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The Militia Commander is a supporting antagonist in Batman: Arkham Knight. He is never seen, but he controls the drones when Batman is battling them and is a back-up commander in case both the Arkham Knight and Deathstroke were defeated.


Before Arkham Knight[]

Scarecrow hired the unnamed individual as a back-up commander in the event both the Arkham Knight and Deathstroke were beaten.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

After the disappearance of the Arkham Knight and the incarceration of Deathstroke, the unnamed commander oversaw his campaign against Mr. Freeze.


  • The character taking over the Militia could be non-canon but was made in case Campaign for Disarmament is finished first; however, he is the voice during all tank battles regardless of whether the Arkham Knight and Deathstroke are defeated.
  • The commander is actually a sergeant or higher-ranking noncommissioned officer.
  • Despite never being seen in the main game, he has his own death screens in In from the Cold.