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One of the Arkham Knight's Minigunners.

The Minigunner is an enemy type that was faced in Batman: Arkham Knight. Most encountered Minigunners were part of the Arkham Knight's Militia, though they had only 2 possible variations of Minigunners. A few were shown to work for Harley's Gang, though she only had 6 in the main story (7 counting the Wayne Manor challenge). Harley's Gang had 4 variations of Minigunners. The Penguin also has a Minigunner in GCPD Lockdown, with four possible variations. They only appeared in Predator situations, with their combat counterpart being Brutes.

The Minigunners were very difficult to take out, as you needed to do several counters (with additional Beatdowns in between) while being vulnerable to other enemies and making noise while doing so. However, they could be taken out by other means (most notably, by a Dual Takedown by Batman and Robin, which takes them out faster), but all of them produced noise. They are immune to Fear Multi-Takedowns, grate takedowns, silent takedowns, and ceiling takedowns. They are also immune to the Disruptor to a degree - they can unjam their weapon after discovering that it cannot fire, and Batman cannot disrupt their weapons twice (the resulting explosion could kill its wielder).

Harley minigunner takedown

Batman and Robin taking down one of Harley Quinn's Minigunners

Using the Voice Synthesizer to lure the Minigunners to activate a rigged weapon crate was one of the the safest way to take them out, as Batman didn't need to even get close to them, but this only worked once. They were also vulnerable to Environment Takedowns, and they were easily attracted by noise and just came to check on where something was thrown by the player (e.g. a Batarang), which was also useful to lure them near circuit boards. Using Explosive Gel on weak walls could also take them down easily.

Unlike other enemy types, Medics could not revive downed Minigunners.

Known Minigunners[]



  • The Minigunners were the only Predator Mode enemy who never become "terrified" while searching for the player, only "nervous". They were marked as "terrified" during Beatdowns, however.
  • The Minigunners did not appear when playing as certain characters, and were instead replaced with other enemy types, most often by a soldier wearing optic deflection armor.
  • Enemies will comment upon seeing an unconscious Minigunner, expressing panic that one of their most powerful men was down.

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