body when trying to solve a chain of related murders. He managed to identify her via anomalies in her system and cross-referencing them to people reported missing, because her DNA was too corrupted and damaged for her to identify directly via DNA analysis.

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