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Humvees, APCs, and cargo helicopters are vehicles used by the Arkham Knight's Militia.



Arkham Knight militia Humvee

The Humvee or armored vehicle in Arkham Knight.

Armored Personnel Carrier. (in-game vehicle trophy)

The Humvee is used to transport soldiers and personnel. They are armored and can carry four passengers.


Arkham Knight militia APC

The APC in the vehicle showcase.

Transport for the militia's senior command. (in-game vehicle trophy)

The APC is used to transport APC lieutenants. They are heavily armored and equipped with a turret.

Cargo Helicopter[]

The helicopter at Ace chemicals.

A tandem rotor helicopter that strangely has no vehicle trophy.

It is used to transport tank drones to be deployed from ACE Chemicals to the 3 islands by air during the beginning of Operation Savior. They can also deploy milita soldiers and brutes to the battlefield. They are cargo helicopters that have two engines and a cargo ramp.

Cloudburst tank[]

Arkham Knight's assault vehicle. (in-game vehicle trophy)

Manned by the Arkham Knight and guarded by 6 Cobra Tanks, it is armed with homing missiles, Dumbfire rockets and a laser cannon. It employs a scanner that rotates 360 degrees, but can only scan one direction at a time, and not through structures. It is also protected from EMP attacks. Defeating it requires overheating the Cloudburst mounted on it by destroying four heat sinks (which disables the laser cannon), and then disabling the tank itself.

It is a nuclear powered tank.

Deathstroke's Tank[]

Manned by Deathstroke and guarded by 5 Cobra Tanks, it is equipped with homing missiles, a Dumbfire rocket launcher, and a laser cannon. It employs a 360 degree scanner that does not scan through structures.

Unlike the first Cloudburst tank that has to be fought stealthily, this one can be fought directly without needing to flee from it.


Heavy construction vehicle. (in-game vehicle trophy)

Driven by the Arkham Knight, it is equipped with no guns, just rock grinding gears that serve as an extreme threat to the Batmobile. It also has armor that is impenetrable to the Batmobile's weapons.

This is a heavy tunnel-digging machine that is meant to dig through tough rock.



  • The cargo helicopter is highlighted in detective mode but has no description or vehicle trophy.
  • The cargo helicopters can be found in Gotham city if you exit Ace Chemicals early.[1]