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One of the Arkham Knight's medics reviving a militia troop in the AR Challenge "Rise and Shine."

Medic is a rank among the Arkham Knight's Militia, as well as Penguin's (only in GCPD lockdown) and Joker's (only in A matter of Family) gangs. Recognized by their white flight-suits, Medics tagged along with most squads of the Arkham Knight Soldiers to fight Batman in Batman: Arkham Knight, whether they would be engaging him in fist-fights or patrolling areas that were armed with guns.

However, instead of directly engaging Batman, Medics usually simply observed him as the other soldiers fought him, and instead went to revive defeated soldiers with a defibrillator. Each Medic only possessed three defibrillators, and one defibrillator could only be used once.

The Medics also sometimes defibrillated conscious soldiers during combat so that their flight-suits absorbed the electricity, and made them untouchable by Batman until the electricity dissipated. Using the Quickfire Batclaw/Zip-Kick or Whip instantly dissipated the electricity.

Medic's generally ignored weapons left on the ground so that the Militia Soldiers could use them unless they were the last remaining unit in which case they would use whatever weapon was at their disposal.

Known Medics[]


  • The Medics revived enemies taken out by Red Hood. As several medals required taking out the Medics, this was intentional, and was presumably added to challenge.
  • The Medics appeared when playing combat challenges as Harley Quinn, but could only revive fallen enemies. They could not give enemies their "Shield" as Harley had no gadgets that could remove it.
  • They are the only enemy type that looks different from other enemies that has no Character Showcase.