The many variations of the Martial Artist.

The Martial Artist is an enemy type introduced in Batman: Arkham Origins, and are capable of countering Batman's punches. 

Incident Reports

Initiation Incident

Martial Artists can be seen with the ninjas that Bruce Wayne fought to be initiated.

Before Arkham Origins Incident

It is possible that the Martial Artists came to Gotham City just as Bruce did.

Arkham Origins Incident

When Batman was under the GCPD, he saw Black Mask's men underground and some Martial Artists who  joined them. Before battling Shiva and her ninjas at Wonder Tower, the Martial Artists were also part of the League of Assassins as they could teleport like Shiva and her ninjas. A Martial Artist named Qing Lu worked for the Penguin, but he killed Alex Cane, an arms dealer who also worked for Cobblepot until Lu made his escape that caused the fire started by Cane in Coventry. At Dixon Docks, Batman located Qing Lu at the Final Offer and interrogated him for questioning. Batman knocked him out and apprehended him. Some martial artists were seen at the riot at Blackgate.

Cold Cold Heart Incident

All of the martial artists were presumably arrested and taken to Blackgate.

Known Martial Artists


  • It was revealed in the Concept Art that some Martial Artist planned to work for the GCPD.
  • In the E3 Demo, it was shown that some Martial Artists planned to work for Anarky.
  • When playing as Bruce Wayne, the Counter prompt for the Martial Artist appeared earlier for him than more Batman and Deathstroke.
  • Before the release of Arkham Knight, a developer mentioned the Martial artists in an interview, but they never appeared in game. It was possible that they were cut, or that the developer actually meant Combat Specialists, aka Ninjas.
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