Batman in Park Row in Arkham City.

Park Row is an area that was located in Gotham City. Following the Arkham Asylum Incident, Park Row was one of the districts of Gotham that became part of Arkham City. Park Row bordered Amusement Mile to the east and the Bowery to the south. Notable locations included Crime Alley, the Ace Chemicals Building, the Monarch Theatre, the Old Gotham CathedralCatwoman's Apartment  and the Solomon Wayne Courthouse.

Incident Reports

Arkham Origins Incident

Bane maintained a hidden, underground base on the edge of Park Row. From there, he conducted research into refining TN-1 and into determining the identity of Batman. Anarky, another one of Batman's adversaries, as well as his followers, holed up inside the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Batman's final confrontation with Black Mask took place at the Old Gotham Cathedral.

Arkham Asylum Incident

Crime Alley could be accessible by a Combat Challenge Map. Crime Alley also appeared in the second of the hallucinations that Batman suffered due to Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, where he relived his parent's murder.

Arkham City Incident

Park Row was one of the districts of Gotham City that became part of Arkham City. When Gotham's criminals were thrown into Arkham City, Two-Face and his gang claimed Park Row as their home turf, and used the Solomon Wayne Courthouse as their headquarters. Prior to Two-Face moving in, Calendar Man had lived in the Courthouse and was locked in one of the cells by Two-Face's Gang. Several other notable denizens of Arkham City used Park Row as their bases of operations. Catwoman had an apartment in one of the buildings on the northeastern part of the district. The Mad Hatter likewise maintained a hidden lair in Park Row, while he secretly built his own gang of mind-controlled minions. Finally, Hush kept a hideout in Park Row, and used it to surgically remove his victims' faces construct for the purpose of constructing a new face for himself. In addition to the villains, a group of medics used the Old Gotham Cathedral as a medical center.

When Bruce Wayne was arrested by TYGER, on the orders of Professor Hugo Strange and thrown into Arkham City, Park Row was the first district that he visited, and donned the Batsuit atop the Ace Chemicals Building. Batman then defeated Two-Face and rescued Catwoman in the process (twice in fact, once from Two-Face and then from a bullet shot by the Joker). Investigating the shot took Batman to the Church and Medical Center and his first confrontation with Harley Quinn. Batman was later injected with Joker's infected blood, which would kill him if he didn't find a cure. Catwoman entered the TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault to steal back her loot, and used the sewers under Park Row.

Batman's final confrontation with the Joker took place at the Monarch Theatre, where he took Batman's lover, Talia al Ghul, and threatened to kill her if he didn't show up. It was there that the Joker revealed that he used Clayface to create the illusion of a perfectly healthy Joker. The real Joker shot and killed Talia and pitted Batman against Clayface. Batman was successful in defeating Clayface (whose ultimate fate was unclear). Batman was then able to receive the cure for the Titan Disease, but it was destroyed before the Joker could drink it and cure himself. The Joker soon died due to the Titan Disease.

Batman had the option of going to Crime Alley, where his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, were murdered years before. There, Batman could find the chalk outlines of his parents' and pay his respects. Doing so resulted in a taunting message from Hugo Strange.

Arkham Knight Incident

While the actual location wasn't accessible, Batman hallucinated himself fighting dozens of Jokers in Crime Alley.

The Community Challenge Pack features both the Monarch Theatre and Crime Alley as playable combat maps.



  • Park Row was both the first and last of the four main districts of Arkham City that Batman visited during the Main Story.
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