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Militia Soldiers are the generic foot-soldiers of the Arkham Knight's Militia. Their mission is to kill Batman, and they have been trained for this task by the Arkham Knight. They wear red, black and white overalls with military style utility belts and gas masks. They are employed in most combat scenarios and are equipped with weaponry and gadgets suitable for the task. Unlike generic thugs, they are very coordinated and can use equipment such as grenades and drones to neutralize targets.


A generic soldier of the militia is equipped with:

  • Black flight-suits with red camouflage and hoods
  • Black ballistic vests
  • Black knee-high combat boots
  • Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns (Predator only, except for Assault Rifles)
  • Fragmentation grenades (Predator only)
  • Thermobaric charges (Predator only)

Some are also equipped with black M50 gas-masks, red berets, and black caps with headpieces over it.


  • Soldiers are essentially Thugs that work for the Militia - deal with them just the same.
  • Soldiers will often utilise firearms (from weapon crates) or melee weapons (such as Knives, Riot Shields, and Stun Batons) in combat. These weapons can render the soldier a much larger threat and should be disarmed as soon as possible.
  • Unarmed soldiers are not defenceless: they will throw nearby crates and similiar objects at Batman and can use a charge attack that cannot be countered normally, only evaded or countered with a Batarang. They will not hesitate to loot weapons off fallen comrades to give them an advantage.
  • Knife-wielding soldiers use two different slash combo animations - users of the Blade Dodge Takedown would do well to learn them.
  • Use these enemies to build up a higher combo rating to unleash powerful attacks on larger threats such as Brutes.

Special Archetypes[]

  • Boa Controller: These soldiers operate dangerous Boa drones that seek out and try to kill Batman. Drone controllers cannot attack and are stationary whilst operating the drone which makes them highly vulnerable to stealth takedowns, though enemy soldier will notice that the drone has crashed. Downloading their control codes with the Remote Hacking Device and hacking the drone will order the drone to shock up to three nearby targets and destroy itself. They appear only in Predator Mode.
  • Optic Deflection Armour: These soldiers use masking devices that hide them from your Detective Mode. The Remote Control Batarang can be used to see them and the Disruptor can be used to deactivate their camouflage. They wear silver overalls glowing bright blue, making them easier to spot with normal vision. Medics retain their red hoods.
  • Checkpoint Commander: The highest ranking soldiers that are the targets of the Own the Roads Most Wanted Mission. They wear beige and black armour and a communications device and are more aggressive and opportunistic than their lower ranking counterparts. They are also impossible to intimidate and grant this ability to all units under their command. Batman must destroy their radios to complete checkpoint missions.
  • Detective Mode Tracker: These soldiers can pinpoint your location if you use Detective Mode in their presence for a moderate amount of time. This can be problematic when planning an attack so it would be a good idea to stealth takedown these soldiers first. They wear a tracking device on their utility belts. They appear only in Predator Mode.
  • Detective Mode Jammer: These soldiers, akin to their precursors from Arkham City and Arkham Origins, wear backpacks that jam Detective Mode, rendering it useless (except for indicating which soldier has the jammer with an arrow above them). It can be disabled by knocking the enemy unconscious or by Disrupting them (which has the side effect of stunning all soldiers in the encounter through deafening them with their earpieces). They only appear in Predator Mode.


  • Checkpoint commanders can actually be seen outside of checkpoints, on a select few story missions. They do not drop their radios after being knocked out in these circumstances.
  • One soldier admits he used to respect Batman back before he was named; he enlisted in the army due to Batman inspiring him. One of his comrades notes the irony in now being hired to kill him.
  • One soldier says he visited Gotham as a child, and wanted to see Batman.
  • One Checkpoint Commander watches a Checkpoint on his own, albeit with sentry guns helping.
    • He makes various comments to himself, for example "And they said I couldn't man a checkpoint by myself..."
    • He is the easiest to take out as he never looks behind himself.