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Morgan Kolchak is the medical expert brought in by Amanda Waller for the Metropolis Invasion. Though Morgan is less than impress at being essentially demoted to a regular doctor.


From the Files of Lex Luthor[]

I've fielded more than a few complaints about Morgan Kolchak, from an assortment of random grunts who think I have any interest in "small talk". Apparently, they find Dr. Kolchak's methods cold and impersonal.

These people are supposed to be soldiers.

Dr. Kolchak's manner is ideally suited for the times in which we find ourselves. They are precise, efficient and unburdened by social convention. I have often mused that my greatest limitation was my veneer of charm and practiced relatability: all that energy wasted that could have been better spent on my glorious brain.

Dr. Kolchak understands. We don't need to be friendly: we need to be good.


  • Morgan expresses their desire to examine a Coluan body, being vocally exasperated that they cannot due to Brainiac's corpses all dissolving.