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Paul was a guard who worked at Arkham Asylum and was present during Joker's took over Arkham Island.


Before Arkham Asylum Incident[]

When Warden Sharp reopened Arkham Asylum. Paul was hired by Quincy Sharp and started working there as a security guard to control the patients and to protect the staff members.

Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Paul name is mentioned by William North. Paul and another guard are seen patrolling the Transfer Loop near Decontamination area. Paul also shares some of his knowledge about the Joker with Batman if interact with him. Later after Batman returns to the Intensive Treatment. When Batman is in the duct he hears Paul and another Guard running and begging the thugs to let them go but the thugs ignored their pleading and kills them. William North later tried to contact him through the radio.

After Arkham Asylum Incident[]

Paul's dead body along with other dead bodies were taken to the Morgue in the Medical Facility.


  • Paul is one of the few masked guard who is called by his name.
  • The gun which Paul is holding is taken by the Thug who killed him but that gun looks a different gun when the thug is holding it.
  • Paul is seen along with the other Guard begging to the Thugs to let them go but they killed him along with the other Guard.
  • William North may tried to contact him through the radio. If you go back to the Transfer Loop near the killed guards outside Decontamination when following Frank Boles, a voice can be heard on two guard radios:
    • Guard 27's radio: "Hello, can anyone hear me? Report in. Guard 27. Guard 27. Come in."Guard 32's radio: "Guard 32. Paul? Are you there?
    • Dammit!"Both radios: "If anyone can hear this, we are at the Intensive Treatment Lobby. Blackgate Prisoners have broken free and are attacking the building. We are under assault by the front entrance. I repeat, we are under attack."