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"Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! The Batman's here, it's time to play."
—Mad Hatter

Obsessed from a young age with Lewis Carroll's books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through The Looking Glass, Jervis Tetch, an expert hypnotist, embraced a delusion that he was the incarnation of a character in the story, The Mad Hatter.

By using his skills for mesmerism, the Mad Hatter committed many crimes that were often themed around the book that inspired him and his love of hats and headgear, and went so far as to implant his hats with mind-control chips to amplify his hypnotic abilities. The Mad Hatter was also obsessed with the concept of "Alice", and brainwashed countless young women in his attempts to find Alice, and murdered them when he was finished with them.

Above all other head wear, however, the Mad Hatter coveted Batman's distinctive cowl, and would stop at nothing to acquire it.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Jervis Tetch was originally a scientist who proposed that there was no such thing as free will, and that the mind could be controlled by the use of chemicals. Unfortunately, Tetch began to believe that he was the real-life incarnation of the Mad Hatter from the story, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Tetch obtained a hat shop in the Bowery district of Old Gotham, and continued to develop his mind control technology while he worked there, and became fixated on the concept of Alice, the protagonist of the story. Tetch began to believe that she was somewhere in the real world, and that he had to find the real Alice. Tetch began to kidnap young women whom he suspected of being Alice, and murdered them when he found out that was not the case. Tetch had already committed several crimes before the Christmas Eve Incident, including the murder of a girl named Stephanie Williams, however, the GCPD did not make an arrest, due to the Hatter being smart enough to cover his tracks.

Tetch soon found another girl whom he believed to be Alice, and kidnapped her, with the intent of using the mind control technology to return her to Wonderland. By that stage, Tetch had improved his mind control technology to the point where he could use it to render weaker minds completely malleable to his suggestions, which enabled him to use the technology on several criminals and formed a small gang to assist with his schemes. However, Tetch felt that the vigilante known as Batman, who had emerged in Gotham in the last two years, could provide an additional edge to his gang, and so, he hatched a plan to capture the Dark Knight and use him as his latest pawn.

Arkham Origins Incident

"Welcome to Wonderland, Batman!"
—Mad Hatter

To the end of that scheme, Jervis sent three of his henchmen to Batman's location in order to invite him to his tea party, by singing a message to the tune of "London Bridge is Falling Down", and then electrocuted them when they finished delivering the message, which knocked them out. Jervis then called Batman directly using unknown means, introduced himself, and revealed that he had kidnapped a girl.

At his Hat Shop, Jervis managed to add the finishing touches to a group of henchmen, and talked at length about how he had never received much attention from anyone, but he that was finally being listened to, but, to Jervis’ irritation, the henchmen were not addressing him properly, leading him to the conclusion that his brainwashing interface needed more work. Batman soon arrived, defeated the henchmen, and demanded that Jervis reveal where Alice was. Jervis then used hypnotism to affect Batman's mind, and trapped him in 'Wonderland'.

Tetch put the Bat through several puzzles and forced his adversary to complete them before being awakened. After he beat Jervis' mind games, Batman broke free of the illusion, and witnessed Tetch take the girl hostage with a knife, but he managed to disarm him by using a Remote Controlled Reverse Batarang, and rescued "Alice", who broke down crying due to the trauma of the Mad Hatter's mind control and treatment of her. Batman called the GCPD and had them come to pick Jervis up. However, they did not arrive throughout the night, due to the larger issues caused by the Joker's actions that night.

His reputation became known so well that one of the Blackgate Prison escapees was in fear of being locked up with crazy people such as the Mad Hatter.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident

The GCPD picked Jervis up and he was presumably sent to Blackgate Prison.

Between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum Incident

The Mad Hatter was most likely transferred to Arkham Asylum when it was re-opened under the administration of Quincy Sharp. It is also possible that Tetch had somehow escaped Blackgate and was apprehended by Batman, before he was sent to Arkham.

Sharp, disgusted by the crimes that Jervis committed, had him imprisoned deep within Arkham Asylum, and vowed that he would never see the light of day again. Jervis' mind crumbled in the isolation.

"Oh, it's Alice. She's here! No, no, what are you doing? I need to see her.
And you can, as soon as you do what I asked.
Can I keep her?
Of course, she'll be all yours. She's Alice."
—Strange manipulates Tetch.

Professor Hugo Strange, a psychiatrist in the asylum with plans of his own to seize control of Gotham City, became fascinated by Jervis' case, and was convinced that his technology was the key to controlling Sharp, who was running for mayor of Gotham at the time. Strange secured interview sessions with Jervis. He held up the pretext of a simple psychiatric evaluation, but was really trying to get Tetch to recreate his mind control formula. Strange tried to blackmail Jervis with evidence he had somehow uncovered of the Stephanie Williams murder and several others. When the Hatter began to break down, he tried a simpler approach. Strange played on Tetch's love of hats and obsession with Alice in order to manipulate him into developing an even more powerful form of his mind control technology, and used the more "forgettable" inmates of Arkham as test subjects. The formula that Jervis eventually developed would exceed even Strange's wildest expectations. Strange then, by promising a new "Alice" to Jervis, convinced him to help place Sharp under his control.

Using Tetch's skills, Strange began to drug and hypnotize the mentally malleable Warden Quincy Sharp, and made him more open to his suggestions, as well as convince him that he was the "Spirit of Arkham" whose mission was to destroy all of the inmates of the asylum.

Tetch's name also appeared on the time board on the second floor of the surgery room, which suggested that Strange may have operated on Jervis (having enlisted the skills of Dr. Thomas Elliot, a skilled surgeon who worked at the asylum) to make him more obedient (Catwoman later commented that "Strange really did a number on him"). Strange would eventually use the Mad Hatter's technology to create the TYGER Guards: all ex-military and former SWAT operatives who were brainwashed into being unquestionable soldiers. There were also rumors that Strange would also use the same method on any Arkham City Inmates who showed potential, and kidnapped them off of the streets and turned them into TYGER operatives.

By that point, Strange had learned how to produce all of Tetch's formerly secret chemicals and mind control chips himself. So, having outlived his usefulness, Jervis was returned to custody in Arkham, with the new Alice to keep him quiet (he presumably killed her when he was finished, or when he realized that she was not the real Alice).

Arkham Underworld Incident

Arkham Asylum Incident

"When is it tea time in Wonderland?"
—The riddle to unlock Tech's bio

The Mad Hatter's tea party set left abandoned in the Botanical Gardens Glasshouse after Hugo Strange abducted him.

The Joker wished Tetch to be present during the Arkham Riots, as evidenced by his name being on Joker's Party List, yet, the Mad Hatter was nowhere to be found. However, his personal effects were later discovered in the Botanical Gardens Glasshouse by Batman.

It was revealed in an Arkham City Story that Tetch, was in fact, on Arkham Island during the incident, but he was locked away deep under the island in Strange's private wing for the most dangerous inmates.

Between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Incident

Despite his assistance in the creation of the Tyger Guards and in seizing Gotham, Strange had Jervis thrown into Arkham City (possibly for the same reason that the Political Prisoners were incarcerated- to prevent the truth about Arkham City from getting out- although Strange may have also seen Jervis as a criminal and sought to punish him along with the other villains in Gotham).

Due to the ongoing gang war, Mad Hatter was not able to hide out in his old hat shop, as his new hideout in Arkham City was in an apartment beneath an old strip club in Park Row by the TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault. Jervis was able to pull together a small gang by using his mind control technology. However, he could not hope to compete with the larger gangs led by Joker, Penguin, and Two-Face, and so, once again, looked to Batman as a potential servant.

Arkham City Incident

""Oh, aren't you going to drink your tea. It's special tea. My special tea. My specialty."
"Go to Hell, Jervis.""
—Batman doesn't have patience for Mad Hatter's lunacy

Shortly after Batman had saved Vicki Vale from Joker's snipers when her news helicopter crashed, Jervis observed them from the rooftop, saw his chance, and used a "remote hypnotic suggestion", in order to convince Batman to come to his lair. Under hypnosis, Batman believed that he was being contacted by Alfred. "Alfred" said that Lucius Fox had finished the cure that he was working on. When Batman injected the cure into his neck, he passed out, woke up in the Mad Hatter's Lair, strapped to a chair, surrounded by various inmates who wore rabbit masks, and was under the Mad Hatter's control. It was all a part of The Mad Tea Party. Jervis revealed that he had set an impromptu trap for his one time enemy: what Batman thought was "the cure", was in fact, a hypnotic chemical that he was tricked into taking.

The Mad Hatter then attempted to control Batman with a special mask that resembled a rabbit version of the Batsuit's cowl. Unfortunately for the Mad Hatter, Batman broke free through sheer will, and, after a fight with his mind controlled gang, Batman defeated him and crushed his hat.

Tetch managed to survive Protocol 10 later that night, and when Batman returned to his lair afterward, he found Jervis still standing on the table, mourning the loss of his favorite hat, and wondering if 'Alice' would be angry with him. Batman warned the Mad Hatter to never take control of his mind again. Catwoman also visited the Mad Hatter, who mistook her for Alice. Catwoman told him that she would look for her and would see if the Cheshire Cat could help.

After Arkham City Incident

Due to the highly illegal acts committed during Protocol 10, many inmates sued the city. Tetch being one of these inmates made a fortune in restitution and the GCPD were forced to let Tetch and the other inmates of Arkham City go due to the lawsuit. However, the police were able to confiscate his mind control technology and his hat.

The Riddler's Gambit Incident

Four months after Arkham City's closure, The Riddler approached several potential accomplices to help him become the new kingpin of crime to fill the void Joker had left. One of them happened to be the Mad Hatter. Hatter then worked to acquire the journals of Ra's Al Ghul and acquired a tooth from Killer Croc to confuse Batman and his allies. Using Ra's Al Ghul's journals, the Mad Hatter was able to construct a device which would allow the Riddler to control the Wonder Guardians in Wonder City.

Hatter also worked to take over the Gotham Casino with mind-controlled subjects who would continously pull slot game levers until one of them hit a jackpot. Whenever one of them did hit a jackpot, Hatter would then order the subjects to kill the one who had incurred a jackpot. Batman arrived on Wednesday afternoon at the site and observed such events take place before putting a stop to the operation and learning more about Riddler's greater plan.

Arkham Knight Incident

The Mad Hatter's hat and two of his rabbit masks that he used to control people were on display in the Evidence Room at the GCPD Lockup. When Batman investigated Tetch's display, a recording of Aaron Cash played, and mentioned that after Arkham City, they were forced to let him go, like many of the other inmates. In the Arkham Knight's Headquarters, the rabbit masks that the henchmen wore when they worked for the Mad Hatter were seen in an old store as one of the Riddler's riddles. The Gotham City Story unlocked from solving that riddle, revealed that Tetch had moved on from solely pursuing women, and his obsession with the idea of finding "Alice" went as far as forcibly cross-dressing men.


"Batman. You won't believe it. That crazy son of bitch Jervis Tetch just walked into the GCPD and handed himself in. Claims he's taken hostages, and I haven't been able to get in contact with three of my patrol cars. He says that he won't talk to anyone but you."
—And just when you thought the night couldn't get an weirder, Cash finds a lunatic handing himself in and admitting his crime.

Coming to see Batman as the only "Alice" that had never left him, the Mad Hatter altered an Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book into a story about Batman's terrible nights in Asylum and City; he filled the book with a dust to send the Dark Knight into a trance that make him think he was on the open pages of the book. Needing a plan to lure Batman, Tetch studied who worked for the GCPD and picked three officers with names Katz, McQueen and Hutch because they reminded him of the Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit. Using his restitution money, Tetch rebuilt and improved his mind control technology, now able to remotely control sounds to hypnotize victims. Using the police sirens to hypnotize his targets into catatonia, Tetch placed masks on officers Katz and McQueen and locked them in the trunks of their cars, along with explosives for Batman to disarm. He even graffitied them with his insane gibberish, and left the sirens running non-stop. (He likely called in some favors from people that could airlift vehicles, as the cars were in places where it was impossible to drive to.) Needing to prove to Batman that they were both mad, Tetch programmed Hutch to return to GCPD with a hidden mask; once Batman fell into his trap, the masked Hutch would attack Batman. The third car was left in the same state, but the siren re-purposed to hypnotize Batman into thinking someone in the trunk; instead, it would hold the copy of Batman's Adventures in Wonderland.

BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT 20160303180019

"Let's see. One, two three."

With this done, Tetch went to the GCPD, telling Cash that he had taken hostages and would only speak to Batman. Annoying Cash, Tetch now spoke exclusively in rhyme; Tetch threatened to leave if Batman was not brought to him. (They only had Tetch's word at this point, and there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime except the missing cars.) After failing to scare Tetch into giving up the locations of the officers, Cash gave in and called Batman, explaining Tetch's latest insane plan.

Batman threatened to beat him, but Tetch revealed that he had made himself immune to pain to prevent Batman from getting information out of him easily. Tetch explained in verse that Batman would have to listen for the sirens of their squad cars to find them. If Batman didn't want to blindly search Gotham for a hostage, Tetch would offer a rhyming clue. Until all the hostages were rescued, Tetch was allowed to wait in the interrogation room. After he saved Officers Katz and McQueen, Batman discovered that the third car did not contain a hostage, but a copy of a book titled "Batman's Adventures in Wonderland".

Batman returned to the GCPD Lockup to demand an explanation, to which Tetch said the answer was in the book. With it opened, Tetch turned the pages to reveal a pop-up of Arkham Asylum, which released a hallucinogenic material that made Batman believe that he was in the book. As Batman fought through pages based on Arkham Asylum, the Sionis Steel Mill and the GCPD Building, Tetch taunted him, turned the pages, and smacked his hand down if Batman tried to leave the book. All the while, Tetch told him to follow the white rabbit, who was actually Officer Hutch, under his mind control. Tetch goaded Batman to kill the officer, as the Dark Knight resisted the suggestion.

"If you want to help me, why so callous? Join me, Batman; be my Alice."
—Mad Hatter has TRULY jumped off the deep end.
BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT 20160315175505

The Mad Hatter's equipment locked up

Batman pulled the mind control mask of Hutch and the effects of the hallucinogen wore off, returning him to reality. Frightened that he wasn't able to mold Batman into his Alice, the Mad Hatter cowered in a corner. Knowing that hitting him would get no results, Batman knocked Tetch's hat off and dragged the protesting madman across the hall to the West Wing holding cells. Tetch spent the rest of the night locked away, and later suggested that Batman could be his new Alice.

Tetch's pop-up book and the masks that he placed on his hostages could be found in the new Evidence Room in the West Wing.

Kill Arkham Asylum Incident

Five years after, the Mad Hatter was known to be imprisoned within the newly-rebuilt and refurbished Arkham Asylum which was now operating under full A.R.G.U.S. oversight.

During the night of Amanda Wallers release of all the inmates Mad Hatter teams up with Captain Boomerang, Crazy Quilt, Spellbinder, and Hypnotic to escape the asylum. Amanda Waller uses the opportunity to trap them and tag along Condiment King in a room to have a "last man standing type battle royale? in which everyone but Harkness and Jervis die and while Jervis traps Harkness in a warped reality of the future, Harkness was able to see through Jervis trick and throw a boomerang at Jervis head. In his final moments he asks how Boomerang was able to see through his illusion and Harkness states that he knew it was fake because he would never live to see old age. Jervis body is left slump on the floor as he finally succumbs to his injuries ending the hatter once and for all.


Jervis Tetch was a psychotic and mentally unstable individual, his grips on reality were muddled to say the least to the point where he thought fictional characters were alive. He was ambitious as a scientist, his main thesis in the field of his work was that free will was an illusion and a man's beliefs and loyalties could easily be changed with chemicals and successfully created a mind control serum. Tetch would later use his serum for villainous purposes after his schizophrenic breakdown by forcing people info his servitude. He saw people as puppets and cares very much for manners and excellent behavior, especially at tea parties. He is not incapable of making mistakes, for example he became frustrated when one of his men repeated everything he said while trying to make him refer to the Hatter as "sir" and does not factor in that willpower can break a person out of an hypnotic state, the prime example being Batman.

Although he was a scientist beforehand, Tetch has an extremely muddled mind. He is easily confused, almost childlike and has been manipulated with ease in the past. Because of his fragile mental state people are quick to take advantage of him. For example Hugo Strange blackmails him into creating his mind control formula with his stolen hats and dominates him through bribery by feeding his allusions of Alice throughout their therapy sessions. However Tetch was capable of some resistance and was prepared to no longer help Strange but quickly gave in when he saw "Alice".

Despite his schizophrenic delusions, Tetch is at least smart enough to constantly produce his mind control serum and has been able to hypnotize Batman twice, once in Arkham City and even came close to having the Dark Knight break his no-killing rule under heavy toxins. However he has little forethought and is not a physical threat so he's normally overpowered.

Also despite his psychopathic nature, Tetch is capable of expressing emotions which differs him from the rest of Batman's Rogue's Gallery is that he feels regret for his action. When confronted by Strange over Stephanie Williams, an "Alice" that he killed he is unable to recognize her but as Strange insists he is reduced to tears and overcame with genuine sorrow, implying he was not in control of his actions when he had murdered her and hypnotized himself into forgetting. He also began sobbing uncontrollably when Batman crushed his hat, weeping to him "I only wanted a friend."

Tetch's delusions only worsened as his hunt for Alice continued. He even began abducting males and cross-dressing them in Alice's clothes. Arkham Knight also implied that Tetch’s delusions became so intense with the fantasy of Wonderland that he became less attached to reality, such as sexuality and gender. His attitude with Batman shows that he cannot tell the difference between a man or a woman, constantly referring to him as “Alice” and even asking for him to snuggle with Tetch in his cell, implying that he sexually abused the Alice’s he abducted though both could be a result of his hallucinations. Tetch’s confusion with reality to fiction is shown by how he believes any blonde-haired woman is inherently Alice and the names of the cops he abducted related to the characters in “Alice in Wonderland” he believed they were (for example Katz as the Cheshire Cat; McQueen as the Red Queen and Hutch as the White Rabbit).

Tetch also had a tendency to speak in rhymes or in a sing-song voice. In Arkham Knight this only worsened to the point where every sentence he spoke was a rhyme, probably because of how his Alice in Wonderland obsession only intensified or it was a way for him to irritate his captors at the GCPD.

Psychological Profile

Mad Hatter

Real Name: Jervis Tetch

GCPD Profile

Jervis Tetch

Batman's Database Profile


Dr. Penelope Young


Psychological Profile: Tetch is a classic delusional psychotic who also displays an obsessive ideation based on hats. He believes that he is the true-life incarnation of the Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Tetch's skills as a hypnotist and his frankly inexplicable talent for inventions involving mind control make him at times a dangerous patient to treat, or they would for a less stable and insightful doctor.

Additional Notes:

Tetch is completely unmanageable when forced to bare his head, so the regulation of Arkham patient uniform rules have been relaxed in this area to facilitate his treatment.

Prof. Hugo Strange

Jervis Tetch A.K.A Mad Hatter


  • Master of hypnotism and mind control
  • Obsessed with hats, especially one-of-a-kind items
  • Delusion schizophrenic with a fixation on Alice in Wonderland


Arkham Origins

  • "Greetings and salutations, Batman. I am Jervis Tetch- inventor, entrepreneur, and part-time haberdasher. You must be wondering why it is that I sought you out. Well, I have an employment opportunity I'd like to discuss with you."
  • "Oh. Don't mind Alice, poor dear. Her mind is all a flutter. And who can blame her, after all she's been through...But I'll have her right as rain soon enough. Don't you worry about that."
  • "Careful now! I don't want any accidents! Everything needs to be perfect!" (Henchmen)
  • "Of course, sir. You must refer to me as sir at all times. Do you understand?" (Henchman)
  • "Yes, what?!" (Henchman)
  • "Yes I understand, sir." (Henchman)
  • "No. Sir." (Henchman)
  • "Oh, this is maddening! I'll have to look into refining the neural interface. The good news-the best news, really-is that it works! You all listen! Maybe not as well as you should, but it's a start." (Henchmen)
  • "That's always been the trouble, though, hasn't it? No one ever wanted to hear what Jervis had to say. He might as well have been invisible...But now! Now you'll have to pay attention. Because you won't have a choice!" (Henchmen)
  • "I do hope Alice is settling in all right...."
  • "We're going to have company!"
  • "I should tidy up before my guest arrives..."
  • "Now, isn't this lovely!"
  • "You came! How wonderful! It really is an honor to make your-(URK)"
  • "W-whatever do you mean?"
  • "Excellent. Then you know why you're here."
  • "Oh. Perhaps we don't see eye-to-eye after all. Let me remedy that!"
  • "Tick-tock, watch the clock!"
  • "Welcome to Wonderland, Batman!"
  • "It's where I first met Alice, you know! Ah-what grand adventures we had!"
  • "But then they took her from me. Poor, sweet Alice. Lost and alone! I HAD to find her. Had to bring her home! And so I did! It was quite the journey, let me tell you...But she's here again. Safe. With me!"
  • "Still...the forces of the queen are everywhere. Conspiring to reclaim her. Which is why I brought you here."
  • "Who better to protect Alice than the Batman himself?"
  • "Oh dear. It seems you've gotten yourself all turned around. Which way's in? Which way's out? Oh dear, oh dear, what is my route?"
  • "Well, well. You figured it out. But it taxed you didn't it? Drained a bit of that willpower of yours, hmm? Thoughts getting heavier? Finding it harder to maintain control? Soon, Batman...Soon..."
  • "Careful, now! It's not all flowers and tea parties down here. In fact, Wonderland's home to some rather nasty creatures. It brings out the best-and the worst-in us!"
  • "Don't worry-Alice is in very good hands. More tea, Alice?"
  • "Oh my, it seems someone's forgotten her manners." [to "Alice"]
  • "Not crazy, Alice. Mad. There's a difference, you know. What it is, I can't remember-but trust me on this."
  • "You must be wondering why I've brought you down here? See-I've developed the most wonderful device. One that compels obedience!"
  • "With weaker minds, it works quite easily. Stick my creation on their heads and just like that, they're under my control!"
  • "Stronger-willed individuals, however, require a bit of... breaking in."
  • "And this, my friend, brings us to the here and now! You are my Humpty Dumpty Batman. Your mind is shattering, and when I put the pieces back together, you'll be mine. Forever."
  • "Did you know that time moves in seven different directions here? But you've stuck to just one. Forward. Always forward. How boring!"
  • "So why don't we try moving back?!"
  • "Tell me what you see. Tell me, tell me, tell me! Is it SCARY? Hmm? I hope it is! In fact, I hope it scares you to pieces."
  • "No, no, no. This is wrong! All wrong! All upside down and inside out and wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!"
  • "Stop it! Stop it right now! There's no winning down here! Not for you! I'm in control! You play by MY rules! You and Alice both! Do as I say! Do as I say right now!"
  • "You've ruined everything! My lovely party all in tatters. The table overturned and the guests all gone! I think you should leave. In fact, I demand it!"
  • "He can! He will! He just has to leave! He can! He will! He just has to leave! He can! He will! He just has to leave! Really now, you're becoming my pet peeve..."

Challenge Map Introduction

  • "Oh my dear Mr. Wilson. Did you really you could come here and crash my party without consequences? No, no, no you will soon learn there are always consequences in Wonderland." (Deathstroke)
  • "Do you you remember when it was perfect...when you were young and everything was possible...Well I can make it perfect again..." (Deathstroke)
  • "Oh, I am so pleased you are all so agreeable to our arrangement. You stay and keep the Bat away while Alice and I enjoy our tea and pie." (Batman)
  • "You! Yes, yes, you! Do you know what it's like to live in a world where you don't belong? I'm about to show you..." (Deathstroke)
  • "Now, remember, my good fellows, we must not allow the forces of the queen to pass. Be ever vigilant!"(Batman)
  • "If you're hiding her, I will have your head. And don't pretend you don't know who I'm talking about." (Deathstroke)
  • "Now, I've invited a special guest to tea and I expect you all to be at your most accommodating." (Batman)
  • "Now you will all perform as per instructions and things will go wonderfully." (Batman)
  • "Will everyone kindly prepare Deathstroke for the party?"
  • "As the glorious queen would say: 'OFF with his head!'" (Deathstroke)

Progress of Henchmen

Predator (Calm)

  • "What news? Has Alice arrived yet? You'll be sure to let me know as soon as she does."
  • "Are we all feeling alert? Lucid? Hmm...I should really do something about that."

Predator (Nervous)

  • "A word, Batman? If you would-please, please, PLEASE join my party soon... Your tea is getting cold."
  • "You need to ask him about Alice!"
  • "You dullards! Get him!"

Predator (Terrified)

  • "If you're going to be that way, Batman, then Alice and I will be happy to take our tea elsewhere."

Predator (KO'd Henchmen)

  • "Oh I wondered impossibilities but could it truly be, that I'm left with just you three? (Chuckle) Heaven's me."
  • "Another and another and no one in sight? I think I may be sipping the wrong tea."
  • "This is wrong, all wrong! Is it the Queen? Her soldiers? I want answers!"
  • "Who? What? Did you hear that?"
  • "Who is DOING THIS!?"
  • "Alice! What that you?"

Arkham City

  • "More tea, Batman?"
  • "What a question. Shall I tell him? Oh, he looks so confused, maybe I should. Well, it's simple really. I planted a teeny tiny little idea in your head."
  • "A sort of remote hypnotic suggestion. Very complicated stuff. I'm sure you wouldn't understand but as you can see, it worked."
  • "You're mine now. You're mine and there's nothing that Strange can do about it. Are you not going to drink your tea? It's special tea. My special tea. My specialty."

    Batman- Arkham City - Game Over- Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter Game Over Scene Arkham City

  • "Simply put. I made you see what you wanted most. What was it? Tell me, tell me. Tell me... so predictable. Just like Alice. Never doing what I want without ludicrous amounts of psychoactive controls."
  • "Well, if that's what's necessary, it's a good job you've already taken them. All we need now is a finishing touch. A special new hat. Just...For... YOU!"
  • "You are my soldier now, Batman. You will do everything I say."
  • "You will do anything I want."
  • "You will obey me and me alone."
  • "No, no, no, no! This isn't right. You can't be doing this!"
  • "You cannot win."
  • "Let all your troubles fade away."
  • "Your mind belongs to me now."
  • "Alice will be here soon, Batman. You don't want to miss her, do you?"
  • "Close your eyes."
  • "Stop fighting."
  • "Sleep..."
  • "Don't fight it!"
  • "Relax..."
  • "My hats are special. They make everyone do what I want. Everyone!"
  • "Imagine you are falling."
  • "Imagine you are far away..."
  • "You can't fight it!"
  • "Stop him. Stop him."
  • "You feel sleepy. So very sleepy."
  • "Oh, my hat! My beautiful hat! What have you done?!" (Batman)
  • "But you don't understand. I need you. I can't win without you." (Batman)
  • "Alice will be so angry! I've let her down terribly!" (Batman)
  • "Why did you do it? I just wanted a friend!" (Batman)
  • "My lovely hat! Ruined!" (Batman)
  • "Are you Alice?" (Catwoman)
  • "Alice? I need my Alice." (Catwoman)

Arkham Knight

  • "Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! The Batman's here, it's time to play."
  • "Oh, let's see, let's see, oh, one, two, three!"
  • "A hat-trick of your boys in blue. Do they live or die? That's up to you!"
  • "Such violent means, but all in vain, I've trained my mind to feel no pain."
  • "Oh Batman. Allay your fears, prick up your ears, you'll soon hear their tears. Just listen for the siren's song. Yes, you'll find your Alice before too long."
  • "Struggling, Batman? Need a hand? Hmm, a house of light that's not on land."
  • "What's wrong, Batman? You look askance. The bridge of merchants, go have a glance."
  • "Stuck already? This cannot be! Steer for the lady's island, out to sea."
  • "You've had your hint now run along, and listen for the siren's song."
  • "What's wrong, Batman? Not feeling brave? I thought you had a cop to save."
  • "You've found the Cheshire Cat, all grinning, but don't be fooled, don't think you're winning."
  • "The Queen of Hearts and roses red. Oh, be careful, Alice, or she'll have your head!"
  • "The rabbit is gone! He's hopped away! I'm sure he only wants to play. Return the book and then we'll find, how little Alice lost her mind."
  • "The Knight returns, all filled with malice. Tell me, Batman. Did you find your Alice?"
  • "Oh, why yes, there's three! Oh, silly me. The answer's in the book, Batman. Open and see."
  • "No joke, no joke, control your rage. The answer is there, just turn the page."
  • "Down the rabbit hole you fall, where madness reigns from wall to wall..."
  • "Through the rhyming words we tumble, where villains toil and psyches crumble."
  • "Welcome to my wonderland, it's time to play a game. I'm here to make you understand what drives a man insane."
  • "And if you ever want to leave this crazy world you now inhabit, all you have to do, is follow the white rabbit!"
  • "Follow the white rabbit!"
  • "Come join me on a journey, a trip down memory lane, where you strapped me to a gurney and declared me insane."
  • "Did you think I had forgotten? No, I owe you quite a debt. And this adventure has just begun, I'm far from finished yet."
  • "You know, we're not that different, Bat, you're broken just like me. So what gives you the right to keep me under lock and key?"
  • "Look who's here! White Rabbit there wallowing. Freedom waits for the one who's following."
  • "You're late! You're late! The page is turning. Keep up, Alice, I know you're learning."
  • "What fun we had in Arkham City. Dear Alice, she never looked so pretty! Well, until you snapped and crushed my hat. Did you think you'd get away with that? No."
  • "Come now, Alice, don't be late. Follow the rabbit and seal your fate!"
  • "There's no way back for you, Batman, my puppet on a string. You're mine forever more, now it's the Hatter's tune you sing."
  • "He's back again, the rabbit's head. Will you help him, Alice, or kill him dead?"
  • "Sorry, Alice, it's not yet time, another page and I'll make you mine."
  • "Ah, Hallow's eve and Gotham burns, it's here the story twists and turns. The final chapter where we'll find, how little Alice lost her mind."
  • "Oh Alice, dear, please pay attention, don't make me keep you in detention."
  • "I caught you with the siren's song. You thought you'd foiled me, you were wrong!"
  • "Clench those fists, smash rabbit's brain! Do it, Alice, end his pain!"
  • "Hip hip hoozah! He's here! He's here! Your destiny is drawing near!"
  • "Oh Alice, Alice, don't delay! Let those demons out to play!"
  • "Kill the rabbit! Kill him dead! He's after you! He wants your head!"
  • "Where are you, Alice, where'd you go? Oh, this isn't right, oh no no no no!"
  • "What?! NO! I had you, don't you see? You're mad, you're mad, you're just like me!"
  • "Oh Alice, no this can't be how it ends. There's tea for two, we can still be friends."
  • "Oh no no no no. A magician can't reveal his tricks. I'll keep you guessing just for kicks. Oh Alice, why not brew some tea and snuggle up in here with me."
  • "If you want to help then why so callous? Join me, Batman. Be my Alice."
  • "Looks like the secret's out now, Mister Wayne. Your tragic youth, your life of pain."
  • "Can you justify the blood you spilled to the boy who saw his parents killed?"
  • "My wonderland is but a dream away. Next time, Batman, I'll convince you to stay."
  • "A wig of blond, a little dress, you'll be so lovely, Alice, yes, yes, yes."
  • "As you can see, I'm balking. Bring me Batman, or the Hatter is walking." (Aaron Cash)
  • "And you'll have three dead cops by the time I'm through." (Aaron Cash)
  • "Then let me talk to the Bat, and I'll confess my crimes. Sorry." (Aaron Cash)
  • "Now, now, officer, you mistake me for a snitch." (Aaron Cash)
  • "That certainly scratched my itch." (Aaron Cash)

Game Over Lines

Batman: Arkham Origins


Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Mad Hatter-0

Mad Hatter Game Over Scene Arkham Origins

  • "Oh dear, oh dear, what have I done? Oh that's right, I killed the Batman."
  • "O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!"
  • "Oh lovely, Mr. Deathstroke, would you like some tea?...Alice?" (Deathstroke)
  • Alice, Alice...*giggles* you're not Alice." (Deathstroke)

Batman: Arkham City

  • "When you wake up, you will be mine."
  • "You're late, Batman. Late, late, late."

Batman: Arkham Knight

  • "Oh, Alice, dear, you cannot perish! There´s so much more for us to cherish."
  • "You're dead? Oh no, this will not do, I had such frabjous plans for you."
  • "(Ofiicer Hutch: Batman ...why?) Hee-hee, you found him, victim three! You're homicidal, just like me. Look back on this and you will find how madness lurks in every mind."


Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Knight


  • The Mad Hatter's biography could be unlocked by scanning a tea set in the Botanical Gardens Glasshouse, which was also the answer to the riddle: "What time is tea time in Wonderland?"
  • The Riddler was apparently aware of what Strange was doing with Tetch ("That poor, confused milliner"), although Dr. Young was not- she merely believed that the return of his hats was a relaxing of regulations to facilitate Jervis' treatment.
  • At the point of Arkham Knight, the Mad Hatter had "trained" his mind to feel no physical pain. This was proved when Batman beat him. He didn't react "properly" to the hits.
    • It's possible that Tetch created a serum to block off his brain's analeptic chemicals that would cause him to feel pain and pass out. Another (less likely) idea is that he hypnotized himself.
  • If you went as Catwoman to talk to Tetch, he asked if you were Alice. Since you couldn't get anything out of him, Catwoman said that she would go get Alice, and jokingly stated that she was with the Cheshire Cat.
  • From the Patient Interview Tapes, it's revealed that Jervis had killed plenty of women whom Strange had called "Alice", though Tetch insisted that he didn't do it, and that he only invited them for tea, and became distressed.
  • In the 4th Interview Tape, there is a grammatical error in the text transcript of the dialogue. The transcript reads, "It's techniques are" instead of, "Its techniques are".
  • Oddly enough, the Mad Hatter didn't have a skeleton in Arkham Origins (as seen in Detective Vision). However, this was most likely an error that was overlooked by the developers.
    • Because of this oversight, a theory that the Hatter seen in Arkham Origins was actually Clayface came along to try and explain the lack of a skeleton, however this theory doesn't work as Arkham Origins established that Basil Karlo was involved in an impressionist show at the Monarch Theatre during the game's events, meaning he had yet to become Clayface.
  • Tetch was originally planned to be a villain in Batman: Arkham Asylum, who appeared in a children's hedge maze but he, and the maze, were scrapped early in production.
  • The Mad Hatter's costume was significantly different between Origins and City. In Origins, his outfit was refined and well-kept, but in darker colors. In City, his outfit was poorly suited to the weather and looked rather sloppily dressed in bright colors, which made Tetch look more like a homeless person. This could be a way to show how crazy Tetch grew over the years, becoming more and more out of touch with reality.
    • His personality and behavior also seem to change as the series progresses. In Origins, he acted rather upbeat and happy, yelling words like "Oh, frabjous day, callooh, callay!" In City, he apparently grew darker in personality, as in his game over screen, he acted angry at Batman ("You're late, Batman. Late, late, late."). In Knight, he made wisecracks in rhyme while retaining his dark aspects.
  • At the start of Arkham Knight, when you played as Officer Owens in Pauli's Diner, you could see a rabbit mask on one of the tables.
  • After rescuing Mark Cheung from the Ace Chemicals Plant, if you observed the open locker next to the pipe where he was tied, you could find a copy of Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland.
  • One of his game over lines in Arkham Origins, “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” is a reference to “Jabberwocky”, a nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll, the very same author who created the Alice in Wonderland books, from which Jarvis Tetch had derived his Mad Hatter persona.
  • By the time of Arkham Knight, the Mad Hatter spoke with rhymes instead of actual sentences and was able to manipulate others to rhyme with him. He even managed to get Aaron Cash, who told him to stop rhyming, to rhyme with himself without Cash realizing it.
    • However, in one of his interview tapes in Arkham City, he spoke in rhyme.
  • In The Season of Infamy, Mad Hatter kidnaps specific officers and puts masks on them based on their names thanks to his obsession with Alice In Wonderland: Officer Kats is given the Cheshire Cat mask, Officer McQueen is given the Queen of Hearts mask and Officer Hutch is given the White Rabbit mask as his last name can also be a reference to a rabbit hutch.
    • However, in game Aaron Cash refers to Officer Hutch as "Sergeant Lory", while the subtitles and the option to talk to him refers to him as Officer Hutch.

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