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Owen Grant
Biographical information
Full Name Owen Grant
Occupation Investigative journalist
Base of Operations Gotham City
Physical description
Game Information
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Origins

Owen Grant was an investigative journalist, as well as a murder victim.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Owen Grant managed to do an interview with Bruce Wayne, whom at that time was secretly undergoing his first year as the masked vigilante, Batman. A year later, Grant was doing a job at Dixon Docks regarding a scam. Unfortunately, one of the criminals involved in the scam, Chucky Berks, discovered Grant while he was photographing the scam, and proceeded to shoot him with a 9mm, which forced Grant to throw the camera away as a result of being shot. Grant did not immediately succumb to his wounds, and attempted to crawl to safety before he expired. Batman, having learned of that murder from a police scanner, managed to deduce what happened. After he located the camera and had Alfred uncover the subject of the photos, Batman tracked down and apprehended Berks at the Diamond District.

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