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Mr. Freeze's Suit is a suit designed to keep Victor Fries at the sub-zero temperatures he requires to survive. In addition, it has multiple weapons and equipment that Freeze designed, it contains various counter-measures that allow him to control his immediate environment. It also includes a security override chip to stop enemies from using his own weaponry against him.

Fries without suit

The cryogenic coolant delivery system Fries developed.

Incident Reports[]

Cold Cold Heart Incident[]

Victor Fries was forced to build the original suit from pieces of technology found in his lab, as he could not leave the room without dying. He later used the suit to capture Ferris Boyle from Wayne Manor. A part of it was later removed, which Ferris Boyle used to try to beat Fries to death.

Arkham City Incident[]

During his incarceration in Arkham City, Freeze used his suit to intimidate Hugo Strange into releasing Nora until she was delivered to Joker in order to force him to concoct a cure for his TITAN overdose. After an unspecified amount of time, Fries was attacked by Penguin's forces and removed from his suit while Oswald Cobblepot acquired his weapons to fend off Batman. After Penguin was defeated, Victor Fries regained his suit and went back to his lab at the GCPD to manufacture a cure for Batman and The Joker. However, Mr. Freeze turned on Batman and asked for the return of his wife after the cure was synthesized and used its various countermeasures in an attempt to combat the Dark Knight. He eventually was given his spouse's location and used the chilling weaponry of his suit to make a path to his wife, and stay by her side.

Arkham Knight Incident[]

Freeze's suit went through a complete overhaul for the In from the Cold Most Wanted mission. After Freeze started focusing his efforts on curing Nora, he switched his large and slow armor for an insulated costume, which closely resembled a Hazmat Suit. It had only one weapon on hand, which was a wrist-mounted set of cryoguns on his right arm.


  • His original suit was composed of technology collected from GothCorp.
  • Some time between Arkham Origins and Arkham City, Fries added a secondary system into the suit to directly inject the cooling fluid into his body in case he was ever removed from it.
  • Fries also implemented several modifications into the suit's weapons system to counter Batman's predator tactics.
  • When one of Penguin's thugs is looking at the case with the suit in it, he considers using it against Batman. He also thinks he could make ice puns - "Freeze, Batman, I am in a refridgerator. Would you like ice with that?" This is a nod to the version of Mr. Freeze from the film Batman and Robin, where he was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who made numerous ice-related puns throughout the movie.