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The Mad Hatter with his Henchmen and Batman in his Lair (The Mad Hatter's tea party Concept Art Arkham City)

The Mad Hatter's Henchmen were a group of low-ranking thugs who worked for the Mad Hatter to fulfill his agenda. Although their clothing varied, they were all easily recognizable by the rabbit masks that they wore while they worked for the Mad Hatter.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Origins Incident[]

During the Christmas Eve Incident, the Mad Hatter had a group of thugs intercept Batman on his way out of the Gotham City Sewers. After they welcomed the Dark Knight by singing a quick song, the thugs were remotely disabled by the Mad Hatter who contacted Batman and expressed his wish to meet him in order to discuss an "employment opportunity" by his side. Batman quickly found the Mad Hatter's Lair, defeated his henchmen, knocked him out, and saved the young woman known as Alice.

Cold Cold Heart Incident[]

All of the Mad Hatter's Henchmen were apprehended when Tetch was arrested.

Arkham City Incident[]

After he drugged Batman and took him to his new lair, Tetch, once again, used his henchmen to weaken the Dark Knight's will and make him join their ranks. However, Batman stopped the Mad Hatter's mind control, and beat all of his thugs.


Tetch's Henchmen later helped him capture three GCPD officers as hostages for his final battle against Batman.


Arkham Origins[]

Responding to the Mad Hatter (Terrified)[]

  • "No amount of money's worth this!"
  • "What was I thinking working for this nut?!"
  • "Why am I so damn stupid?!"
  • "I don't understand what he wants from me."
  • "Don't he understand what we're up against?!"
  • "Why the hell am I wearing this thing and working for a psycho?!"
  • "Why am I taking orders from a crazy person?!"
  • "Guy's a nut-case!"
  • "City's overrun with freaks!"
  • "Is it too late to get out of this?"
  • "Who does this guy think he is?!"
  • "Make sense, dammit!"
  • "I knew this wasn't worth it!"
  • "This was NOT part of the deal!"
  • "I've had it with freaks!"
  • "What the hell is he talking about?!"
  • "What's he saying?!"
  • "He doesn't make sense!"
  • "Keep the money. I just want out of this!"
  • "Why did I take this job?"
  • "He's crazy!"
  • "You're not helping!"
  • "Great! Big help! Thanks!"
  • "How much more of this have I gotta listen to?!"


  • They were the only group of henchmen besides Poison Ivy's who actually worked for a villain against their will.
  • It was revealed in Batman: Arkham Origins that their programming was still lacking, as they could not repeat Jervis's every word when prompted by him.
    • Despite that flaw, they still fought like regular thugs.
  • In the normal and extreme version of the Checking Out Predator Challenge Map, the henchmen openly criticized the Mad Hatter's sanity and sense of what he was saying throughout the challenge. That was very odd considering how they were supposed to serve the Mad Hatter, but those could have just been criminals who were looking to join him to get money.