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An Optically Camouflaged enemy is a Militia Soldier that wears a suit that cannot be seen in Detective Mode. However, they emit a small amount of light and thus are often more visible when not in detective mode.

Incident Reports[]

Arkham Knight Incident[]


  • A Wayntech Upgrade allows the Disruptor to disable their invisibility. They won't notice any changes, and thus won't re-enable them.
  • Avoid letting Medics revive them; They will re-activate their suits unless they are disabled with the Disruptor.
  • As Robin, planting Snap-Flashes on their backs is a good way to keep track of them. In addition, if they still manage to catch him off-guard, they can be taken down instantly.
  • They are rather easy to see when Detective Mode is disabled. The suits also don't make them fully invisible in DM; They can still be seen, but not through walls.