Officer Owens
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Biographical information
Full Name Owens (first name unknown)
Occupation Police Officer
Base of Operations Gotham City

Keystone City (previously)

Affiliations Gotham City Police
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height N/A
Weight Unknown
Game Information
Voice Actor David Boat
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Knight (June, 2015)
Officer Owens is a GCPD officer as well as one of the first victims of Scarecrow's Fear Toxin.

Incident Reports

Early Life

Owens grew up in Keystone City, eventually joining the KCPD. At some point, he met a woman named Ellen, whom he would eventually marry and have kids. One of them was a son named Tyler.

When Owens received transfer orders, he moved his entire family to Gotham. Ellen was very hesitant thinking Gotham is no place to raise a child. To ease Emily's mind, Commissioner Gordon promised to make sure that Tyler went to the highly prestigious McCallum Academy.

After Arkham City Incident

After the events of Protocol 10, Ellen's doubts resurfaced. The honeymoon period was over. Owens convinced her to stick it out for another year. If things didn't get better, he would move his family back home.

Before Arkham Knight Incident

Nine months later, he took his family to see the Lady of Gotham. By this point, he was confident that they would make it until the end of the year.

Arkham Knight Incident

On October 30th, Officer Owens went over for a bite to eat at Pauli's Diner. However, one of the patrons informed him that someone was smoking in the corner booth, despite the diner’s non-smoking policy. Owens went to take care of it, and confronted the smoking patron. Suddenly, the person grabs Owens, showing a horribly deformed face, and threw him aside. He saw the diner as a hellish nightmare as he was exposed to Scarecrow's Fear Toxin alongside the other people in the diner. Scarecrow later revealed that the resulting chaos in the diner had used only five ounces of his latest Fear Toxin in his warning to Gotham City when he took credit for the attack.

During Scarecrow's attack on Gotham the following night, Owens was placed inside a cell, and still suffered from the effects of the toxin. As the night progressed, Owens eventually regained his sanity, was allowed to leave his cell, and spent the rest of the night in solitude at his desk near the elevator in the main room of the GCPD Lockup.


  • Depending on whether the player shot or didn't shoot the people at the diner while under the influence of the Fear Toxin, the dialogue between the GCPD cops regarding Owens would be different. If the former, they commented that the incident would most likely result in Owen's badge being revoked, despite the fact that the situation wasn't actually his fault, while he blamed himself. If the latter, the GCPD officers instead were impressed that he didn't shoot anyone despite being infected with a high-concentrated dose of Fear Toxin. There is also a 3rd option: if you shot but don't hit anyone the GCPD Officers will say he was lucky he didn't hit anyone.
  • Owens is married, and apparently was put on a diet by his wife, which can be assumed by him initially going for a chicken salad before he decided to have waffles and bacon and he told the waitress to not tell his wife about the order in the opening scene.
  • Owens was seen later at his desk and when interacted with, he was in disbelief that he took a life (if he shot one or more people) and wondered if he could look at his wife and kids like before. If he didn’t shoot, however, he would instead compare the toxin’s residual effects to a really bad hangover, as well as grumble about likely being under psych evaluation for some time.
  • Owens is the only confirmed surviving victim of the attack on Pauli's Diner; both the waitress and Bearded Man are confirmed to be dead as of the Shadow War DLC, and the fates of the unnamed customers are never revealed. However, there are multiple other corpses of people in the morgue which could mean that other customers were killed in the diner.
  • If you were to mod the opening scene in Pauli's Diner to play in third person it would show only his arms.
  • Keystone City, where Owens comes from, is the city of the DC superhero Jay Garrick, the first Flash.
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