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Tape 1[]

  • Hugo Strange: Patient interview one. Subject's name; Jervis Tetch, A.K.A. The Mad Hatter. Brought to Arkham Asylum by the Batman six months ago. Patient exhibits signs of obsessive compulsion and paranoid schizophrenia. Sit down, Mr. Tetch.
  • Mad Hatter: No time to sit, I need Alice. Where is my Alice?
  • Hugo Strange: Please.
  • Mad Hatter: No time to sit, no time to chat. I'm searching for Alice and I've lost my hat.
  • Hugo Strange: Guard, restrain Mr. Tetch.
  • Mad Hatter: Get off me. I'm late. I'm running out of time. Alice. Where are you?
  • Hugo Strange: Alice isn't here yet. Just relax, Jervis. She will be here soon.
  • Mad Hatter: But -
  • Hugo Strange: I promise. Now. Would you like some tea?

Tape 2[]

  • Mad Hatter: Is Alice here yet?
  • Hugo Strange: No, I am afraid not. Let us talk while we wait. You and I have much in common, Jervis.
  • Mad Hatter: Really? Do you know Alice too?
  • Hugo Strange: Unfortunately not. You and I both share an interest in the mind, do we not? I studied your papers, Jervis. You were quite brilliant. Truly, an extraordinary mind.
  • Mad Hatter: It doesn't matter. It's all just chemicals and synapses and rabbits and where is Alice?
  • Hugo Strange: You need to focus. Think about your work for a minute. You theorized that there is no such thing as free will. That you can change a man's allegiances, his motives, emotions, all of what we believe makes a man, with chemicals. Your formula was really quite brilliant That's why I used it.
  • Mad Hatter: How did you get it? Did Alice give it to you? Wicked girl! Nasty little thing! Is she here yet?
  • Hugo Strange: Soon, Jervis. Soon.

Tape 3[]

  • Mad Hatter: Where is she? Oh, you told me that Alice would be here.
  • Hugo Strange: She is, Jervis. She's right here.
  • Mad Hatter: Alice? Alice, come out, don't pout, don't make me shout. Alice, come out, where are you?
  • Hugo Strange: Take a look at the pictures, Jervis.
  • Mad Hatter: Who are these people?
  • Hugo Strange: Look again.
  • Mad Hatter: I don't know who they are. Please, is Alice here or not?
  • Hugo Strange: Look at the first picture. Look at the dress she is wearing. Look at the hair. It's Alice, isn't it?
  • Mad Hatter: No, no, no. It can't be Alice. Alice has nice yellow hair and... and isn't covered in blood.
  • Hugo Strange: I think you know exactly who this is, Mister Tetch. I think you remember the night that you lured Stephanie Williams back to your research lab. How you offered her tea. What happened then?
  • Mad Hatter: No. No, no!
  • Hugo Strange: You killed her, didn't you? She was the first. It's OK, Jervis. It's alright to remember. How many Alices were there?
  • Mad Hatter: I can't remember.

Tape 4[]

  • Mad Hatter: Alice isn't coming, is she?
  • Hugo Strange: That all depends on how you cooperate. I have a little... Side project that I am working on. I could use your help.
  • Mad Hatter: My help? I can't help I'll be late.
  • Hugo Strange: Stay focused, Jervis. This facility is old, tired. Full of ghosts.
  • Mad Hatter: Ghosts?
  • Hugo Strange: A figure of speech. Do not worry. Arkham Asylum will not exist forever. It's techniques are old, its mission outdated. I intend to create a New Arkham, an Arkham that will rise phoenix-like from the ashes of this one.
  • Mad Hatter: Is there a fire? We should get out of here.
  • Hugo Strange: I have arranged for some documents to be left in your cell. They outline a technique I propose to control the mind of, shall we just say, weaker souls.
  • Mad Hatter: I cannot do it without rabbits. I need rabbits for my research. And tea. And-
  • Hugo Strange: And Alice. I know. I have arranged for a number of test subjects to be at your disposal. They have been here at Arkham for so many years that no one will miss them. Shall we meet again next week? Oh, and I took the liberty of having your hats returned. I assume that will provide all the encouragement you require.

Tape 5[]

  • Hugo Strange: Well done, well done. I must say you have outperformed even my wildest expectations.
  • Mad Hatter: Did you see the people at my tea party? They all behaved themselves.
  • Hugo Strange: Yes they did, Jervis. I am very pleased. I have just one last request to make of you. You must keep it a secret. Can you keep a secret, Jervis?
  • Mad Hatter: With enough hats I can stop people remembering secrets. Does that count?
  • Hugo Strange: It will have to. I need you to pay a visit to Warden Sharp. He needs to come around to my way of thinking.
  • Mad Hatter: To join our tea party?
  • Hugo Strange: Exactly.
  • Mad Hatter: I don't want to.
  • Hugo Strange: Of course you do. How else will you get to play with Alice?
  • Mad Hatter: What?
  • Hugo Strange: I have a new assistant for you, Jervis. I had her brought in specially. Look at her. She's just through there.
  • Mad Hatter: It's Alice. She's here. No, no, what are you doing? I need to see her.
  • Hugo Strange: And you can, as soon as you do what I asked.
  • Mad Hatter: Can I keep her?
  • Hugo Strange: Of course, she'll be all yours. She's Alice.