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Arkham Knight's Militia[]

"So that's Wayne Tower?"
"No, no, I don't think so. It's Wayne International Plaza."
"So what's the difference?"
"I dunno, it's like, bigger, isn't it?"
"That's it? You know, if I was a billionaire I'd build a tower OR a plaza. And I think I'd be happy. Why's he got to have both?"
"Beats me. Still, I bet there's all kinds of cool toys in there."
"Don't even think about it. Wayne buildings are impregnable. Guy's a security nut. Everyone I know who's ever taken on a contract to hit Wayne property ends up in some booby trap."
"What's he hiding?"
"Who knows? He's a billionaire! They're all nuts. He's probably up there right now showing his bottled piss collection to a party of supermodels."

"Man, look at all the construction work. No economic downturn here."
"Pretty ugly, though, the way they're building all that new stuff right on top of the old."
"I didn't know we had an architectural connoisseur on the squad."
"Hey I know an ugly skyscraper when I see one. Besides, have you been down there on the underside? It's creepy - all those abandoned shops and empty alleys."

"Lex Luthor's got a building somewhere round here, right?"
"Over by the plaza."
"You know there's rumors he might've put some money into this."
"That ain't hard to imagine. He's had his eyes on this city for a while."
"He gets rid of Batman he's still got Bruce Wayne to worry about."
"Oooo, terrifying."

"I look out there, see those cars racing around. When are we gonna get some action?"
"Don't tempt fate, this is an easy gig, I like it that way."
"Hey Batman!"
"What the hell are you doing?"
"Tempting fate. We're right here, don't keep us waiting!"
"You gotta big mouth. Part of me hopes he flies down here and shuts it."

"Look, I told you three times. The Joker guy's dead. Now would you shut up? We're on patrol."
"OK, I just hate clowns. I saw him on TV once, y'know, when he ran for President."
"Oh yeah. Y'know they never found out how he got on the ballot."

"Hey man, what's the time?"
"What do you mean?"
"We're posted on a rooftop opposite the biggest clock in Gotham and you're asking me what time it is?"
"Oh yea, I hadn't noticed. I was busy watching the bridge, you know, as per our orders."
"Screw our orders. If you wanna know the time and you're standing opposite a giant freaking clock then just look at it. What? You think the Batman's gonna sneak up on us if you take your eyes off the bridge for one moment?"

"I've seen a lot of things, guys. But a body nailed to a wall?"
"Be glad it was just one. This is Gotham. You're lucky the maniac didn't try to recreate the Last freaking Supper on a billboard."
"Yeah, thanks for the imagery. It really helps."

"The hardest is when you go back, everyone expects you to switch off. But you can't.
"I don't wanna switch off. Nothing beats this man. The rush."
"I wish I could be like them, live a normal life. But that's not who I am."
"I couldn't do that, 9 to 5. Dying slow every day. I wanna go out fighting."
"Yeah. I won't argue with that."

"Baffler? Puzzler? No, it's Riddler. I'm sure of it."
"That's what I'm telling you. There's lots of 'em. You ever heard of Cluemaster?"
"You're kidding, right?"
"That one leaves clues at the scene of the crime, not riddles."

"I saw him! Call it in!"
"Batman doesn't actually have wings, you freaking idiot. And he doesn't, what did you say, screech?"
"So what, Gotham City just happens to be home to Batman AND a giant flying bat? Come on!"

"Chances are, we're not even gonna see him."
"Lucky for him."
"Damn straight. I've been itching to use all our training on the Bat."

" "Be advised. Alpha Target to be brought in alive if possible". Yeah. Right."
"If Scarecrow wants the Bat in one piece then he can cuff the bastard himself."
"You're crazy, the Knight wouldn't do that to us."
"I'm serious, man. Think about it. If ACE had blown at full capacity there'd be no hiding from the gas. We're Plan freaking B. And you know what? I bet there's still a Plan C waiting if we don't work out."
"When you put it like that, I wanna be Plan C."

"Operations are saying he brought in some back-up."
"What kind of back-up?"
"Ever heard of Nightwing? Kid's earning quite a rep over in Blüdhaven."

"Tonight's barely started and already Scarecrow and the Knight are at each other's throats."
"What about?"
"Same thing as always. When exactly the Knight gets to kill the Bat."

"I don't like being stuck down here, this old part of the city stinks."
"Yeah, damn rats everywhere too."
"You've seen rats?"
"Look around. We're stationed in Gotham's proverbial u-bend. Rats freak you out, huh?"
"A little."
"You know they say you're never more than ten feet from a rat. Or is it five?"
"Hey, if you've got anymore little facts you can keep 'em to yourself."

"The Cobras were supposed to crush him! Nearly crushed me back at base."
"Bat tank's better. Knight wasn't prepared."
"Yeah, he thought it'd just be a souped-up sports car."
"Someone's intel's a little outdated."

"So it's true. He abandoned us. The Arkham Knight's gone."
"Wow. So what, we answer to Scarecrow now?"
"Until the money runs out, I guess so. Think the new commander will try and take over?"
"The assassin? No way. He works alone. Doubt he'd have taken this job if he didn't have such a grudge against the Bat."
"What'd Batman do to him, anyway?"
"It was years ago, the night some Gotham crime lord called Black Mask tried to have Batman assassinated."
"Black Mask? You sure it wasn't that Joker guy? That's what I read."
"Does it matter? Anyway, our assassin friend came to collect whatt he thought would be an easy $50 million. Got his ass well and truly kicked."

"Batman won't be able to move in this city without us knowing about it."
"You heard the stories? He sounds... tough."
"His ghost stories won't work on me."
"Yeah, you're right. He's just a man. What's the worst he can do?"
"Oh, I don't know. Break every bone in your body?"
"Was I talking to you?"

"Are you ok man?"
"Yeah, yeah. I'm ok."
"You sure?"
"Yeah... it's just earlier, for like an instant - like, half a second - I think I breathed in a tiny bit of Scarecrow's gas."
"Jesus. What happened?"
"Nothing. Nothing, at first But I, uh, keep hearing them."
"There were some prisoners. Back when I was in the army. They'd killed, like, ten of our guys. So we, uh, gave them what they deserved."
"I know, right? But since I let that gas in it's like, it's like they're right behind me, still screaming. And..." 
"...What, man?"
"And I think they want to hurt me."

"My skin's still crawling, guys. Next time, one of you guys gets to brief Scarecrow."
"What's the matter, scared of his mask? It's Halloween, remember."
"It's not a mask."
"What? That... thing? That's his face?"
"Yeah. Did it to himself, too. When most people go under the knife they wanna look prettier."
"Shouldn't he be dead? Guy looks like they dug him up!"
"It's a trick. All plastic surgery. I, er, I think."

"Alright, all of you! You have the privilege of serving on the best defended, most tactically crucial watchtower in this whole city. So you damn well better defend it. You hear me?!"
"Yes, sir!"
"Good. We're high enough here that we can maintain aerial control of the whole island with these guns. So that's what we're gonna do. If any of you sees the Batman just shout. I'll tear him to pieces with this gun and we'll all take bets on how long it takes his body to hit the ground. Got it?"
"Yes, sir!"
"Good. Stay alert."

"When we win, not if."
"Ok whatever. I'm just saying, what happens?"
"This city's gonna be ours that's what happens."
"I'm going wherever the money takes me."
"Smart move. Principles don't earn you a living."

"Hey, I can see the GCPD from here. Shame we don't have a sniper rifle."
"Why take potshots at terrified cops when we can just leave them in there? The turret will take care of any evac choppers they send in."
"I'm just bored, you know. Stuck up here. Fifty bucks say I could hit a desk sergeant through a window."
"No way in hell could you make that shot!"
"Give me a rifle and I'll prove it."
"You're on. I'll get a couple of rifles in the next supply drop. Whoever hits the most cops wins. Clean kills only, tough. We don't want to cause any unnecessary suffering."

"Scarecrow's got a special place lined up to take the Bat."
"Hey look, it's Batman!"
"Er, let's keep away from the door..."
"Why? He can't get through there. It's solid iron!"
"Hi Batman! I'm sure you'd love to burst in here, use your fancy kung-fu stuff on us and then wreck our radar console, but, well: you're not on the list. So you're not coming in."
"Don't... provoke him! And don't put your fingers through the bars."
"He... er, looks different up close. Bigger. Kinda mean. And strong."
"You think I, er, pissed him off?"
"I don't know, maybe. Ask him!"
"Uh.. Batman? You know I was joking, right? About the whole list thing. I mean, we really can't let you in here but, you know, we're just doing our job: you're just doing your... er... hobby. So no hard feelings, yeah?"
"Is he going? Look like he's going."
"Er, bye Batman!"
"What the hell were you doing? You don't GOAD the Batman!"
"Oh, hey Batman! I bet you'd LOVE to come in here and then beat the crap out of us!"
"Yeah, he would! And you just gave him another reason to do it."
"Nah, it's cool. We had an understanding. You don't need to worry about him anymore."

"So explain it to me again. Scarecrow's gas got sucked away by a giant plant?"
"That's right."
"And Poison Ivy was INSIDE the plant?"
"And then she died?"
"And there were plants attacking the tanks we sent in, trying to stop it?"
"I hate this town, are you sure the turrets are working?"

"They say I can't man a checkpoint on my own. No one tells me what to do."
"I've fought wars on just about every continent."
"I've been shot, stabbed, set on fire. Nothing can stop me."
" "But what about Batman?" Ha, bring it on I say."
"Always sneaking up, catching people off guard. Damn coward."
"He tries that on me he's in for a big surprise."
"I won't even have to get my hands dirty. These guns'll do the trick. Cut him to pieces."
"Not that I'm averse to a little hand to hand combat."
"Would've been nice to get a little practice in tonight."
"It's not over yet. Still might get a little ass kicking in before dawn."

"Where were you based?"
"Miagani, I was running support on the APCs."
"You seen Batman?"
"Not up close. Don't know anyone who has and can talk about it."
"You think he's as good as they say?"
"I'm hoping we don't have to find out."

"We've got our orders. Leave the Riddle guy alone."
"But he's got robots, man! Actual freaking robots! And did you see what he's built down there? It's huge!"
"He doesn't share tech. So don't ask."
"Yeah but... robots!"
"Look, all these freaks - Riddler, that flying flamethrower maniac, the split personality guy - we want them here tonight, doing their thing, wearing Batman out, But you CAN'T trust them."
"But they're working with Scarecrow."
"Barely. Hitting Gotham, together, on the same night? That's about as co-operative as these lunatics get."

"You get to meet him?"
"Who, the Knight? I've never seen him, but..."
"No, no, the advisor. Guy the Knight brought in. The assassin."
"Him? No, I just do what the voice on the radio says."
"Guy's a badass, man, seriously. He's only got one eye, and he could still take any guy who trained with him back in the bunker."
"Did you try him?"
"Sure did! I was limping for a week. It's odd, though."
"I saw him take a couple of decent beatings, right? But he's always up fighting the next day. Guy heals fast."

"Have you seen Batman's car? It turns into a tank!"
"Where the hell does he get that stuff?
"It's obvious. He's government funded."
"I'd bet my life on it, friend. Think about it. Gotham City's a crime-ridden hellhole, right? The police can't do anything about it 'cos they've got to worry about due process and brutality lawsuits, and accountability and all that other bureaucratic bullcrap."
"But Batman? Why, he's just some vigilante, operating outside the law and answering to nobody, right?"
"Is he hell! He's a CIA-funded secret agent, operating extra-judicially and illegally on American soil. And that's how he can afford all those cool toys."
"It kinda makes sense..." 
"You damn right it makes sense. I'll forward you a video I saw online."

"I served my country, sacrificed everything. Lost friends. Meant nothing to them."
"You know we've crossed the line, there's no going back. We won't be forgiven for what we've done here."
"I don't want their forgiveness. I want them to beg for their lives."

"So if it comes down to it - and I'm not saying it will - who do we answer to? Scarecrow, or the Knight?"
"Scarecrow's just the client, okay. This is only a job. We stick with the Knight."
"If he keeps the militia together, we will."
"He will. I'm sure of it. Army treated us like toilet paper, but the Knight? He understands guys like us. Look out for us."
"Doesn't show us his face."
"It doesn't matter! I still remember when he found me. I was... I was in a bad place, okay? Headed for a worse one, and he reached out. Said he knew what it meant to be betrayed."

"He beats the hell out of them, man. I saw the footage. Knight said Batman does clean takedowns but this was brutal."
"What do you expect? He was hopped up on Scarecrow's fear stuff."
"Call me old fashioned but if you're gonna drug a target you should be trying to make 'em LESS dangerous."

"I think our radar console's faulty. Or too sensitive, or something."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, I'm pretty sure I just saw our turret taking pot shots at a bird."
"Was it a seagull? I hate seagulls. Flying rats."
"Yeah but, what about the ammo supplies?"
"Those babies could fire all night before they run dry, don't worry about it. Besides if it's too sensitive enough to target a bird it's sensitive enough to target a bat. And that's the way we want it."
"I guess you're right. It's just..."
"I like birds, is all."

"Batman's nothing without that car."
"Yeah, there's one crucial flaw to that statement, he has the car."
"But I'm saying if he didn't have it."
"And I'm saying he does."
"Hey, you guys keep yapping instead of focusing on your jobs, car or no car, Batman's taking you down."
"Sorry, sir."

"Still waiting on that diagnostic report."
"The commander reported in a few minutes ago. Drones are active and online."
"Batman's not getting inside here."
"If he does he's a dead man."

"You might not be in the Army anymore, but we still operate on a need-to-know basis, ok?"
"I'm just saying, who'd you think he is, the Arkham Knight?"
"And I'm just saying - I don't care. He's the guy who pays me, that's all I need to know."
"Is it? Guy hates Batman so much I'm getting nervous. I mean, let's say we kill the Bat. Then what? You think the Arkham Knight even cares what happens next?"
"So what? Knight retires, hangs Batman's head on the mantel. Good for him. We'll keep the gear, the equipment and the men. Someone else will take over. They always do."

"Who picked these buildings anyway? For a watchtower we're pretty low-down."
"The commander picked the spots. Feel free to argue with him if you want."
"No way, if the 'master tactician' thinks this is where the guns should be, then fine."
"How'd the Knight find him, anyway? Last I heard he was in jail."
"As if the government's just gonna leave a guy with skulls like that rot in prison. My guess? He did a few extra-legal favours for Uncle Sam, helped remove a troublesome dictator or two, and got himself an early release."
"And now he's helping us occupy Gotham? The suits won't be happy."
"That's what you get for working with the bad guys."
"Think we should learn a lesson from that?"

"I keep hearing about it. Was it really that bad?"
"Oh yeah. Scarecrow gasses Batman. And it just makes him MORE dangerous. Who'd have thought the Bat's been pulling his punches all this time?"

"Didn't you grow up here?"
"Me? Nah, I'm a Blüdhaven kid."
"Eh. Same difference."
"Walk into Blüdhaven bar and say that."

"I made it crystal clear in my last medical: botanophobia."
"You're scared of robots?"
"Plants, you idiot."

"There's others, like Batman."
"Oh yeah, all over. Keystone. Star City. Blüdhaven. Central. So what I'm saying is, maybe this could be a running gig."
"The way Scarecrow talks, I think it just might be."

"Yep, the Bat had the Knight. Dead to rights. And he just let him go. You ask me, there's more history there than the Knight ever let on."
"Listen, we got the specs on Bat's transport, he's toast."
"That intel's old. He's doing things in that car we weren't briefed on."
"There's a lot of things we weren't briefed on, deal with it. Look, if he's smart he'll stay away. If not we'll fry his ass."

"Let's be ready people."
"Sentry guns are online. He's not getting near this place."
"We'll take him down."
"That Clock Tower's one of his bases. He's bound to come through here."
"Not if he doesn't wanna get killed."
"Maybe it's all getting too much for him. He might want us to do him a favor."
"He's too stupid for that. He thinks he can win."

"Whose idea was it to set up underneath this damn plant?"
"What's your problem? Ivy's dead. We're safe."
"I'm just imagining what one of those vines could do."
"Probably rip you in half. Or squish your head like a pimple."
"Thanks, I feel so much better."

"Some merc. But he's the best. "Master tactician". Been advising the Knight."
"So the Knight goes AWOL and now this guy's running ops?"
"Looks like."

"You ever hear about Team 7."
"Not heard that name in a while. That's some serious stuff. What happened to those guys?"
"Dropped off the grid. No one knows for sure. There's a splinter group. All female. That's where I've seen that name."
"What name?"
"Over there on the club. Black Canary."

"When's our relief getting here? I wanna go on a bat hunt."
"Not 'til the morning, soldier. Until then we keep this tower locked down."
"So the Knight spends months teaching us how to kill the Bat only to make us wait up here all night?"
"This IS how you kill the Bat, idiot. You control the sky. You control the roads. You control the rooftops. You make it so he can't move without getting shot at or worn down. Bat knows Gotham inside and out. Think its his secret weapon. Well, it's OUR weapon now."

"To be honest I'm glad we're behind these barriers, it's so open season out there."
"Don't worry, all non militia personnel have got their orders."
"Yeah, the ones we know about. There's psychos out there that ain't on anyone's side."
"Hmmm. These barriers are secure, right?"

"I don't care what you think, Scarecrow's a freak, man, and we shouldn't have taken this job."
"What's the matter? Getting all squeamish about operating on American soil? Scared you might have to fight the Bat? Or just scared of Scarecrow?"
"I'm ready for the Bat, and I'd operate on Uncle Sam with a hacksaw after the way the Army treated me. But Scarecrow? Yeah, he scares me. Guy talks like he wants to bring about a damn apocalypse."
"When I signed up, Knight said he'd give me purpose. Something worth fighting for AND pay worth working for. But this? It's starting to feel like the only mission we're going on."

"I'm just saying, if he runs, he's got my vote."
"Look, Luthor's not running, and if he was, you really want some billionaire geek in charge?"
"He's said the right thing about, you know, the metahuman types."
"Let's not mix work with politics, ok?"

"What kind of boring post is this? Stuck in here guarding a portable radar dish when all the action's out there."
"What? It's great! We've got a sea view, gun turrets protecting us. We're not exposed to whatever those freaks pump into the air next."
"I know, but I thought I'd get to see him for myself, - you know, the Batman. Look him and the eyes and say, "Hey, you're not so tough." "
"Well maybe you'll get your chance. He might come after this tower."
"You're kidding right? Those guns will cut him to pieces if he comes from the sea, and there's no way he's getting past these bars."

"Hey, we gonna get these barriers up or what?"
"Relax. What's your problem?"
"Oh I don't know. That guy with the cape and the ears."
"Ha, Batman's shown me nothing so far. He's got a lot of fancy tech, that's about it."
"That's great, really. Any chance we could mock him from behind the barriers?"​​​​​​

"You know Batman was the reason I enlisted."
"No way."
"Yeah, way back, before the guy even had a name. It changed the way I looked at things, thought I could make a difference."
"Then life slapped you in the face."
"Hey, I was young."
"And now you're back here trying to take him down."
"Funny how things work out."

"That Firefly guy. I swear I saw him in a movie once."
"What movie?"
"I'm not sure. The Flame? The Fire-man? Mr. Fire? It's on the tip of my tongue."

"You're the dumbass who doesn't understand how fractions work!"
"Fractions?! It's not about fractions! It's about sounding cool."
"All I'm saying is that he's got ONE face. One. It's just in two halves."

"They just don't get it do they? The mercenary life?"
"Exactly! I put food on the table. Blood diamonds in he jewelry box. I laundered all my money through her company - she didn't even have to ask and she dumps me!"
"I hear you. My other half's a human rights lawyer. He, er, he thinks I'm on a business trip."

"OK. If you see Batman don't call it in."
"Why the hell not?"
"Look, we call in help taking him down, everybody shares the credit. But we do it ourselves, well, it's bonus time. Besides, There's no way he's as tough as they say."

"So this is the great Gotham City, huh?"
"Look at these animals, they're tearing it apart."
"Yeah we just blew up a factory, man."

"Patrol squad reporting in: no sighting."
"We've locked down a whole city for one man. It's overkill."
"The way the Knight talks about this guy, I'm surprised we didn't lock down the state."

"At least that Ivy woman's dead. No more tank-crushing, man-eating plants."
"Earlier, it took me ten minutes just working up courage to walk past a shrubbery."
"You think that's bad? I had salad for lunch. I kept thinking can she bring it back to life? Can she make it explode out of my stomach like some kinda alien parasite?"

"He went off the rails, guys. Chased Batman in a freaking excavator and then tried to kill him. All without Scarecrow's permission."
"So where's the Knight now?"
"He fought his way out the hideout, killed a couple of Scarecrow's personal guard on the way."

"Where are you going when we get paid?"
"Santa Prisca, baby. I'm getting a tan."
"No danger of that here."

"No more Ivy. That's what she gets for picking the wrong side."
"Did you read her psych profile? She'd have turned on Batman the second the city was safe."

"What was wrong with him?"
"Scarecrow's gas. Some people... they don't get better after. Not ever."
"He was one of ours."
"Look, we found him. Put him out of his misery. OK?"

"Leave the rioters alone. They won't mess with us."
"What makes you so sure."
"This city's a gangland. Scarecrow's just put himself at the top of the pecking order, and none of this street scum's gonna argue."

"I hope Batman hands himself in soon. I wanna go home."
"Feels like we've been here a week."
"I know. When's the sun coming up?"

"New orders, guys. You're not gonna like them."
"Alright, drop the suspense."
"If we see the Arkham Knight. We bring him in. That's straight from Scarecrow."

"Optic deflection armor? Why don't we have optic deflection armor?"
"Didn't do 'em any good."
"They they didn't deserve it in the first place."

"Bruce Wayne? Bruce Wayne kicked our asses all night? I thought Batman was ex-Special Forces or something like that."
"I guess not."
"Who trained him?! Who built his gear?! Who's running support? His butler!?"

"So, er, guys. I don't get it. Who's Bruce Wayne."
"You're kidding, right? No-one's that out of touch."
"Yeah! Yeah! Course I'm kidding. Bruce Wayne! I can't believe he was Batman all along. That's so unlike him!"

"Alright guys, let's do it! Let's kill Bruce Wayne!"
""Kill Batman" sounded cooler."
"Yeah. It did."

"You said he was dead!"
"No, I said the Knight wrecked his car!"
"That's not true either!"

"Who the hell is this guy? Shows up after the Arkham Knight disappears. Tells us we can't leave!"
"He's some kind of assassin. I think he was Scarecrow's way of making sure that if everything went wrong, the Bat still dies."
"Well he can kill Batman himself. I'm leaving first chance I get."

"So what were you? Navy? Marines?"
"Special forces."
"Yeah, I thought you were special."

"I wanna go home."
"You heard the new commander. We can leave anything, we just can't take our heads with us when we do."
"I signed up to help a psychiatrist destroy Batman. Not help an assassin kill Bruce Wayne. They're completely different things!"

"They KNEW each other?"
"Hard to know for sure. Knight didn't let anyone in until he was done screaming at the Bat. But that kinda says it all, doesn't it?"
"You're damn right it does. What else was that bastard hiding?"

"My stomach feels like my throat's been slit. Been living on rations for weeks."
"Quit thinking about your stomach, we gotta job to do.'
"Last night, I dreamt you were a steak."

"It's not true. It can't be true."
"Chapman was on guard at the Asylum. It's true."
"The Knight helped Batman? Saved Batman? So what, was this whole occupation, a lie?"

"I never liked Bruce Wayne."
"Yeah. All the charity work. The donations. You could tell he was hiding something."
"Exactly! He's not one of those trustworthy rich guys, like Oliver Queen. Or Lex Luthor."

"You know, he's always been in pretty good shape for a playboy."
"Yeah, did you see that beach photoshoot? Guy had definition in places I'm not sure I've got muscle tissue."

"I was gonna be halfway to the beach by now."
"I had my eye on a penthouse in Metropolis."
"Well, maybe this new guy will pay us after all? Yeah right."

"How'd I end up here? A hired gun hunting a hero?"
"Focus on the money."
"It helps, I won't lie."

"There's what, a thousand of us? And one of him. This gig sure beats eating out-of-date rations while being shot at in the desert."
"You bet it does. You know my body armor actually fits?"
"Private sector, man. We should've done this a long time ago."

"It's all anyone's talking about online. Bruce Wayne's trending, obviously, Every website's leading with it."
"Wha- What?"
" just published "Top Ten Reasons You Should Have Known He Was Batman." Look, they've got jawline at three."

"I think it's inspiring. Rich guy like that, dedicating his life to helping people."
"You forget what side you're on?!"
"Don't get me wrong, I'll still kill him."

"Why don't we break him out?"
"You saw the feed. Scarecrow's gonna be a wreck for weeks."
"Still, he, er, might pay extra if we get him loose."

"12 freaking hours without a break. I need food. Or an adrenaline shot."
"Not long now. New boss will kick Batman's ass. Then we will go home."
"Look, we lost, ok? Isn't it obvious? This damn assassin and his damn pride's the only thing keeping us here." 

"Maybe we could take him. The assassin. Get the drop on him and leave town?"
"No way man. I've seen him fillet a guy with a sword of his."

"This is what happens when rampant capitalism is allowed to propagate unchecked."
"Yeah, alright. Cool it, Karl Marx."
"I'm serious! First you give these one-percenters generous corporate tax relief. Next thing you know they're punching people in the street."

"Some guys are missing."
"Like, dead missing?"
"Maybe. They were the Knight's favorites. The ones he trusts. Either the Knight took them with him, or the new boss didn't want 'em around."
"So we're definitely getting paid, right? 'Cause I only came to this dump for the money."
"You stay, you get paid. You leave, you get hunted down and killed. New commander was pretty clear about the bonus system."

"There's no excuse for not destroying that police station, we had the firepower."
"That battle was only ever gonna go one way."
"Since when did you become a Batman fan."

"Who sets fire to a fire station?"
"I dunno. Someone with a sense of humor."

"Bastards, both of them! Knight and Scarecrow! Two minutes' warning? Two minutes?! We could have lost half our men!"

"We were safe up on the watchtower, but I don't know, not everyone was so lucky."

"Has Batman handed himself in yet? I wanna go home."
"No. And quit asking. You're giving me a headache."

"Don't leave, ok? Some guys tried sneaking off the bridge to the mainland."
"And the new commander. He was waiting on the other side."

"If I'd known he was a billionaire I'd have signed up with Batman!"
"He wasn't hiring."
"I'd have impressed him. With my moxie."