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Midnight Fury TT Loading Screen

Midnight Fury TT Loading Screen

Midnight Fury TT is a Batmobile race challenge map that is included in the base game of Batman: Arkham Knight and can be launched from the open world. This A-to-B checkpoint race takes place on Bleake Island; starting in Chinatown and ending at Perdition Bridge.

The default Batmobile is the Arkham Knight Batmobile; star requirements are the same regardless of the Batmobile being used.


  • Complete the course in less than 1:45 for 3 stars
  • Complete the course in less than 2:00 for 2 stars
  • Complete the course in less than 2:15 for 1 star

Rival Points[]

  • Complete in under 1:05 to obtain all 20 Rival Points(RP); one RP is earned for every second under 1:25, the 3 star time.

Time Bonuses and Penalties[]

  • A total of 12 hourglasses are spread across the track; driving through one will subtract 3 seconds from the timer and can result in up to 36 seconds saved.
  • No time penalties are present in the challenge.
  • There are a total of 5 hidden hourglasses that do not lie on the main track and can be found in the following videos:


  • This race is one of only 3 tracks to take place in the Arkham Knight overworld map; all of witch have their names ending in "TT".
  • Only 11 hourglasses can be picked up in a given run, giving a potential time save of 33 seconds. The 12th (8th sequencial) hourglass only spawns in if the 4th has been missed, and will then spawn just past the 7th hourglass.


  • Drifting and picking up time bonuses is recommended to ensure an easier 3 star and to help with obtaining Rival Points.