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Mechanical Guardians are robots found in the remains of Wonder City and seen in Batman: Arkham City and Harley Quinn's Revenge. According to Ra's al Ghul's commentary in the hallway in Wonder Avenue, he claims the Guardians' purpose in the proposed Wonder City is to serve over the residents, watch over them, and "protect you [them] from the worst of mankind's sins," essentially serving as a police force for the city.

Incident Reports[]

Mechanical guardian

Concept art


Mechanical guardian in Harley Quinn's Revenge

Arkham City Incident[]

While investigating the remains of Wonder City in the Wonder Avenue area, Batman noted that the Guardians' technology was way ahead of the technology that should have been available back then at the time of their creation. Batman then scans the video memory of 7 Guardians scattered throughout and discovers the secret entrance to Ra’s al Ghul’s sanctuary. During Protocol 10, the Guardians were gathered up in a pile.


Batman Arkham City - Easter Egg 28 - The Mystery of the Mechanical Guardians

Harley Quinn's Revenge

Harley Quinn's Revenge Incident[]

Harley Quinn acquired the Guardians and used them as her henchmen during her revenge plot against Batman. After Batman was saved by Robin, Harley unleashed them against Batman, but also took a sniping position on her Joker memorial to help in killing him. She painted the Guardians to look like Joker.

Physical Appearance[]

The Mechanical Guardians are humanoid robots with glowing eyes which also serve as video cameras connected to memory tapes inside the body. They have a dome-shaped head with a cylindrical base in lieu of no mouth. The metallic parts of the Guardians have various holes in them which show intricate symmetrical designs, such as on the chest and the front of the legs. The robots have one rod emerging from each shoulder likely for balance support or joint-connections. Their fingers are curved blades that have a claw-like appearance. Although their eyes in-game glow orange/yellow, the posters in Wonder City and the concept art show them with green eyes.

When the mourning Harley got a hold of Mechanical Guardians after the events of Arkham City, she painted a green spot on their heads to imitate Joker's hairline and painted red diamond patterns on their bodies. Their eyes also had a red glow instead of their previous orange/yellow glow.