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Tape 1[]

  • Vicki Vale: This is Vicki Vale coming to you live from the Mayor's Office in downtown Gotham. Today is your first chance to put questions directly to the Mayor. As you know, Mayor Sharp's Criminal Quarantine program was the main platform that won him the election. Now that the facility is fully operational, does Gotham still feel the same way about it? Are the rumors of prison brutalization true? Are you happy with your tax dollars funding a program like this? More on tonight's show.

Tape 2[]

  • Vicki Vale: Welcome, Gotham to the Vicki Vale Show. And welcome to Gotham's new Mayor, Quincy Sharp.
  • Quincy Sharp: Good evening, Miss Vale.
  • Vicki Vale: So, Mr. Mayor, the question I put to you: Arkham City - success, or potential powder keg?
  • Quincy Sharp: What a question, Vicki. You don't mind if I call you Vicki, do you?
  • Vicki Vale: Of course not, Quincy.
  • Quincy Sharp: Well, Vicki, I can only describe the last six months as having been a great success. The people spoke. They said they were sick of crime in Gotham. They said they didn't want to place their safety, their children's safety, in the hands of vigilantes like Batman, Nightwing, and, oh, there's at least one more.
  • Vicki Vale: The Huntress? The Creeper?
  • Quincy Sharp: Whoever. Listen, Vicki, the people wanted a sane solution and I have provided one. My administration has taken steps to guarantee the personal safety of each and every member of Gotham, from the rich to the poor. By separating the disgusting criminal element that eats away at our fine city like a cancer from the good people who want only to live their lives in peace, I have struck a blow that will change this great city... Forever.
  • Vicki Vale: And what do you say to those who campaign against the plan? To those who call it inhumane? I believe the campaign against the zone has its fair share of celebrity members. Take Bruce Wayne for example.
  • Quincy Sharp: Mr. Wayne will soon come over to our side. I have great faith. In fact I have a meeting scheduled with his people for tomorrow. We must never forget that it was filthy degenerates like the prisoners of Arkham City who were responsible for murdering Mr. Wayne's family...
  • Vicki Vale: Even so, Bruce Wayne doesn't seem to be a huge fan of your plans.
  • Quincy Sharp: Time will tell, Vicki. Now, if you will excuse me.
  • Vicki Vale: Of course. Thank you, Mr. Mayor.
  • Quincy Sharp: That was what Quincy Sharp, Mayor of Gotham City had to say last week. I wonder how he feels now that Bruce Wayne has been sent into Arkham City.