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Paulie was one of Joker's Henchmen active during the time that the Joker took Commissioner Gordon and various GCPD officers hostage. He was infamous for being gruesomely executed by the Joker sometime before Batgirl's arrival.


Paulie ended up doing something the Joker was not pleased with, which ultimately resulted in him being "fired" by the Joker via the latter murdering him (although exactly where he was hit was debated to be either the face or the stomach, as well as whether he was even hit by an RPG shell or even shot), with his remains possibly being thrown into the Gotham Bay, or thrown into a pig pen to presumably be devoured by pigs. The exact reasons for his execution were debated, with there being conflicting testimonies by Joker's Henchmen, although there were at least six known explanations given by the other henchmen for why Joker executed him:

  • Paulie gave a suggestion to Joker regarding the Ferris Wheel Death Trap at Seagate Amusement Park, but the Joker thought that he was trying to be funny, and decided to kill him by shooting him in the face with an RPG (stated by one of the henchmen to their superiors, as well as implied by Muggs);
  • Paulie made a pass at Harley Quinn, Joker got upset at him for doing so, Paulie then expressed surprise that Joker would be upset, since he thought that Joker didn't care about her while disparagingly calling her an "annoying witch", and then proceeded to be shot in the stomach with an RPG (stated by one of the henchmen guarding a GCPD officer, and inferred by Mugg's superior);
  • Paulie inquired Joker why he would even bother going after Batman with their crimes when they could be robbing banks, or making money in other words, which promptly resulted in Joker shooting him in the stomach and having him "swim[ming] with the fishes." (Stated by some henchmen while guarding a GCPD officer).
  • Paulie (accidentally) imitated Joker's signature laugh, and was shot and thrown off the oil rig. (Could be heard after rescuing the GCPD officers at the Ghost Ship, and staying near the ceiling for a while.)
  • Paulie was a spy for Black Mask, so Joker flayed him, rolled him in honey, and tossed him in a pig pen. (Could be heard by some thugs over at the "High-Striker" game)
  • Paulie was considering joining Penguins crew (better pay, though longer hours) and was lit on fire. (Could be heard listening to henchmen after done talking about bumper-cars).


  • Another Joker thug named Paulie also appears in a flashback in Issue 20 of Batman: Arkham Unhinged. In that issue, Paulie was an inmate of Arkham City, and told his colleagues he was considering leaving Joker’s gang due to constantly being attacked by Batman, as well due to Arkham City’s terrible living conditions. The Joker heard his comments and taking offense, brutally killed him by squirting acid into his face and then throwing him into a vat of boiling water as he screamed in pain, burning him alive.