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Xbox360 Perfect Freeflow 2

Xbox 360

PS3 Perfect Freeflow 2

Perfect Freeflow 2.0 is an Achievement/Trophy in Batman: Arkham City


It can be unlocked in any game mode (Story, New Game Plus, or Challenge Mode) and requires that a combat encounter end with an unbroken combo meter that uses all of Batman's combat techniques. This means he must perform all of the following in a single encounter:

  • Strike
  • Counter
  • Evade
  • Cape Stun
  • Beatdown
  • Aerial Attack
  • Ground Takedown
  • Ultra Stun
  • Combo Batarang
  • Special Combo Takedown
  • Bat Swarm
  • Multi-Ground Takedown
  • Disarm and Destroy

One of the easiest places to find a large group of enemies is in the Survival of the Fittest Combat Challenge, specifically in Rounds 3 and 4. A smart decision is to use Rounds 1 and 2 to practice the use of the techniques before going for the achievement.