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Lois Lane is a world-famous investigative journalist employed at the Daily Planet, alongside fellow reporter Clark Kent, photographer Jimmy Olsen and the Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White. Raised in the military as a daughter of General Sam Lane, she is more than capable of handling herself in almost any situation. She is one of Superman's fiercest and most dedicated allies. Lois was in love with both Superman and Clark Kent for a very long time, unaware that they were in reality the same person.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Knight - Riddler's Gambit Incident[]

Harley Quinn described Vicki Vale as a Lois Lane wannabe whilst bragging how easily she could kill Vale with a stick.

Before Kill the Justice League Incident[]

Lois is a very popular reporter, having many billboards around the city of Metropolis. She has a relationship with Clark Kent/Superman and only a few weeks before the invasion does an interview with Wonder Woman on her podcast. Batman sends a written final message to the Daily Planet and Lois Lane in the case of his demise.

Kill the Justice League Incident[]

During the Brainiac invasion of Metropolis, Lois Lane broadcasts updates of the situation to the public and the remaining survivors in Metropolis.[1] After Lex's death by The Flash, Wonder Woman locks the Suicide Squad in a container and throws it into the Daily Planet building due to frustration and her wanting them to get out of the way of her inevitable fight with Superman. Lois frees the squad and quickly goes back into hiding but uses the video feed to ask if Superman is okay and why they are in Metropolis. During Wonder Woman's fight with Superman, Lois is seen outside on the broadcasts for the fight and presumably relocates to a different hideout for the remaining broadcasts.


From the Files of Lex Luthor[]

I fail to understand Lois Lane. Is she resilient or desperate? Who but a woman struggling for relevance would cling to her reports even at the end of the world, taking over the airwaves with some saccharine patronizing advice and useless accounts of someone else’s heroism, broadcast to a scattering of still-living civilians?

I suppose there is one benefit to her continued presence in Metropolis: a live feed of emotional torment and overly charitable eulogies to the meta-humans whose failures destroyed this world in the first place.

That aside, I suppose she’s a decent writer.


  • According to Brainiac, there were a few Earths where Lois was Superwoman.
  • Lois' exact whereabouts 3 weeks following Brainiac's invasion isn't revealed in game, however, given that she has access to filming equipment and is able to live stream updates on the events going on in the game's story, it's more than likely that she's taken shelter somewhere in the Daily Planet.
  • Lois stays in contact with the outside world in order to keep broadcasting up-to-date news to survivors and Metropolis citizens outside the war zone. Plus Lex-2 and Amanda Waller keep her up to date.
  • Deadshot said he's done an interview with Lois Lane and that Lois was very nice and kept his daughter out of the public light.


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