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Nora Fries




Biographical information
Full Name Nora Fries
Occupation Dancer
Base of Operations Lacey Towers
Affiliations Victor Fries)
Physical description
Hair Brown
Blonde (Arkham City)
Eyes Blue
Height 5ft 6in
Weight 145lb
Game Information
Voice Actor Cissy Jones
First Appearance BATMAN: MISTER FREEZE (MAY 1997)

Have you ever seen a flower die? Watched something that was once so beautiful, so full of life, collapse and rot from within...
— Mr. Freeze's description of Nora's condition to Hugo Strange in his third Interview Tape in Arkham City

Nora Fries found undying love when she married the shy, but brilliant cryogenicist, Victor Fries.

After Nora was struck with a rare disease, Victor used his lab and froze her in a state of suspended animation until he could find a cure. Since then, Nora was trapped between life and death.

Victor became Mr. Freeze, and was willing to break every law in his desperate search for a means to cure her.

Incident Reports

Before Arkham Origins Incident

Somewhere before the events of Arkham Origins, Nora developed Huntington's Chorea, which made her terminally ill. Her husband, Victor, put her into cryostasis, which slowed down the disease and gave him more time to find a cure. She was transferred to GothCorp and remained inside Victor's lab, while he, supported by his boss, Ferris Boyle, worked on finding a cure.

Cold, Cold Heart Incident

After Victor was transformed into Mister Freeze, Nora was taken by Ferris Boyle and taken to the Propellant Lab inside GothCorp. Nora remained there with her husband and Boyle until Batman came and put a stop to Freeze's plans. While Batman fought with Freeze, Boyle managed to disconnect Nora's freezing system, which caused her to slowly thaw/die. After Batman took down Freeze, he stopped Boyle and reconnected Nora to the freezing system, and thus saved her life. It wasn't truly known what happened to Nora after Freeze was arrested, and thus, Bruce Wayne decided to put her in Wayne Enterprises inside the lab for development.

Before Arkham City Incident

When Mister Freeze entered Arkham City, he was promised by Hugo Strange to be able to continue his research on a cure for Nora's Huntington's Chorea. However, Strange took Nora and gave her to the Joker. Joker used that to his advantage: he blackmailed Freeze into making a cure to the Titan Disease, and said that he would kill Nora if Freeze didn't do what he told him.

Arkham City Incident

While working on the cure, Freeze was abducted by the Penguin's men and taken to the Museum. When he was rescued by Batman, Mr. Freeze went back to his lab at the abandoned GCPD Building to make the cure for the disease that afflicted the Joker. When the cure was made, Freeze requested that Batman find Nora.

However, Batman wanted the cure first, which resulted in a fight, and ended with neither of them winning, as Harley Quinn took the other vial of the cure by cutting a hole behind the safe where it was stored.

After he made his way to the Steel Mill to find the cure, Batman found Nora locked up in Warehouse 5B of the Falcone Shipping Warehouses in the Industrial District. After he found Nora, Batman told Freeze her location. Later, Freeze was found beside Nora in the Warehouse, and promised to find the cure for her eventually.

Arkham Knight Incident

BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT 20160313235024

After Victor's refusal to take part in Scarecrow's Alliance, the Arkham Knight's Militia launched an assault on Freeze's ship, and captured Nora in the process.

Nora's cryo-tube was held at a construction site. The Militia guarding her were taken out moments before her container finally failed, and she awakened. After a brief conversation with Batman, Nora finally got to speak to her husband again via hologram before the cryo-generator on Victor's ship failed, and froze the nearby landscape. Nora climbed into the back of the Batmobile, was taken back to the ship, and arrived just in time to witness the Militia's final siege. As Batman and Freeze were being quickly overwhelmed, Nora encouraged Victor to sacrifice her cure in order to defeat the Militia. Victor reluctantly obliged, and saved Nora from the immediate threat, but ultimately endangered her more in the long-term.

After the battle, Nora reconnected with Victor on the bow of the ship. Victor insisted that Nora be frozen again so he could resume work on a cure, but she declined. Nora made it clear that she would rather spend what little time she had left with Victor than spend another decade unable to do anything but watch as her husband descended into villainy. Victor agreed, and the two vowed to spend what brief time they had left together, and set sail, their time in Gotham over.

Flip of a Coin Incident

Even though she does not appear physically, the container she was in can be found destroyed in Hell's Gate Disposal Services.

Psychological Profile

Nora Fries

Real Name: Nora Fries

Batman's Database Profile

Nora was infected by a terminal disease called Huntington's Chorea with this problem that she is dying. Nora is put into cryogenic stasis by her husband, Victor Fries. He had been working on a cure for his wife, but then failed by pulling the plug that caused an accident, turning Victor into cryogenic form.

Dr. Hugo Strange

Nora Fries


  • Gifted dancer


Arkham Knight

  • "Batman..."
  • "For what, another lifetime?"
  • "Too long...It was like dreaming. But...I could hear Victor...speaking to me."
  • "Let me speak to him."
  • "Victor?"
  • "Oh, Victor..."
  • "Please, stop..."
  • "Don't you see?! I don't want saving! Not anymore."
  • "Victor?!"
  • "Victor...God, no!"
  • "Please, hurry."
  • "We have to help him."
  • "Victor, it's okay. It's what I want."
  • "Victor?"
  • "Victor. This isn't you."
  • "I won't let you destroy yourself anymore. I wish I could have told you sooner."
  • "Then let me live."
  • "Time never has been on our side, Victor."



  • Oddly, Nora had a different appearance in every single game that she was featured in. In Arkham City, Nora's character profile states that her hair was blond and loose, but her hair is actually short as can be seen through her container during the Heart of Ice side mission. During Arkham Origins, Nora wore the same dress, but her hair was brown. In Arkham Knight, not only was Nora's hair tied back, but there was a light shade of brown, almost red in it.
  • As mentioned in a Gotham City Story in Arkham Knight, Nora was conscious inside of her icy prison.
  • Nora seems to know who Batman is despite him largely being a myth by the time she was frozen. However given she has been conscious all these years and Batman has appeared in front of Nora's pod on several occasions throughout the Arkham timeline she would know who he is through seeing him and hearing of his exploits when she was in possession by Joker's gang in Arkham City.
  • In the Arkham Knight Arkham DLC Episode, A Flip of a Coin, Nora's container could be found destroyed in the corner of the Hell's Gate Disposal Services.
    • However, the GCPD west wing (DLC) evidence room also includes a container in it. Either they are not the same one, it got destroyed somewhere between Halloween and a Flip of a Coin incidents, or it's simply an oversight.
  • Nora in the Arkham series was technically the only one to remain firmly loyal to Mr. Freeze, as the DCAU-related comics had her leaving for the man who cured her (although she still had some loyalty to Viktor Fries), and in the comics, Nora when exposed to the Lazarus Pit was driven insane and went by Lazara.