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"Stubborn, stupid fool. It's why she loved you."
—Nyssa Raatko's last words before her death in option A.[src]
"Good. The loyalists will scatter. And I'll be true to my word. The League has no business in Gotham from now on."
—Nyssa keeping her end of the bargain after accomplishing option B.[src]

Nyssa Raatko is the estranged daughter of Ra's al Ghul and the younger sister of Talia al Ghul. In The Season of Infamy Side Mission, Shadow War, Nyssa lead a rebellion against her father and those loyal to him so that she could take control of the League of Assassins.

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Incident

On the night of the Blackgate Riots, Batman accessed a file relating to Lady Shiva which named Nyssa as one of her known associates.

Before the events of Arkham Knight, Nyssa Raatko came to the attention of Batman and Alfred Pennyworth:

Bruce Wayne had memorized her appearance, while Alfred formed the belief that Nyssa was the most level-headed and rational member of her family.

After the demise of Ra's al Ghul in Arkham City, Nyssa assumed leadership of one of the warring factions within the League of Assassins. Motivated by a desire to make amends for her father's actions, Nyssa's rebel faction fought tirelessly to prevent the loyalists of Ra's from gaining control of the rebel's Lazarus Pit. They understood the grave consequences that would follow if the loyalists obtained access to the powerful restorative abilities of the Lazarus Pit.

Arkham Knight Incident

Prior to the Arkham City crisis, a tape recorded by Ra's Al Ghul was discovered in Elliott Memorial Hospital. In the recording, Ra's entrusted the leadership of the League to Nyssa's sister, Talia, in the event of his death and Batman's refusal to join their cause. Ra's expressed his lack of trust in Nyssa's ability to lead the League, deeming her too compassionate.

While safeguarding the newly established Lazarus Pit, Nyssa found herself face-to-face with Batman. She swiftly disarmed him of the detonator that could have destroyed the Pit. Nyssa sternly warned Batman against fulfilling her father's resurrection.. In a powerful display, she detonated explosive gel, obliterating the Lazarus Pit and solidifying her stance. Nyssa made a solemn promise to Batman that if he allowed Ra's to die, she would ensure that the League never took the life of an innocent again and that they would never return to Gotham. She then returned Batman's detonator to him. With conflicting emotions, Batman departed from the pit, under Nyssa's watchful gaze.

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If Batman chose to complete Ra's resurrection, Nyssa unleashed her rebel forces upon him, only to be struck down by her father, now imbued with newfound power. Despite the dire circumstances, Batman offered Nyssa a chance at survival by injecting her with the remaining Lazarus serum. However, Nyssa staunchly refused, determined not to succumb to the same monstrous fate as her father.

If Batman chose to destroy the Lazarus device, Nyssa played a pivotal role in defeating Ra's al Ghul's loyalists, showcasing her formidable skills. In a moment of intense personal conflict, Nyssa sought to personally exact vengeance upon her father. It was through Batman's persuasive words that she was persuaded to restrain her murderous intent. Reluctantly, Nyssa agreed to spare Ra's life. In keeping with her promise, Nyssa decided to sever ties with Gotham once and for all, embarking on a quest to track down the remaining League members who still followed Ra's. Her dedication to righting the wrongs of the League led her on a solitary path away from the city


Nyssa Raatko has been noted to be the most sensible out of her family, notably Batman appeared to trust her word immediately as opposed to Ra's al Ghul and, to an extent, even Talia. Even Alfred believed her to be the most honest out of her family. Depending on the choice made, Nyssa does indeed willingly keep her end of the bargain and leaves Gotham for good.

Nyssa was also known to disagree with many of her father's decisions. While Nyssa respected her father's philosophy, she did not approve of it, believing it to be outdated and too extreme. Believing that there were alternative and more humane ways to save the world, she became notably more distant from her father and sister over the years eventually leaving to pursue her own path of saving the world. Many of the members of the League were not even aware that Ra's had another daughter.

Nyssa was also noted to not like taking orders. In the rare event that she was forced to follow her father's policy, she often used loopholes and/or double meanings to make her own decisions and going about it in her own way. Despite all this, she was willing to kill if it meant preventing any more casualties or if there was no other choice.

With regards to her relationship with her family, Nyssa appears to have had a simple sibling rivalry with Talia, likely due to Talia's legitimate right to lead the League of Assassins in the event of Ra's al Ghul's permanent death and his preference toward Talia. Nyssa mentions once that Ra's al Ghul was an abusive parent to his youngest daughter, while at the same time, spoiling Talia. This treatment would make Talia arrogantly believe in her own superiority which would eventually lead to her ultimate downfall and death. Because of this, Nyssa fully believes that Ra's is just as, if not more so, responsible for Talia's fate in Arkham City than the Joker.

Despite her often jealous rivalry with Talia, Nyssa did care for her sister and was deeply saddened by her apparently permanent death. She was also aware of Talia and Batman's secret relationship and while she might not have approved of Talia's feelings towards the Dark Knight, she nonetheless respected them and willingly supported them in their decision. She was notably the only other person besides Bruce whom was known to have mourned Talia.

Nyssa's relationship with her father on the other hand was completely toxic. Unlike Talia, who greatly respected Ra's al Ghul, Nyssa despised him for his harsh and often unfair treatment towards her, and to a lesser extent, Talia. This resentment would only grow as Ra's mental state further deteriorated from his repeated resurrections. Despite this, she did care for him enough to pity him for what he had become believing that he had been a good man once and that he should've been allowed to move on centuries ago. Nyssa was even willing to show him mercy by putting him out of his misery believing that it would be preferable to spending his last remaining days weak and alone.

She was perfectly willing to call Batman out on his flawed rule, calling him a stupid fool and a hypocrite for believing that blood wasn't on his hands just because he wouldn't kill. She nonetheless respected him for his skills and his relationship with Talia.

She was also implied to have a vengeful side, as she mentions that the Joker has no clue just how lucky he was to have died when he did as she would've tortured him in the slowest and most painful ways possible.

Nyssa was also shown to be extremely intelligent, having gone further in her research on the Lazarus Pits and their secrets than anyone else alive, including Ra's al Ghul and Batman. Above all, she believed in the necessity of death as a natural part of life and refused to use the Lazarus Pits to save herself, not wanting to end up like her father.

Physical Appearance

Nyssa had a great resemblance to her older sister, although her features were sharper and her hair was shorter and darker. Nyssa wore a more armored variation of the uniform that was worn by her rebels, although it had the same purple color scheme as Ra's loyalists. In her initial conflict with Batman, Nyssa wore a black face mask.

Game Over Line:

  • "I gave you a chance Bruce. A mistake."