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Mike first appeared in Batman: Arkham Asylum.


Mike was a security guard at Arkham Asylum, and who was one of the many present during the Joker's takeover of the Asylum. He should not be confused with an Arkham orderly of the same name.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Mike was one of the many security guards present at Arkham Asylum's Intensive Treatment Center, when the Joker was recaptured by Batman. Mike was posted along with a second, unidentified Arkham security guard to guard the Patient Pacification Chamber as the Joker was returned to Arkham Asylum after his most recent capture.

While being transferred through the Holding Cells under the supervision of a security guard and a doctor, the Joker broke free and set loose all of Blackgate Prisoners that were housed in the Holding Cells (Most of them were convicts that were transferred temporarily from Blackgate Prison). The Joker turned the escaped prisoners on Batman as the Dark Knight attempted to pursue him before he escaped into the depths of the Intensive Treatment Center.

The Joker proceeded through the Processing Corridor, and killed three asylum guards in the area. Mike and his colleague inside Patient Pacification remained oblivious to the impending situation as they guarded the chamber. Another, unidentified, member of security was posted outside to guard the door to Patient Pacification, but was killed by the Joker.

Ark mans Zsasz912118

Victor Zsasz pacing behind Mike, strapped in the electroshock chair, after he took him hostage.

The Joker took out two more guards, including Eddie Burlow, before he avoided Patient Pacification and instead headed to the Decontamination Chamber where he proceeded to pump his Joker Toxin into the area, and killed at least ten security personnel and even several inmates. As Batman finally gained access to the Processing Corridor, the Joker's accomplice, Harley Quinn, unlocked the cell doors throughout the Intensive Treatment Center, and freed all of the prisoners to cause untold damage and chaos. One deranged inmate, the serial killer, Victor Zsasz, proceeded straight to the Lower Corridor where Patient Pacification was in his search for blood. Zsasz surprised Mike and his colleague inside, and in his bloodlust, murdered Mike's colleague in cold blood. Then, security officer, Zach Franklin, and at least one other Arkham guard arrived on the scene, and responded to the countless alarms in Intensive Treatment.

Zsasz reluctantly saw that Mike was worth more to him as a hostage than as a lifeless corpse, so he took hold of Mike and strapped him into the electroshock pacification chair and began threatening to electrocute Mike if anyone came close. Franklin ordered Zsasz to leave Mike alone as "He's done nothing to you!", but Zsasz ignored him. Holding the chair's remote control in his hand, Zsasz threatened to push the button that would end Mike's life. Meanwhile, Batman had followed the Joker's trail of destruction to the door to the Decontamination Chamber, where he encountered Burlow.

Their conversation was interrupted by a desperate call for backup by Franklin over Burlow's radio. Burlow directed Batman to the Lower Corridor, where Batman found Franklin and another security guard standing at the entrance to Patient Pacification, where Zsasz had barricaded himself inside and was pacing back and forth behind Mike in the electroshock chair. Franklin filled Batman in on the hostage situation: "Thank God! It's Zsasz. He's got Mike strapped in the chair. Zsasz has totally lost it!" The guards attempted to talk him down and had arrived with Zsasz's personal therapist, Dr. Gretchen Whistler. Attempts to negotiate with Zsasz proved fruitless, as his only response was a threat to kill Mike if the guards made any moves against him.

A terrified Mike struggled furiously against his restraints, to no avail. Zsasz had taken the possibility of Batman's interference into consideration, and told Franklin: "I see anything that looks even a little bit like a Bat, and this guard dies. Do you hear me?!" Zsasz then activated the electric chair, and triggerwed the chair to shock Mike, although not fatally. Batman then proceeded to a balcony that overlooked the Patient Pacification Chamber below, where Dr. Whistler and two guards who were watching Zsasz and his hostage below. Dr. Whistler told Batman that Zsasz needed to kill Mike and that he would. One of the security guards reminded Batman of Zsasz's threat, and told him: "If you go down there, Zsasz will execute my buddy!" Batman turned to another guard who attempted to negotiate with Zsasz, and who voiced Dr. Whistler's prediction that Zsasz would kill Mike anyway unless something were done.

The guard begged Batman to save his friend. Batman told the two guards to keep Zsasz busy while he found some way to take him out. The guards continued to ask what Zsasz wanted, though he snapped back at them, "How many times do you need to be told? Get any closer and this piggy fries." Batman used the old gargoyles around the top of the room to swing behind Zsasz and knock him to the floor with a well-aimed kick. Batman then pummeled Zsasz with his fist, and told the security guards: "Someone get this animal back to his cell!" The Arkham staff rushed in, only to have the door locked behind them.

Ar mansZsaszbatmanarkhamasylum

Batman and two Arkham security guards watching Zsasz's movements from a balcony as he holds Mike hostage in the room below.

Batman spoke with Harley via a security monitor, who revealed that she had kidnapped Quincy Sharp, the Warden and head administrator of Arkham Asylum. Harley had locked Batman and the others in Patient Pacification to trap Batman until she and the Joker were ready for him. Mike, meanwhile, remained seated in the electroshock chair. While another member of security covered Zsasz with his assault rifle, Dr. Whistler consoled Mike, and asking him: "How do you feel? You were kidnapped by Zsasz. Can you remember anything?" Mike seemed to be too shaken by his experience to speak, but he responded to Whistler's questions by nodding or shaking his head.

Another security guard attempted to force open the door, without success. Batman escaped by using the ventilation system, and left Mike in the care of the Arkham staff members. Dr. Whistler and another guard eventually unstrapped Mike from the chair and left Patient Pacification through unrevealed circumstances, although Zsasz escaped their custody. It was unknown if Mike survived the remainder of the attack on Arkham, but it seemed likely as he was last seen with Franklin, who was later seen in the Arkham Mansion assisting Aaron Cash and Dr. Penelope Young. It was most likely that Mike, his colleagues, and Dr. Whistler found somewhere safe to wait out the remainder of the Joker's takeover of the Asylum.

After Arkham Asylum Incident[]

It must be likely that Mike, his colleagues, and Dr. Whistler found somewhere safe to hid during Joker's Takeover. Mike and his colleagues must have survived the events during Joker's Takeover and returned to his duties after the Joker was placed back in custody.


  • Mike is one of the few guard whose names are said by their fellow guards.
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