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Mental Blocked Loading Screen

Mental Blocked Loading Screen

Mental Blocked is a Batmobile Race AR Challenge Map that is included in the base game of Batman: Arkham Knight and can be launched from the open world. The lap-based track takes place in the old Gotham City sewers that have been repurposed into death traps by the Riddler.

The default Batmobile is the Arkham Knight Batmobile; star requirements are the same regardless of the Batmobile being used.


  • Complete a lap in less than 0:42 for 3 stars
  • Complete a lap in less than 0:48 for 2 stars
  • Complete a lap in less than 1:00 for 1 star

Rival Points[]

  • Complete in under 0:22 to obtain all 20 Rival Points(RP); one RP is earned for every second under 0:42, the 3 star time.

Time Bonuses and Penalties[]

  • The track contains neither bonuses nor penalties.


  • This race is different from it's storymode counterpart, which is 3 laps that change as opposed to the single static lap present in the replayable challenge.
  • Obtaining all 20 Rival Points on this track has only been done by one player glitchless and with proof as of March 2024.


  • Drifting is recommended to ensure an easier 3 star and to help with obtaining Rival Points.
  • The afterburner is unlimited, so use it as much as possible.