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PJ Hughes
Biographical information
Full Name PJ Hughes
Base of Operations Unknown (eventually Gotham City)
Physical description
Hair Bald
Game Information
First Appearance Batman: Arkham Knight (June, 2015)

PJ Hughes was a civilian abducted by Professor Pyg for his Dollotron experiments, although he was rescued by Batman.


At some point before the events of Scarecrow's threat to Gotham City, PJ Hughes as well as three other people were abducted by Lazlo Valentin, better known as Professor Pyg, and brought to Gotham City as part of the deranged doctor's Dollotron experiments. However, Pyg never got the chance to experiment on them, as Batman proceeded to confront and beat Pyg, having deduced his role in six abductions and murders of people outside Gotham, with Batman also releasing them from their cages. Hughes upon being released had thanked Batman and told them they were just going to be fine, also comforting Jessica Hughes who was crying heavily from the trauma. They were then presumably taken in by the GCPD and given shelter. PJ Hughes likewise had severe mental trauma from having to watch Professor Pyg conduct his experiments on several people, to the extent that he reconsidered going to see the opera La Boheme despite his wife getting tickets to the event, because of his captor constantly playing opera music.


  • PJ Hughes, alongside the other civilians rescued, are never actually named after they are released from their cages, just being given the name "civilian" during dialogue. It is only by talking to them after placing Professor Pyg in the lockup that their names are identified.
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